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Chateau Gardens

The Gardens of Château (English: Gardens of the Château) in Versailles is one of the most beautiful parks to visit, and the design of these gardens is due to the famous landscape designer Andre-le-Notreuse, as these gardens are famous for their beautiful natural landscapes that constitute distinctive geometric patterns, and can be enjoyed when visiting These gardens are known as swimming pools, flower beds, and botanical garden, which includes orange trees kept by King Louis XIV, and can also attend fountain concerts held in the gardens during the summer and spring.

Sonnenberg Gardens

Sonnenberg Gardens is one of the famous public parks in New York State, with an area of ​​approximately 202,342.8 square meters. It is one of the greenest galleries in the world. These gardens include the nineteenth-century Victorian Palace, and the Sonnenberg Gardens are classified as One of the few rural areas in the country, it is distinguished by its exceptional groups of ancient architecture.

Wangxuan Gardens

Wangshiyuan Gardens (English: Wangshiyuan Gardens) are located in Suzhou, China, and are characterized by their attractiveness, and they have been classified within the World Heritage sites of UNESCO, and the origins of these gardens dates back to the era of the Song dynasty between the years 1127 – 1279 AD, and Wangshuan Gardens includes three sections Main, it is the residential area, the western garden area, and the inner gardens.

Villa d’Este Gardens

Villa d’Este Gardens is located in Tivoli, Italy, and is one of the most famous gardens established by Cardinal Ipoletto d’Este to surround its villa suite. Villa d’Este Gardens is one of the most famous sites embodying the spirit of the italyn Renaissance, and when visiting this Gardens Many crosses, large fountains, swimming pools, and distinctive waterfalls, as well as statues and caves, can be enjoyed.

Villa Carlotta Gardens

Villa Carlotta Gardens extend on the hillside and near the western shore of Lake Como in Italy. These gardens enjoy a temperate climate throughout the year. They are famous for their green tree leaves throughout the winter period, and are distinguished by their bright colors and sophisticated official designs.

Storhead Gardens

Stourhead Gardens (English: Stourhead) is located in Wiltshire near the mouth of the River Stour in the United Kingdom, and an area of ​​approximately 10.7 square kilometers, and is one of the most beautiful parks in England, characterized by an abundance of colorful plants, monuments and water features. Designer Henry Hawary II, It is noteworthy that this park includes the most famous historical monuments, such as temples, King Alfred Tower, and Obelisk Tower and others.

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