The most beautiful entertainment places in Istanbul 2020

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Guide to the most beautiful entertainment places in Istanbul 2020 and how to get there, Istanbul belongs to the list of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world because it has a charming nature represented in the emergence of many beaches, forests and various parks beside historical monuments.
This resulted in attracting millions of tourists to it who come to it from different countries of the world to see the beauty of these monuments, the location of this city in the northwestern Marmara region, and in Arab travelers we offer you the best tourist attractions in this Istanbul and the way to reach them.

The most beautiful entertainment places in Istanbul 2020

1. The forests of Belgrade

The most beautiful entertainment places in Istanbul 2020 - The most beautiful entertainment places in Istanbul 2020

  • Belgrade forests are the perfect choice for nature lovers and those looking for tranquility and relaxation, it is located near the regions of Chilici and Keelos and the island of Thrace, with an area of ​​about 5,300 hectares.
  • The forest includes about 11 parks spread with many rare plants and multiple trees, the most famous of which are pine, anatolia and oak trees, and wandering inside the forests enables you to see different types of animals there such as reptiles next to birds such as ducks floating in their lakes.
  • Inside the forest there is the Ataturk Arboretum, which contains a group of rare types of flowers that number up to 2000, in addition to plants, both local and global.
  • You can also enjoy the beauty of the place by cycling, as well as camping and horse riding, in addition to the spaces designated for barbecue.
  • How to reach Belgrade Forest: You can reach these forests by riding from the port of Amenono and then to Sariyer, then after that you can take the bus to reach the Kilyos area which takes a time of half an hour to reach then the forests.

2. Dolma Batch Palace

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  • Dolma Palace is located in the Besiktas region and is one of the oldest palaces in Istanbul as it dates back to the nineteenth century, it was established to be the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire and it continued in this case until 1924 when the Ottoman Caliphate was abolished and the government decided at that time to transfer the ownership of the palace to the national heritage To Turkey.
  • The area of ​​this palace reaches about 45000 square meters, and it is characterized by a design of great splendor, beauty and luxury, and it contains about 285 rooms, and inside it there are many halls that number about 46 halls.
  • You can enjoy the external facade of the palace by wandering over the Bosphorus, and upon entering it you will find a picturesque garden surrounded by which includes many water fountains and various statues.
  • This palace is characterized by the luxury of decoration in each of its halls and rooms, as well as it includes a group of crystal chandeliers very beautiful, which give the palace the luxury and splendor of another kind.
  • Among the most important monuments of the palace: the Watch Museum, the Sultan’s Library, next to the clock tower.
  • Visit times start from nine in the morning until four in the evening, except for Monday.
  • How to reach the palace: You can go to Sultan Ahmed Station and then take the tram to get to the Kabatash Station, then get off the station and walk a little until you find the palace on the right side right next to the mosque, but in order not to get lost the road must be while walking to the direction of the sea to your right.

3. Ayoub Sultan Mosque

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  • It is not possible to travel to Istanbul without visiting its most beautiful mosque, the Sultan Ayoub Mosque, which is an example of the beauty and splendor of Ottoman art in design, and is one of the oldest mosques in Istanbul since its establishment dates back to 1458 AD, and it was rebuilt again in the early nineteenth century due to the earthquake Who was exposed and which caused the destruction of many of its features.
  • The main entrance to the mosque includes a collection of verses from the Qur’an that indicate the magnificence of the design, along with the columns and ornate walls in the courtyard of the mosque, in addition to its dome decorated in various colors.
  • The mosque includes the tomb of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, one of the most prominent companions of the Ansar, and the mosque is open to visitors throughout the day and on all days of the week.
  • How to get to Sultan Ayub Mosque: You can get to Sultan Ahmed Station and then take the tram in order to go to Eminonu Station, and when you arrive at this station you start riding the ferry from Ayoub Station in order to reach the Sultan Ayoub station, and as soon as you reach the area you cross the road and then walk forward where the mosque is located on the side Facing down the mountain and opposite the Halic Congress Center.

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