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The most beautiful city in the world by nature


The city is an urban settlement established by man, and it is an extension of the village, but it differs in many respects and characteristics from the villages, because the city has many industries and crafts, especially industrial ones, while the villages are often interested in agriculture, and the city is an essential component of every country, and every city has advantages Especially distinguish it from other cities, in this article we will talk about the most beautiful cities in the world in terms of natural nature.

The most beautiful cities in the world, beautiful in nature

The city of Garmisch Partenkirchen

The German city of Garmisch Partenkirchen is one of the most beautiful cities around the world in terms of naturalness, arose from the Federation of the provinces of Partenkirchen and Garmisch, and this city is located near the state of Bavaria, which borders Austria, and the distance between the cities of Munich and Innsbruck is fair, and the population of this city is estimated at thirty thousand people .

The city of Rennes

The Rhine is one of the Norwegian tourist cities, which is characterized by the beauty of its charming nature, due to the fact that it contains many natural places that attract tourists, such as high mountains, as well as water features that are characterized by its clarity of water, as well as common green areas, as it is considered one of the most suitable places For fishing, as its climate in the summer is moderate, while in the winter it is cold and abundant snow, providing tourists with the possibility of skiing.


Gasadalur, which is one of the cities of the Faroe Islands, and these islands also belong to the Norwegian rule, and this town is characterized by being surrounded by many slopes and from all directions, and it is common to climb on a stairway built by the British during the Second World War, to reach these slopes.

Camden Town

Camden is also called Maine, which is one of the cities of the United States of America. Its area is estimated at 69.02 square kilometers, and the number of its housing is about 5 thousand people. It rises from the surface of the sea about 63 meters, and is characterized by the beauty of its nature, as studies indicate that this city is inhabited by some Chinese tribes.

City of Bled

Bled is the only natural island of Slovenia, Bled is located in Lake Bled located in the northwestern part of Slovenia, and Bled is of small size, but this area was well used by agriculture and building parks and gardens, and the viewer of Bled sees only some architectural structures such as the church located on The highest peak, and the tourist must climb 99 degrees to be able to reach it, and Bled is characterized by green forests that surround it from all directions, and its view of the Alps, in addition to its mild climate.

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