The most beautiful islands of Indonesia

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The most beautiful islands of Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most prominent countries located in the southeastern side of the Asian continent, and a part of it is located in Oceania, and its population is estimated at about two hundred and thirty-eight million people, and it ranks fourth in the world in terms of population, as it includes the largest Muslim population, As for its topography, it is known for its many and varied islands, numbering about seventeen thousand and eight islands, we will address the following the most beautiful.

Java Island

The Indonesian capital is located in Jakarta, so it is considered the largest island in terms of population globally, with an area of ​​about one hundred and thirty two square kilometers, while its population amounts to about one hundred and twenty seven million, and most of its inhabitants convert to Islam by ninety three percent, and the rest convert to Christianity, and the proportion Very few embrace Buddhism, and are divided into a group of provinces, the most prominent of which are Banten and Yogyakarta, in addition to Java Barat province located in the western side of the capital, Java Tengah located in the center of the capital, and finally Java Timur located in the eastern side of C Step.

Batam Island

It occupies the second place in terms of area compared to the islands of the archipelago, and its population is about nine hundred and eighty-eight thousand people, as a result of great economic and commercial activity in it, and it is reached by plane and it takes an hour and forty minutes to arrive.

Bintan Island

It is the largest island in the Riau Region, and is considered the main headquarters that includes all governmental and economic places and facilities, in addition to a large boat station specifically for those coming from Singapore and Malaysia, and it includes a group of the most beautiful tourist resorts, while its population is very small in relation to its area, and the most strange is the lack of an airport In it, given that the capital is located in it.

Lombok Island

It is the most beautiful, months and quietest, and away from the capital a distance that takes an hour and forty minutes if traveled by plane, which is the capital of the Indonesian island of Lombok, called Mataram, while its inhabitants, most of them convert to the Islamic religion; Al-Sanqiqi and Kuta are considered the first is the best in terms of services, services and resorts located in it.

Gili Islands

It is three islands located near Lombok, the first is called Gili Trawangan, the second is Gili Meno, and the last is Gili Air, and it has a number of beautiful ancient beaches, which tourists from different regions go to for relaxation, relaxation, diving, and going to the most beautiful cafes and shops.


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