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It is an Arab country located on the African continent, and it is officially called the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. It is distinguished by its large area, as it is the largest Arab country, while globally it ranked tenth, with an area of ​​2,381,741 square kilometers. In Algeria, there are several cities that are distinguished by their green nature and ancient monuments in addition to the wonderful architectural construction. The most beautiful of these cities are Oran, so the largest number of tourists visit it annually.

Oran as the most beautiful city in Algeria

It is the second largest city in Algeria, and it is located in the northwestern part of the state, and it overlooks the Gulf of Oran, which made part of it distinct coastal nature, and the city has been known since ancient times; many successive civilizations passed through it, which made it full of ancient civilizations and monuments, The climate is moderate in winter and dry in summer.

The most important places in the city of Oran

  • Santa Cruz Castle: It is a castle built on the high mountain of Marajajo by the Spanish in 1577 AD, and remains to this day preserving its shape, and the castle is characterized by its views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Oran and the entire city; this makes the tourist enjoy when accessing all these views.
  • Oran Train Station: The station is distinguished from others by its external appearance, which represents the body of the mosque, so that it contains a minaret, but from the inside it took the Catholic character in its design; it contains crosses and crucifixes, and the station was built during the French occuAl Bahahn of Algeria.
  • Santa Cruz Church: It is a church located on the top of a mountain in Oran, and to reach it the tourist needs to climb the mountain. The Church is distinguished by its surrounding area full of trees and plants, and its location makes it magical and magnificent, as it overlooks the entire city.
  • First November Square: It was built to commemorate the Algerian revolution against the French occuAl Bahahn, and it contains many important landmarks and political landmarks of the country, and it is considered the first facade of the city of Oran.
  • Regional Theater: It is a huge building designed in a European style. It is located in the Square of the first of November in the city of Oran.
  • Bey Palace: It is a magnificent palace that was established by the Grand Mohamed Bey in the seventeenth century. It is considered his residence, and tourists go to him by minibus, and then complete his access on foot.
  • Great Oran Temple: It is a huge temple built in 1918 AD to establish Jewish religious rituals and rituals, and it remained unchanged until Algeria became independent in 1963 AD and it was converted to a mosque named Abdullah Bin Salam Mosque.

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