The city of Ifrane in Morocco

It is the most beautiful and magnificent in Morocco, it was named by many names, it was called the jewel, and others called it Switzerland, Morocco, due to its terrible features and its tourism qualifications, so it is distinguished as a beautiful natural region, in which there is what nature dazzles the visitor and amazes him with waterfalls, lakes, mountains, rivers, forests and valleys Plains and many others.

Distinguished engineering of Ifrane

  • It is distinguished by its special nature, unlike any other Moroccan city in its architecture and architecture.
  • Everyone who visits it imagines it as a piece carved out of Europe, and placed in Morocco because of its beauty.
  • It features red tiles, wide streets, very large spaces and a clean environment.
  • It is considered the best place for recreation in all seasons of the year without exception, legion skiing in the winter, hiking in the large flower gardens in the spring, recreation and camping in the arms of summer, and enjoy the tranquility and autumn ravine.

Activities and hobbies in Ifrane

Fishing lovers can exercise their hobby in the lakes available in the city, where there are many types of fish, and the most beautiful places that visitors go there; virgin waterfalls, the head of water, and waterfalls at the corner of Ifrane, where they find many opportunities for hiking in order to get a rest.

Water and greenery

  • There are many picturesque landscapes in the city, as they are characterized by natural diversity, so the visitor sees rice forests, gardens and parks that surround the city of Ifrane from all sides, so it is a charming and picturesque city, and it has distinctive tourist resorts that are one of the most beautiful things that the visitor sees, which Provides comfort and calm for your visitors.
  • It is characterized by the presence of many sources of water that flow from different sources, such as springs, waterfalls and lakes, due to the huge amounts of snow falling on the region annually.

Sites worth visiting

  • A rock mutated into a lionIt is the lion of Ifrane, and it is one of the most famous historical monuments in the city, postcards and tourist publications issued from the city, bearing the name of this famous landmark, it is considered a sign and symbol of the place, and everyone who visited the region takes a memorial photo with the lion.
  • Diaa Awa: It is a group of huge trees surrounding a lake, and it is one of the best places that all families and tourists want to visit for recreation and hiking.
  • Delight weddingIt is one of the largest lakes in the Middle Atlas, and it spreads snow and covers them most of the year, so its scenery is fascinating and fascinates the hearts of visitors.
  • Many valleys: The area is filled with many valleys in which water runs, returning life, greenery and goodness to the banks.

Tourism infrastructure

The number of tourists who go to the city of Ifrane increases year after year due to the urban construction that gives a tourist character in the city, and the presence of many picturesque natural appearances that are promoted inside and outside Morocco, in order to serve the tourist side in the city, it has God Almighty has given this region a distinctive natural character, exemplified by the dense presence of forests and vegetation that extends over almost a third of the city’s area, in addition to cultural diversity and distinction in urbanism and construction.

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