The most beautiful city in the world

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There are many cities that combine the magical beauty of nature in addition to the beauty of contemporary design that enhances the overall beauty of the city, which encourages people to visit and choose among the most beautiful magical places in the world. In this article, we have chosen for you eight magical cities out of twenty-five cities that won the prize for the most beautiful cities in the world according to the readers ’choice of two thousand and fifteen: Venice, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Florence, Amsterdam, Prague, Cape Town and Sydney.

The most beautiful cities in the world


Venice is the most beautiful city in the world, and it is the only one that deserves to be described in a unique way. All buildings in it are distinguished as artistic work and their beauty is enhanced by the reflection of water from the channels that cross the city, which constitutes a magical and picturesque scene taking the world of fairy tales. One of the most important things that a visitor to this city must do is to ride the gondola and tour the city, in addition to visiting the high-end squares and restaurants, galleries, and shops.

The city of Tokyo

It is one of the most preserved ancient monuments in it, such as the temples that exist since the tenth century that tourists can visit and see the ancient Japanese architectural design, and there are many restaurants that hold the Michelin International Star, and also have galleries and special rooms to present the ancient Japanese art of tea .


The capital of the Netherlands: It is a large village that is crossed by water channels that pedestrians cross through the built bridges. There are many markets along the canal, and there are piers for riding bicycles, and it is famous for cheese and windmills.


From the cities that witnessed the Italian Renaissance, represented in the buildings, museums, and houses, the entire city can be seen through the balcony located in one of the buildings in the Michelangelo square in the city center. There are many places to visit, such as the cathedral, and domed towers.


This city is located on seven hills located overlooking the Tiber River, where there are the most beautiful squares and buildings based on the old classic design, and most tourists visit them to see the buildings and religious monuments in them, but the houses decorated with flower boxes and picturesque streets are an excellent addition to the beauty of this charming city, and there are many It is a popular restaurant that serves different types of traditional pizza.


It is called the city of a thousand towers and it is one of the charming and beautiful cities in the world, and it combines old buildings and buildings, which have been converted into modern and new hotels, in which you find the spirit of the old city with a contemporary flavor. There are many cafes located on the stone pavements that overlook the bodies of water in this city.

Cape town

The most famous city in South Africa is famous for its beaches and mountains. There is a market that is the most famous in that city, and its restaurants are famous for offering fresh fish. Many activities can be practiced in that city, such as riding an elevator from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the hill.


The largest Australian city and the capital of Australia, where there is the opera house, and many restaurants located on the beach, which are crowded with residents throughout the year.


Where is the city of Cyprus located?

Arsal town


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