Guide to the most beautiful European cities for tourism and entertainment is recommended to visit, the European continent or as it is called the old continent is one of the most famous global tourist destinations due to its unique diversity and unique cultural diversity in the tourist cities in which it is located, along with Europe’s archaeological and climate diversity. Unique, and the tourist fame that Europe enjoys is not limited to its climate or its effects only, but it also includes many amenities and quality of life, where modern means of communication, means of transportation and high levels of safety and security enjoyed by tourists compared to many other tourist destinations. Hand details on Arab travelers.

The most beautiful European cities for tourism and entertainment:

  • Tourism in Athens:

The city of AthensThe city of Athens
This magnificent Japanese capital, which is considered a popular destination for many, due to the availability of many interesting activities that can be carried out there. It is a tourist front that suits history lovers to visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon dating back to the ancient Greek ages, and its architecture remains steadfast to the present day, in addition to the availability of many Stunning beaches, many resorts and attractions.

  • Tourism in Ljubljana:

The city of Ljubljana
The city of Ljubljana
It is the capital of the State of Slovenia and they call it the hidden gem because of its many tourist attractions in addition to its charming beauty and its atmosphere that inspires fun and relaxation. It is possible to enjoy the castle of Ljubljana and visit the old town area and it has many historical squares, in addition to the presence of many landmarks Archeology, cathedrals, wandering the banks of the river, enjoying watching bridges and visiting restaurants and cafes on the banks of the river.

  • Tourism in Podgorica:

It is the capital of the State of Montenegro and is considered one of the most famous regions in Herceg Novi, and this city receives a large share of tourism ingredients from coastal destinations and cultural and historical monuments, in addition to its unique location in the middle of the Republic of Montenegro, there can be enjoyed wandering among the ancient streets of the city and enjoy its roads paved with tiles Watch the classic clocks and historical cathedrals, stroll through the mouths of the Rybenica River, visit the King Nikola Museum or see the ruins of the pre-WWII ancient city.

  • Copenhagen Tourism:

The city of CopenhagenThe city of Copenhagen
It is the capital of Denmark and they call it a mermaid, and it is one of the most important destinations for travel in Europe. This wonderful classic city is known throughout the world for its calm, beauty and calm atmosphere that controls it, in addition to its controversial castles and gardens, this wonderful city that includes many historical secrets Besides, it contains many historical secrets, due to the presence of many historical monuments and museums.

  • Tourism in Sorrento:

Sorrento in Italy
One of the most beautiful italyn cities that attract many tourists, and it is the perfect interface for fans away from the crowd that characterizes the cities of Italy, because of the wonderful natural scenery in Sorrento, especially that it is located parallel to the Gulf of Naples in southern Italy, because it is packed with many deep valleys and hills And a number of residential gatherings that are located on top of the plateaus and mountains, in addition to the presence of many civilizational landmarks, and the air is perfumed with the smell of lemon, orange and olives, along with its more than marvelous sea views.

  • Tourism in Amsterdam:

The city of AmsterdamThe city of Amsterdam
It is the capital of the Netherlands, teeming with tourist attractions that blend with the splendor of beautiful landscapes, fine art and the accuracy of house designs. Many visitors to Amsterdam prefer to start their day in Keukenhof, the most beautiful and largest flower garden in the world because it includes nearly 7 million flowers in addition to the presence of more than a hundred different species From lily scattered around the garden flanks, and to visit Leiden Spielen Square which is the beating heart of Amsterdam, and one of the really wonderful things while in Amsterdam is to take a water trip that is from a small little canopy in order to cross the charming canals and explore the secret courtyard of Begijn Of which disappears behind the heavy door of the wood dates from the Middle Ages, or visit the Van Gogh Museum, which includes many prominent antiques and works of art, and visit the Rijksmuseum, which houses many treasures dating back to the golden age of the Netherlands.

  • Tourism in Verona:

Verona, ItalyVerona, Italy
This wonderful city located in northern Italy is packed with many Romen ruins and many medieval buildings and palaces, so being in Verona is a great opportunity to enjoy the charm of the old italyn city where it is far from crowding, this city that was mentioned a lot immediately after mentioning the story of Romeo and Juliet, so he lost Known as the city of love and known by many as the city of Romeo and Juliet, there can enjoy many of its features such as Juliet’s house which many lovers go to every year to put their wishes in front of him, or visit the Arpi square which includes a statue of Madonna Verona at the top of a fountain located in the middle of the square, Or visit Lake Gadra, Lamberti Tower, the tallest tower in the city to see the city from above, and visit the Arena Romen theater this wonderful architectural edifice, then visit the Romeo house.

  • Tourism in Valletta:

Valletta in MaltaValletta in Malta
It is the capital of Malta and is considered one of the most wonderful European tourist cities, and is characterized by the beauty of its buildings and streets, in addition to the presence of many prehistoric monuments such as the Romen catacombs and city fortifications that were built by the knights of St. John, and this city was subjected to Romen, Phoenician, British and Spanish occuAl Bahahn .

  • Tourism in Marfu:

Portuguese MarvoPortuguese Marvo
And it is one of the most Portuguese cities that have a great history, due to its location between the borders of Portugal and Spain, which made it one of the most important immune border points. Marfu is still distinguished by its cautious spirit that it has inherited throughout its long history, and because it was one of the strongest military cities throughout its history, it has now become one of the most prominent Tourist cities that include a military tourist heritage is unparalleled, this city is surrounded in all respects by high walls and can only be entered through one crossing, beside the city contains fortresses and fortresses overlooking the sea, and this city is characterized by its white houses and narrow streets.

  • Tourism in Nicosia:

It is located in Cyprus, one of the European windows that overlook the Mediterranean Sea, and is one of the distinctive tourist cities where it is fit to visit all year. Nicosia is considered the capital of Cyprus since the tenth century AD, and this city is teeming with many ancient ruins or medieval churches and churches, In addition to the presence of many old mosques, luxury museums, and a number of night clubs, cafes and restaurants, Nicosia is a perfect example of the ideal destinations for all those who want entertainment and comfort in the Mediterranean region. This city is packed with many parks and coasts in addition to its covered houses. The ceilings are covered with red tiles, as they are surrounded by a wide area of ​​greenery, from which many valleys of green grass are descended.

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