The most beautiful islands in the world

المسافرون العرب

the moldive Islands

Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, and it consists of 26 natural coral islands, and it is one of the most enchanting islands in the world, with crystal blue luminous waters, which are attractive to divers because of its coral reefs.

Bora Bora Island

The island of Bora Bora is located in the center of the South Pacific, 265 kilometers northwest of Tahiti, which is a French volcanic island, and the best thing about the huge lake in the Ferculic. The island enjoys clear waters, turtles, fish, and sharks, a suitable place for diving.

Palawan Island

Palawan Island is located in the Philippines, between southern China and the Solo Seas. It has a maximum width of 39 km. Coral reefs flourish in Palawan. Tropical fish are diversified and provide the best place to dive in the world. The island also has a wonderful wildlife.

Fiji Island

Fiji Islands is located in the South Pacific, about 2100 kilometers north of Auckland. The Fiji Islands chain consists of 300 islands, and 540 islands scattered over an area of ​​3,000,000 square kilometers, of which 100 are inhabited. Fiji islands are characterized by pure white beaches, coral reefs, Turquoise waters, and the island offers fishing, diving, snorkelling and surfing.

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Santorini Island

Santorini Island is located in Greece, and it is considered one of the most beautiful islands of the world due to the wonderful panoramic views of the ocean, or because of the multicolored rock cliff.

Maui Island

The island of Maui is the second largest island of Hawaii, and enjoys a tropical climate, and offers multiple activities such as windsurfing, diving and surfing.

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The Republic of the Seychelles Island is located in the west of the Indian Ocean, and it includes about 115 islands, which are granite islands surrounded by coral reefs, and the Seychelles Islands enjoy tourist attractions because of their fertile forests, some of the rarest animals and plants in the world, surreal rock formations, the best beaches and seas in the world.

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