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It is the Arab Republic of Egypt, and its capital is the city of Cairo, which is an African country; it is located in the northeastern part of the continent of Africa, and its borders are to the west of Libya, to the north the Mediterranean Sea, and to the northeast the Gaza Strip, and from the east to its borders is the Red Sea, And its strategic location, where the Sinai Peninsula connects the continent of Africa with southwest Asia, and Egypt ranks third among the countries of the Middle East in terms of population.
The population of Egypt is 97,041,072 people, according to estimates by the year 2020 AD, about 95% of them are concentrated around the Nile River, and its total area is 1,001,450 km2, the population lives in an area of ​​about 5.5% of the total area, and the rest of its area is an uninhabited desert. It is one of the major economic powers in the Islamic world and the Middle East, and its economy diversifies as the services sector includes the largest proportion of the Egyptian economy’s dependence on it, which is 39%, while the agricultural sector relies on Egypt by 32%, followed by the industrial sector with 17%, and finally the tourism sector with 12% %.
Egypt is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, in which it has many famous historical sites, and Egypt is famous for rare and unique things, such as: the pyramids, and the Egyptian Museum located in the city of Cairo, in addition to the presence of many desert oases, tourist sites and resorts located on the sea coast Red, and we will talk in this article about the most beautiful Egyptian cities in addition to some of the most beautiful tourist places in them.

The most beautiful Egyptian cities

Among the most beautiful Egyptian cities are the following cities:


The city of Cairo extends along the Nile River to reach the southern part of it, and it is one of the most beautiful big cities in the Islamic world, it combines civilization and history, and is divided into two eastern and western parts, the eastern part of which carries about 2000 years mixed with different cultures such as Islamic, Christian and Jewish culture Coptic, which is still thriving to this day, and the western part is located in the ancient city of Memphis, known as Giza; it is the capital of the ancient state of Egypt and the pyramids were built.
In Cairo there are many mosques in addition to the presence of Coptic churches and Jewish temples, and the oldest mosque in it is the Amr ibn al-As Mosque which was built in the year 641 AD. Cairo is one of the World Heritage sites of UNESCO, and its heritage includes old schools and scientific shrines, in addition to mosques Like the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, there is also the Citadel of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, which was built in the twelfth century, and became the seat of the authorities for 700 years thereafter, and the hanging church is located in the Coptic region, which was built and dedicated to the Virgin Mary alone.


The city of Aswan is located on the Nile River and occupies a vital location, since it was from the ancient time the southern population focus of the Egyptian lands, and in Aswan there is a botanical garden known as the Kitchener Park; it is an island that was given to Lord Kitchener in 1898 AD, and it is now full of wonderful gardens and plants, as it is found in Aswan Elephantine Island full of palm trees and tropical plants, and in the city the Aswan High Dam was built by the British in 1898 AD, and in the city of Aswan was the Philae Temple dating back to the fourth century BC, and it is a temple dedicated to the god Isis, and after the construction of the dam the water rose and almost drowned in pain Abd, then he was transferred by huge operations to Agelika Island to preserve it, the visitor can spend his time in Aswan on the promenade, as well as he can wander the city’s markets and sit in one of the floating restaurants, as he can discover other tourist places.


It is one of the oldest Egyptian cities, and its history dates back to the Pharaonic era, and what distinguishes this city is the presence of the Hanging Mosque and the Kitbay Mosque, which are strange mosques in the Islamic world as they were built without minarets, and one of the most important features of the city of Fayoum is also the area of ​​the Valley of Whales, which includes attractive views, In addition, it is a site that contains many whale fossils, crocodiles and sharks, and a person can see whale skeletons between the sand in this valley.


Siwa is a desert oasis located near the Libyan lands, and it is one of the places belonging to Egypt; however its location is somewhat isolated, where about 20,000 Berbers live, speak a language of their own and have their own culture that differs from the prevailing Arab culture depending on their isolation, and the city is famous for trees Palms, olives, and hot water impermissible. There are the Temple of Amun and Shali Fort in addition to the old mosques.

the palace

It dates back to medieval history, and was built by the Ottomans in the heart of the desert that is part of the entering oasis, and the entering oasis consists of a group of small cities in addition to more than five hundred hot springs, and the city of the palace or castle was the capital of the oasis entering the medieval As for its houses, they are built of mud and carved with verses from the Holy Qur’an on its doors, and there are many shops, such as olive oil stores, in addition to the presence of factories.


