The most beautiful island in Malaysia

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The Malaysian government is very interested in the tourism sector, as it is its main source of income, and works to provide all the capabilities that make it of a special nature. This country contains many beautiful and attractive islands for tourists, and it consists of beaches, water springs, beautiful and dense forests, and other features and manifestations Natural, which makes it distinguished the prestigious position, especially from the tourism side compared to other countries. Perhaps it is fun to spend time in it, especially the honeymoon period or visit with the family, and we will get acquainted in this article about the most beautiful islands in Malaysia.

The most beautiful island in Malaysia

Cebu Island

Cebu Island is considered one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Malaysia, as it breathes joy and happiness, due to the tropical plants it contains, in addition to its beautiful golden beaches, which extend along the sight, and its clear blue waters, and free of impurities, and also contains a number Very large marine caves, which are exquisitely carved by rock.

The clear waters of this island and coral reefs, which are filled with many marine creatures, which are distinguished by their different colors, increase their beauty and luster, and apart from that, it is possible to enjoy the discovery of the remaining ships cut to this day on the coast of the island, and this is because of the pirates and Chinese ships, Foot-fired, on this island, leaving traces at the bottom of the sea.

Tourists on this island enjoy many types of water sports, such as diving down the sea, sailing, fishing by hook, in addition to skiing with special boards on the water, and they can also enjoy walking through the woods between the big trees, up to the so-called swamps, Which contains fresh water, and it is possible to enjoy climbing on the wooden harbors, in addition to fishing anchovy fish, and learn how to transform coconuts from one fruit to a dry coconut, and this by visiting the village located near this island.

Tioman Island

Tioman Island is considered one of the smallest islands in terms of area, as it was chosen as the most beautiful island in the entire world, and this was done by Time Magazine, in the year 1970 AD, which led to a very large increase in the number of tourists in it, in addition to being a haven for divers, as it surrounds This island has many white coral reefs, as the island is afforested internally, and its population increases from November to February, but in some months it remains deserted.


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