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Wangxuan Park

Wangshiyuan Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, and this garden originated during the reign of the Song dynasty in the period between 1127-1279 AD, when this property served as the residence of a strong official of this strain, and Wangxuan Garden is divided into Three main areas, which are the residential area, the western garden area, and the inner gardens. This park is famous for the swimming pool that forms the dominant feature of the garden, ornate walkways, and buildings with aesthetic designs.

The gardens of Villa Evrosi de Rothschild

Villa Éphrussi de Rothschild is one of the most famous natural monuments that can be seen in the French Riviera, it is a coastal garden built by the Rothschild family in the early twentieth century, and this villa consists of nine gardens surrounding With it, and each of them has special and unique places, which contain a Florentine garden, a French garden, a Japanese garden, a Provencal garden, a rose garden, a Spanish-style garden, a stone garden and others.

Sonnenberg Gardens

Sonnenberg Gardens is located in the Finger Lakes in New York State, and it is 202342.8 square meters of public gardens, and it is famous as one of the greenest gardens in the world. There is a Victorian mansion dating back to the nineteenth century, and visitors can explore the magnificence This palace, and the Sonnenberg Gardens are one of the few rural areas in the states, and is famous for its exceptional collections of ancient architecture.

Fort Worth Botanical Garden

Fort Worth Botanical Garden is located in Fort Worth, Texas, and it is one of the most famous beautiful botanical gardens that can be visited. This park was built in the early twentieth century, and this park includes many landmarks that can be visited, including This includes a Japanese garden with an area of ​​approximately 28327.9 square meters, in addition to many waterfalls, bridges, and a tea cafe.

The gardens of Château de Versailles

The Château de Versailles gardens were designed by the famous French designer Andre-le-Notreux in the seventeenth century, at the request of King Louis XIV, and these gardens are located southwest of Paris, and an area of ​​approximately 1.01 square kilometers, which is of The gardens are full of paths through which to identify the garden annexes, including ornamental lakes, quiet corners filled with classic statues, and the canal that was used by the king to ride the gondolas.

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