The most beautiful entertainment places in Istanbul

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We offer you through this article the most important places in Istanbul where Istanbul is a large city famous and famous for many tourist attractions, and Turkey is one of the most famous places in it, the city is located between Europe and Asia, Istanbul was fast progressing and many landmarks and rich in antiquities in the past, but today it has become worth The archeology is declining and fewer visitors. This does not mean that it does not contain attractive tourist attractions, but rather that it is one of the big cities rich in monuments and monuments that have a historical impact in it. Follow us with the most important beautiful places in this place to go to on your next trip.

The most famous entertainment places in Istanbul:

Pera Museum:

The Beira Museum is one of the most beautiful manifestations of the most famous beautiful art, as it contains a wonderful collection of archaeological paintings, such as dog hunting paintings, which is one of the famous Ottoman art in the world, and there are also many types of ceramics and many other things that indicate the greatness and survival of the Ottoman era. There is a program for exhibits that displays the names of the paintings and their age constantly.

Modern Istanbul:

Istanbul not only includes historical monuments, but there are galleries equipped for art such as modern Istanbul. Modern Istanbul includes the most wonderful collection of modern Turkish art, as it is a place dedicated to receiving artists and scholars throughout the year. This place is one of the most famous and greatest places in Istanbul to go to and see fine art Turkish contemporary and past, there are places near this place to receive snacks and hot and cold drinks.

Bosphorus Strait and Bosphorus Bridge:

The Bosphorus strait exists as a link between Asia and Europe, and the Bosphorus Bridge is located above this strait and this is what connects them to each other. This strait is famous for the nearby attractions such as palaces and stunning houses on its sides, as the age decorates it, but the beautiful atmosphere beside the tourist attractions there attracts you to visit it annually.

Ortakoy Mosque:

Ortakoy Mosque is a somewhat narrow space compared to other mosques in Istanbul, but it is beautiful in appearance in a nice quiet place in Istanbul, and it was named after Ortakoy, since it was built in the modern Baroque style during the eighteenth century, Ortaku is one of the most beautiful tourist places that you cannot miss in Your visit there, this place is full of shops, galleries, restaurants and other monuments that attract visitors.

Idkuli Castle:

The suburb of Decoli Castle, the castle was built in the fifth century and built by Emperor Theodosius II, and it forms the southern part of the defensive walls of Constantinople, and there is a giant arch that was prohibited in the late Byzantine period, there is a golden gate of the palace coated with a summary of pure gold, and when he conquered The city’s Ottomans used this castle for defense, and later were used as a place for imprisonment, but it was restored in recent years as it was before a luxurious archaeological place suitable for visitors and tourists, and you can climb to the highest balconies in the castle to see all of the surrounding scenes from the wonderful views.

The walls of Constantinople:

Before, Istanbul was originally a city fortified with the walls of Constantinople, and now these ancient walls can still be seen and looked upon, but not the wall as before it contains some damaged places that need to be repaired, and in the walls a gate that enters you into the city looks amazing.

Turkish Islamic Arts Museum:

There is the Museum of Turkish Islamic Arts in Ibrahim Pasha Palace, this museum is one of the largest attractive attractions in Istanbul, it contains a lot of Ottoman and Islamic arts that all visitors are interested in, it contains archaeological exhibits such as carpets and there are other modern textiles preferred by many in the world, this The place deserves a visit and peek at all its features, art and exhibits. There are also wonderful exhibits of lines, wood carvings and ceramics, and all of these monuments range from the ninth century to the nineteenth century.

Chora Church:

The word chora is a Greek word and its meaning in the country. This church was called by the Church of Saint Savior. This church is located near the walls of the city of Constantinople from the outside. This church was built in the fifth century, but it was now renovated because the sixth building was destroyed in the ninth century and for this The reason was rebuilt. Renovation procedures began in the church from the eleventh century and the renovation continued until the fourteenth century, but there are some parts in the church that have remained the same as some murals and nave and are now a world famous place where thousands go daily.

Sulaymaniyah Mosque:

There is a Sulaymaniyah Mosque on the top of a hill in the Sultanahmet neighborhood, this mosque is one of the best and most famous monuments in Istanbul, this mosque was built by a person called Suleiman the Magnificent and the name of the mosque was assigned to his name, it was built in 1549 AD, in the interior of the mosque there is a dome reaching a height of 53 Meters, this mosque is united in its design and proportions are consistent, outside the mosque is a quiet Ottoman garden, suitable for visits.
Here we have clarified many tourist attractions in Istanbul, there are many and many other monuments worth visiting, as a trip to Istanbul needs at least a week to get around and enjoy all of these attractions.


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