The most beautiful island in Paris is recommended to visit, as Paris is the French capital that occupies a unique location on the borders of the Seine River from the northern side, in the middle of the Ile-de-France region, and among the factors that make it a very attractive city for tourists from all over the world, all these advantages made the world call it In many names and many titles give it so he calls it the city of love at one time and the fashion capital at another time, but its title that sings the ears and raises the appetite of the mind for travel, exploration and fun remains the title of the city of light “La Ville -Lumière”.

The most beautiful island in Paris, Ile de la Cite paris

The island of Ile de la City or what is known as the island of the city is one of the islands that remain in the Seine in France and the other island is the island of “Saint Louis”, which is a natural island characterized by its beauty and the charm of its ancient trees that overlook the Seine.
This island was the seat of the reconstruction work for the medieval city. In the west of the island there is the palace of Miro Fengy ages and in the east there is the 10th century cathedral. This is in addition to the splendor of what it contains of very important archaeological monuments. It includes several historical and touristic places, including:

The famous Notre Dame de Bari Cathedral:

Which is located on the eastern side of the island “Ile de la Cite”, which represents an artistic and architectural masterpiece and is among the most important monuments in the island, which dates back to the year 1163 AD, which embodies Gothic architecture in France.

Saint Chapel Church:

It is a church built by Louis IX and attached to his palace in 1245 AD and is characterized by its belonging to the Gothic architecture as well and is famous for its beautiful and varied glass, interlaced arches and attractive windows.

Jerry’s concierge:

There is also an important historical building on the island, which is the “Jerry Concierge” building, behind which its walls, Queen Marie Antoinette, were imprisoned while awaiting the death sentence passed during the establishment of the French historical revolution that took place in the eighteenth century AD.

Place Dauphin Public SquarePlace Dauphine”:

Which is located in an area near the western end of the island (“Ile de la Cité”), specifically on the side facing the Palace of Justice, an ancient square dating back to the early seventeenth century AD.
It is a pleasant square surrounded by a group of restaurants of the finest and finest restaurants in which you can have a good meal, and this square was in its ancient era surrounded by a group of identical homes that number 36 houses built with one design and they are part of the project of the return of public squares in the seventeenth century AD Which is attributed to Henry IV.

Monument to the Martyrs of the Republic:

It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the French capital, and it is the one who commemorates the transportation of 200,000 French people to the Nazi concentration camps.

Nove or Bonn Nov Bridge ” Le pont Neuf

Which translates to “the new bridge” and, contrary to what the name implies, it is one of the oldest bridges ever, as work continued to be built from the end of the sixteenth century until the beginning of the seventeenth century AD.
It may be called the “new bridge” due to the fact that it was created in a new style at the time, and because it has a style that was not preceded by any bridge in it, as it has a platform that makes passers-by and the poor use a separate pass from that of horses and carriages, and then it was new in his idea.
Not only that, but it is also distinguished by the fact that it extends over the entire Seine River, while the bridges that preceded it extend partially from the island to some parts of the city, and it is also built of stone, and was considered by UNESCO as a world heritage.
It is located in the Latin Quarter in Paris and connects between the left side of Paris and the Yemeni side to it on the head of the island “Ile de la City” and near it there is a metro station bearing the same name “Bonn Neve”
These are most of the landmarks that the “Ile de la City” island has, which makes it at the forefront of the islands that are famous for their beauty, historical and architectural richness.

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