The most beautiful city in Turkey

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There are many wonderful and beautiful cities in Turkey, the distinctive location of Turkey made them of a different natural nature, leaving Turkey among the two continents, the European continent and the Asian continent, as it is located next to many seas such as the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the Aegean Sea, and in this article we will look at The two most beautiful cities in Turkey are Istanbul and Antalya, each of which includes a group of wonderful views and buildings.

The most beautiful cities of Turkey


The city is located on two continents, namely the Asian continent and the European continent. As for the Republic of Turkey, it is located in the northwestern part of it, and it is the largest Turkish city, with an area of ​​1,830.920 square kilometers, and inhabited by more than 13 million people. Many picturesque and wonderful places, including:

  • Blue Mosque: It is a mosque that was built in the seventeenth century, and remains to this day a place for prayers, and many visitors visit the mosque annually.
  • Pepper Loti hill: it is characterized by its view of the entire city of Istanbul, so it is considered a place visited by all who wish to rest and relax.
  • Yildiz Park: It is a large garden located near Yildiz Palace, and it contains many trees, plants and flowers. There is also a restaurant in the garden to serve customers and visitors and provide them with the most delicious dishes.
  • Emirgan Garden: The park is characterized by the availability of all landscapes of trees, plants and water, as it has a large number of fountains in addition to a group of restaurants and cafes that are distinguished by what they offer.
  • Chora Church: The church dates back to the city of Constantinople, and was distinguished by Byzantine architecture, which holds mosaic and mural paintings, making it a place that many tourists visit when coming to the city.
  • Grand Bazaar: It is a place where there are more than five thousand shops, which is considered by the tourist to be one of the most important destinations of Turkey for shopping, as it contains all products.


The city of Antalya is located in the southwestern side of Turkey on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and the city is located between a group of mountains and on the coastal slopes, which made it of a picturesque and distinct nature, and the most important beautiful sites in it:

  • Sea World: It is a water museum with a large amount of diverse fish and marine creatures, and is considered a place where thousands of tourists go to see these fish.
  • The Old City: It is a site that has existed since the Byzantine era and still preserves its shape to this day, as it shows the civilizations that passed on it.
  • Ataturk Park: It is a large park that combines tranquility and beauty, and has a large number of trees and plants.
  • Duden Waterfalls: It is a dense water that comes out from among the rocks and is distinguished by its serenity. There are a group of trees and plants around the waterfalls around it.
  • Kimera City: It is a city located on the coast of Antalya, and it has high mountains and green hills, in addition to sandy beaches, so it has all the atmosphere that suits the different tastes of tourists.

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