The most beautiful islands of Thailand

المسافرون العرب

The most beautiful islands of Thailand

The islands of Thailand are considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world as a whole, because of their charming nature, they charm magic and captivate the eyes, with the splendor of their turquoise water, which mixes with the greenery of their highs, to which different types of birds harbor, giving life a special luster, neither beautiful nor creative It is a natural masterpiece, with many volumes not enough to describe and praise it.

Ko Libi Island

It is located in Sutton Province, on the southwestern side of Thailand, bordered by the National Park of Lake, which is one of the islands of the Adang Narrator Archipelago, located in the Sea of ​​Addman.

The designation of Ko Libi means island paper or paper island, and to this day it is considered one of its undiscovered islands, and Chawki discovered it when he was moving from one island to another in Thailand in search of fishing places that enables him to feed members of his tribe, to find and settle in it.

This island contributes to increasing and supporting tourism in the country, as visitors from all over the country flock to it. The best time to visit Ko Libi Island is the period from November to May.

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One of the games in which this island is famous is the snooker table, as it can be wandered by riding a motorcycle, and also for diving lovers, this island is a suitable place to enjoy in an exciting atmosphere and watch the wreck of the ship that sank near it in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety six AD.

Ko Samui Island

It is located in the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand, and its area is about sixty kilometers, and the name Ko Samui means a safe haven. It is also said that this designation refers to a type of tree spread in it. Man has known this island since ancient times, where he inhabited and set up his own business to remain isolated. From its surroundings for long periods of time.

This island is one of the famous islands of Thailand, which rarely visits one of Thailand and does not visit Ko Samui, and its fame comes from the many festivals in which it is held to reflect the image of civilization in the country with its cultural and tourist face, and among the most famous festivals held there, the Buffalo Festival, in addition to exhibitions The most famous of which is the exhibition of local dishes held in its streets.

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Ko Samui is famous for its scenic beaches, clear water, and luxurious hotels, which are a haven for European tourists, and it is worth noting that I found an ancient Chinese map that indicates this island and its location.

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Phuket Island

Phuket Island is the largest tourist city in Thailand, and it is one of the provinces of the country, and away from the capital city of Bangkok about eighty-sixty-three kilometers, and followed by about thirty-nine islands of small sizes.

The word means Phuket, the hill, and there are many of the country’s archaeological monuments, in which there are museums and markets, in addition to that it includes large and upscale tourist resorts, and also a huge theater presenting legendary works that tell about Phuket, where hundreds of actors participate, in addition to white pigeons and elephants.

The island enjoys its beaches, which are considered the best in the world for marine diving, in which wonderful reefs abound.

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