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France is one of the most beautiful European countries for tourism, as in 2014 it received nearly 83.7 million tourists, as it has forty-one UNESCO World Heritage sites, and it has many tourist and archaeological attractions such as: palaces, churches, various mountain chains, and cathedrals, as well as cathedrals, as well as cathedrals, as well as Its capital, Paris, is considered one of the best cities for tourism, as it has many attractive places such as: the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland and many other attractive and wonderful places.


Spain is considered one of the most beautiful tourist countries in the whole world, where the tourism sector contributes approximately 11% of the country’s national GDP, and it is worth noting that Spain has among its territories 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites, where Spain spends most of the time in European countries Others such as: the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and France, to visit its cities such as: Barcelona, ​​Madrid and resorts that are distributed on the shores of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and parks that number up to 15 national parks and see their historical monuments in addition to participating in many pain Popular festivals such as: carnival.


Greece is one of the wonderful tourist countries, where it enjoys stunning views, and attracts visitors to it greatly through the establishment of many festivals, celebrations and various theaters, and the Greek government plays a big role in developing the tourism process, but a travel visa must be obtained before entering Greece.


Italy is one of the destinations of the world that many dream to visit, with a huge number of historical buildings, artifacts, and archaeological sites dating back to the Romen Empire and the various Renaissance periods, as it possesses among its territories 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the attractive Alps, and Italy occupies Fifth ranking among the most visited countries worldwide.

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