The most beautiful country in the world for tourism

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New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country located in the South Pacific, and tourism plays a very important role in developing its economy, due to its beautiful beaches and snow-covered peaks, and it is worth noting that the waters around it are rich in different types of fish due to the confluence of warm water with cold water there.


The state of Greece is one of the countries that attract tourists, in addition to the scenic landscapes, many music festivals, celebrations and theaters are held there, and it is worth noting that the Greek government is greatly encouraged to attract tourists to it, however tourists from many countries need a visa Entry before you travel to it.


Among the most important artistic and architectural tourist attractions in Italy are found in the cities of Florence and Rome, in addition to many churches and art galleries in small cities, canals and palaces in Venice, and the ruins of Bombay, in addition to the beautiful and attractive beaches of Italy.

South Africa

One of the most prominent things that attract tourists to South Africa is the picturesque nature next to its urban cities, distinguished by its beautiful architecture. This is in addition to the beautiful gardens. It is worth noting that the biological diversity in South Africa is the most wonderful compared to the rest of the countries, and among the most prominent animals that can be seen there are giraffes And elephants.

Other beautiful tourist countries

There are many tourist countries that can be visited as well, and the most beautiful are:

  • Indonesia Indonesia is one of the ten most beautiful countries around the world, due to the beauty of the islands in addition to the distinctive mountains and folklore there.
  • England: England is characterized by its beautiful coastlines and historical monuments.
  • Slovenia: It is a small European country that attracts tourists because of the beauty of its nature. In it Lake Lake (English: Lake Bled) this is in addition to the beauty of the architecture there.


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