Certainly many people are searching for the most beautiful Kuwaiti restaurants on the sea that offer the most delicious family and individual meals, and this may prompt them to search long for the best tourist restaurants there that are famous for their good reputation and delicious meals. Therefore, we have chosen for you today a group of Kuwaiti restaurants located on the sea directly, where you can enjoy Sitting and eating right in front of the sea, which gives a sense of wonderful mental clarity and a desire to visit these restaurants more than once, so let us know the most beautiful and most important of these restaurants.

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Best Kuwaiti restaurants by the sea

Yas Palace

Yas Palace is an Iranian restaurant that serves delicious Iranian and seafood in Kuwait, it specializes in this type of delicious meal that many come to eat and enjoy its delicious taste. It is a quiet and well-equipped Iranian restaurant in Kuwait, and it is located beside the beach, which makes it one of the comfortable restaurants that make you feel at home. The restaurant also offers the finest fresh meals.
One of the most delicious dishes in Yas Palace is the chicken, lamb, beef, fresh fish and shellfish, all cooked by the most skilled chef.
The decor of the restaurant is characterized by the fine taste, elegance and wonderful Arab creativity, and it is designed in a distinctive modern style that attracts the attention of it Read also: The best tourist places in Kuwait Everyone is always advised to visit

In me. F. Changs P.F. Chang’s
In me. F. Changs P.F. Chang's There are many branches of that restaurant in most of the Arab countries, where it offers visitors delicious meals, where the restaurant specializes in providing a mix of Chinese meals and delicious American meals, and the first branch of the restaurant was opened in 1993 to be one of the most famous Kuwaiti restaurants on the sea, which is A distinctive restaurant that provides the best services for its visitors. The restaurant offers a mix of noodles, rice, sauces and seafood that reflects the Chinese-Asian culture in serving dishes in addition to drinks and sweets. The PF Changs has two branches in Kuwait. The most delicious dishes there are pasta dishes, sauces, rice, seafood, noodles and all the famous Chinese meals in China, in addition to delicious hot and cold drinks that are served in the restaurant.

Burj al Hamam

Burj Al-Hamam Restaurant is one of the restaurants located on the sea as well. It is the famous Burj Al-Hamam restaurant that is located on the shore of the Arabian Gulf and it has an excellent tourist location.
The restaurant is filled with tourists and families from all over the world, and it is characterized by amazing and comfortable decorations, which makes visitors feel comfortable and privacy, and the restaurant has a long menu that contains all kinds of foods to suit all tastes.
In Burj Al-Hamam restaurant, you will find all kinds of eastern and western meals and dishes. The most famous dishes that are served there are Wajih Al-Sayadiyah, fresh fish, as well as rice, meat, grape leaves, and delicious lamb ribs that are served with rice and minced meat. There are also many other foods.

Mais Alghanim

Mays Al-GhanemThe history of Mays Al-Ghanim restaurant dates back to the previous century where it was opened by the main founder of the restaurant, Edmond Barakat, and with the passage of time the restaurant has become one of the best restaurants in Kuwait by the sea and has become a destination for many tourists. With unique hygiene and distinctive decorations, the restaurant is affordable and provides many services that are not present in most other restaurants such as parking service, as well as provides a place of prayer for both men and women separately. Some considered it one of the best and most luxurious restaurants in Kuwait N terms of quality and food prices, which also has an excellent location and a large number of employees are interested in providing services to the fullest all Azwar.aqro also: the best tourist destinations in Kuwait for children in the summer holidays

Mughal Mahal Restaurant

Mughal Mahal Restaurant Mughal Mahal Restaurant Mughal Mahal Restaurant is located opposite the Farwaniya Society in Ahmed Al-Ajmi Building on the first floor. This restaurant was opened in July 1999, and Mughal Mahal Restaurant was able to get a good reputation for its Chinese specialties as well as local food that It is served to the locals and is admired by everyone.It is one of the best restaurants that meets all the needs of the surrounding large population, the restaurant is managed by two managers and more than 60 employees, in addition to being well equipped to deal with visitors and provide the best services for everyone.

Dar Hamad Restaurant

Dar Hamad Restaurant, Dar Hamad Restaurant is classified as one of the most expensive and best restaurants in Kuwait. It is located directly on the sea and provides a lot of services to visitors. It also features the quality of food provided. The restaurant offers the most delicious Kuwaiti meals such as Majbous chicken, meat and other well-known Kuwaiti dishes. Non-Kuwaiti dishes such as shish tawook, feathers, etc. Dar Hamad restaurant is located near the Marina complex and next to it is a large popular cafe, and the restaurant also provides free parking service that includes visitors cars, and the restaurant was previously a large house until it was converted into a distinguished restaurant On the sea directly The food is low in relation to the high price in this restaurant, and it offers a menu consisting of different meals and distinctive foods such as barbecue, salads and appetizers. Perhaps the secret of the high prices is in the quality of food, its delicious ingredients and excellent service.

Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, you will definitely find special pleasure in going to the Sushi Bar restaurant, whose menu contains all the famous Japanese cuisine from the Japanese cuisine in addition to hot and cold drinks of all kinds. The restaurant also features high-end and attractive decorations and offers a group Among the most famous delicious Japanese dishes such as sushi, white fish, crab, yakitori chicken, shrimp kushi yaki, oysters, marinated salmon, spiced oysters and other foods that appeal to all Japanese food lovers. Servers of different payment methods, whether it is cash or using credit cards, it is one of the restaurants that overlooks the sea directly, and it is located in the famous Jaber Al Mubarak Street.

Pepper Restaurant

Pepper Restaurant, Pepper Restaurant is one of the most famous Kuwaiti restaurants that is located in Al Taawun Street in the Messila area directly on the sea, and it is advised to visit that restaurant especially for all lovers of various meat dishes, as it offers an impressive array of meat meals with delicious taste and despite the high prices in that restaurant Other restaurants, except that it is characterized by the quality of the services provided and delicious food. The restaurant and give it a banner look very attractive.

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