Alexandria is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the north of Egypt, and it is one of the European cities with a European character. It is also one of the most important and largest cities in Egypt. It was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. It was the cultural and educational center of the entire world at that time. It is a region full of ancient myths, and has witnessed many things during the turbulent relationship of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and it has evolved throughout history from a center of Hellenistic civilization to a small fishing village, then turned into a luxurious civilized city, and the visitor can explore the remaining ancient monuments such as Kaitbay Castle, and there is It has many limit DOCUMENTS parks.

the shortest

It is a city located on the banks of the Nile River, it was the capital of Upper Egypt in the era of the Pharaohs, and it is described today as the largest open-air museum in the world; it contains many picturesque natural areas, and is famous for its stone buildings, and there is the Valley of the Kings, and many temples Such as: the Karnak Temple overlooking the Nile, which is famous for its stone sculptures, and the distance to Luxor, in addition to the two major temples, namely: Ramses II Temple and Ramses III Temple, and in Luxor historical Islamic sites such as the Abu Hajjaj Mosque located at the top of Luxor Temple, and the site of the famous grave of Tut Ankh Amoun.


The city of Dahab is located on the coast of the Sinai Peninsula and overlooks the Red Sea, and it was originally settled by the Bedouins where they used it for hunting, and its name is due to the color of its sand, as some believe it is due to the color of the sky at sunset, and today it is a small coastal resort compared to The rest of the resorts; however, what distinguishes them from them is their calmness, and visitors enjoy complete relaxation, as they ride the waves, and practice diving to enjoy seeing the coral reefs, and there are more than 30 diving sites whether for beginners or experts, and also other activities such as trips to the Bedouin villages on Beauty.


Is a small town in the Western Desert inhabited by about 5,000 people, depends in its economy on the old traditional industries such as spinning and wool industry, and there is a castle built by the Romans about 2,000 years ago; with the aim of protecting the commercial caravans that pass through it, the town is surrounded by palm groves, and nearby there are gardens Attractive natural.

Wadi Natrun

It is located in the desert between the cities of Cairo and Alexandria, and it is a valley closer to it to be an integrated city; yet it includes many beautiful Christian and Coptic religious sites. Thousands of Christians left for it in the fourth century, led by Des Macarius, to escape the corruption that prevailed in the Egyptian cities. Let them devote themselves only to worship, and built in it towers and walls to protect themselves and defend the churches from the Berbers they were changing, and there are now only four monasteries, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

The most beautiful tourist places in Egypt

  • White Desert: It is located to the north of the city of Farafra, 28 miles away, and it is a strange legendary desert in the color of its white sand. The reason for its creation is due to the sandstorms that were occurring in the region, and led to the formation of large sizes of huge sand chalk.
  • Nile: In the Nile region lies the most famous river around the world, which is the Nile River, and it contains various plants and animals that arouse the interest of tourists, which can be seen during the river cruises which last for a few days, and the visitor can also stop at temples and historical religious sites to explore them, and the sunset view can also be enjoyed In the Nile.
  • Giza Pyramids: It is one of the remains of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, located in the city of Cairo in the Giza region, a visitor can go on a trip inside the pyramid to get to know the interior rooms.
  • Red Sea coast: The Red Sea coast is one of the best diving destinations in the world, as it is filled with many types of fish and coral reefs that dive in for the visitor to enjoy watching.
  • Sharm El-Shaikh: It is one of the best sites in the world for diving and snorkelling, in which the visitor enjoys seeing the world of marine life inhabiting its water, in addition to trips to discover the desert on quad bikes, and you can visit the Mustafa Mosque to see the pattern of traditional and local culture in it, in addition to visiting the churches as well.


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