The most beautiful country in the world

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The country

The country is the plural of the word country, and it is defined as a place or location where a group of people live. The country is also called countries and alone as a country. Old Arab dictionaries indicate that the term state is derived from the Latin word (Status), meaning its style or condition of life, and is defined The state in the dictionary of the tongue of the Arabs is the act that contributes to the transition from the current situation or situation to another situation or situation.

The most beautiful country in the world

Countries of the world differ from each other with many of the civilizational and natural features and characteristics that give them their own beauty, resulting from the diversity of their natural features, such as mountains, rivers, lakes, and green plains. Many countries also have a civil beauty that appears in the art of its architecture, so it includes the beauty of the buildings and installations in it Which some of them date back to ancient historical times, and all of this contributes to clarifying the extent of the cultural beauty of each country, and in what follows information about the most beautiful countries in the world:


The country of Scotland has acquired the top position in the most beautiful country in the world, due to its distinctive natural features, where highlands, hills and beaches are dotted with many rocky and deep castles.


Canada is one of the beautiful countries in the world, and its wildlife contains Niagara Falls, which are considered beautiful waterfalls, as well as Banff National Park, which contains a group of lakes located within the Rocky Mountains.

New Zealand

The country of New Zealand is distinguished by the beauty of its nature, which contains a group of various natural features, such as distinctive mountains and hills, so New Zealand contains the northern Alps, and Mount Macoraco is one of the highest peaks in it, as it reaches a height of 1727 m, and it is spread in several plains such as the plains of the peninsula Auckland, and the Hastings Plains.


Italy is one of the various European countries in its beauty, which is evident in its various features, whether natural, historical, societal or cultural, as it is distinguished by its large and small cities, which each have a nature and lifestyles that differ from each other, and the special features of the Italian regions are that they are famous for the diversity of Italian food prepared In which.


England is one of the beautiful countries of the world that has historical landmarks and wonderful water beaches, where tourists can visit the Dorset coast using buses, and visitors can also visit the Isle of Wight or the beaches of fossil nature found in Cornwall.

United States of America

The nature of the United States contributed to its classification among the most beautiful countries in the world, as it contains a group of parks such as the Canyon and Yosemite Gardens, which represent part of the national parks, many cities, high peaks, and other beautiful features.


Slovenia has many cultural and historical tourist sites that contributed to its classification among the most beautiful countries in the world; many individuals visit it in order to photograph it, Slovenia contains the features of architecture dating back to the Baroque era and which are accompanied by distinct streets and roads. Like Lake Bled, which is one of the glacial lakes that contains hot springs.


Peru is one of the beautiful countries in the world, as it possesses a distinguished mountain peak belonging to the mountain of the rainbow, a set of landmarks of architecture belonging to the ancient Inca civilization, many forests of a rainy nature, a group of desert lands, and mountain peaks covered by snow.


France is one of the beautiful countries of the world that offers tourists the ability to walk near Lake Annecy, and to travel in the streets and roads of the city of Paris, as it contains a set of distinctive natural attractions, such as the Pyrenees and the Jura Mountains that resemble the hills in shape.


Greece is distinguished by its historical beauty, as it possesses the city of Athens which is one of the distinctive historical cities due to the presence of many shops, hotels and important museums in it. It also contains the Mykonos region, which is characterized by the nature of its waters.


Thailand is distinguished by its beauty related to its culture, as it contains many wonderful tourist resorts, visited by tourists for treatment and yoga, and Thailand is characterized by the beautiful landmarks in Bangkok.


Turkey contains many beautiful tourist attractions, which encourages tourists to visit in order to see them, as it owns a group of castles and mosques, and many beautiful natural monuments, such as lakes that contain water rich in many minerals.


India has a group of landmarks that contributed to its classification within the beautiful countries of the world, so sandy beaches are spread in its lands in the Goa region, and in Ajanta there is a group of Buddhist caves, as the northern side of the Indian Kashmir region was called Switzerland because of the spread of skiing In which.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka contains many of the landmarks that contributed to being one of the beautiful countries of the world, where the tourist trip to it is one of the beautiful trips, and it includes riding trains, eating local food, watching the fields planted with tea, and visiting its famous markets known as Betah.


The state of Nepal is one of the beautiful countries whose beauty appears in its capital, Kathmandu, as it possesses many distinctive landmarks of architecture, and also contains many mountain highlands.


Australia has a coastline of 16,000 miles, some of which contain beaches that are classified among the most beautiful international beaches, and have a distinctive natural coral barrier, and Tasmania Island and Sydney are among the most beautiful international regions in Australia.


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