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The country of Switzerland is considered to be one of the most developed countries globally, and it contains many distinctive tourism cities, and for this reason it has become a station for tourism and recreation for millions of tourists in the world, and there are many amazing Swiss countries such as Basel, Montreux, and Lugano, in addition to Geneva, which we will talk about In this article.


Geneva is located in the southwest of the State of Switzerland, and is considered one of the largest country in Switzerland, with a population according to recent statistics about 109,000 people. The city is surrounded by many picturesque and distinctive landscapes. The Red Cross, in addition to the European headquarters of the United Nations.

Sightseeing in Geneva

  • The English Garden: The English Garden is considered one of the most beautiful Geneva gardens, as it contains many flowers, as the number of flowers reaches 6000, and it also contains distinct fountains.
  • Lake Geneva: It is considered one of the largest lakes in Western Europe, with an area of ​​about 582 meters, and it can be considered as the water source in the state of Switzerland and is due to its association with the main valley of the famous Alps.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica: St. Peter’s Basilica is located near Lake Geneva, and was considered as one of the holy places in Geneva, and it is characterized by its distinctive and amazing Romen building.
  • Geneva flower around the clock: It is considered one of the distinctive gardens that millions of tourists around the world accept, and the reason is due to the possibility of relaxation and recreation inside it, as well as many varied cultural shows inside.

Restaurants in Geneva

  • Edelweiss: It is considered one of the luxurious restaurants in Geneva, where it offers delicious and most delicious Swiss cuisine, such as racen cooked with cheese, and multiple desserts, in addition to the ability to enjoy traditional Swiss music.
  • Bir Dulac: It is considered one of the distinctive restaurants in Geneva, where it offers Swiss and German cuisine at the same time. The restaurant is characterized by a romantic atmosphere, where lovers can go to and enjoy the distinctive atmosphere, in addition to that it offers simple and amazing offers to its customers.
  • Beirut: Beirut Restaurant is distinguished by serving the famous and ancient Lebanese cuisine, such as tabbouleh, kebbeh, shawarma, pizza, in addition to falafel.

Hotels in Geneva

  • Swissotel Metropole: It is considered one of the oldest hotels in Geneva, where it was built in 1854 AD, and it provides many different services to its clients, including wireless internet, fitness places, and coffee-making facilities.
  • Montbrillant: It is considered one of the distinguished hotels in Geneva, as it offers many distinguished services to its clients, including wireless internet, a private bathroom with all toiletries, in addition to providing the most delicious Swiss and French cuisine.
  • Longmall: It is located near Lake Geneva, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is that it is designed in an old-fashioned style.

Markets in Geneva

  • Geneva is famous for its distinctive markets that sell many different types and shapes of chocolate, such as milk chocolate, and chocolate with nuts, including the Ur market, and the Rohr market.
  • Aperto Mall: It is a small mall that sells distinctive and varied clothes and accessories.
  • Roo de Paques Mall: The mall contains shops that sell many goods such as clothes, antiques, and household items, in addition to books.

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