Lebanon is an enjoyable tourist destination with its historical landmarks and breathtaking natural landmarks such as beaches, mountains, and forests. Many believe that the tourist life in Lebanon revolves around recreational places and clubs. But natural tourism occupies a large part of the country.

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Here is a tour around the most beautiful natural places in Lebanon .. a charming nature that captures hearts

Hawthorn Zaarour

Zarour is located among the most beautiful natural places in Lebanon, because it contains picturesque areas of mountains, where you can camp, or climb alongside hiking. You can also enjoy ice, skiing in winter. If you are a fan of adventure, Hawthorn Hawthorn is the place for you.Zaarour Read also: Entertainment places for children in Lebanon .. a full tour …

Chekka ups

Chekka is an ideal tourist destination, especially in the summer. You can enjoy swimming in the fresh water, in addition to other activities that take place in diving, climbing and camping.
Chekka ups

Becharri Bsharri

You can enjoy the enchanting panoramic view of Bishri, a mountain village, and was the home of Lebanon’s most famous artist, the poet Gibran Khalil Gibran. You can also visit his former home, which has recently turned into a museum. You can enjoy the village landscape of mountains, and the hills of this besides the greenery that surrounds it; on each side it is also full of farmland including the most delicious local crops.Bsharri Bsharri Read also: Entertainment places in Beirut, Lebanon … Celebration mixed with cultural diversity !!


Another village located among the most beautiful natural places in Lebanon originated in the middle of a mountain valley, and is famous for its wine making, so it contains many grape fields. The village is full of small houses surrounded by greenery and mountains, which makes it an ideal place to relax and stay away from the pressures of life.Zahlé


Tannourine has a beautiful natural beauty and is considered an ideal natural tourist destination. It can be done in many activities such as camping, hiking, rock climbing and picnics. It also includes a picturesque waterfall where you can swim, relax and do some activities.Tannourine


The village of Baskinta is surrounded by greenery, surrounded by mountains and hills on each side. It is an ideal destination to relax, stay away from the pressures of daily life, and the crowd of the city, you can enjoy local food, fresh air in an atmosphere of calm, calmness beside the stunning views of the sky at all times.Baskinta

Nahr Ibrahim

Nothing compares to enjoyment and relaxation in an atmosphere of tranquility, with enchanting natural beauty; that is what the Ibrahim River revolves around. The place is characterized by green nature, fresh water, and a pure atmosphere. You can enjoy swimming in this unique atmosphere for a day, or extend the period for a camping trip like no other. Make sure to bring your food, drink, and all the essentials you need, and make sure to leave the place clean after you go.Nahr Ibrahim

Thierry Tire

Thierry is an ideal destination to enjoy the summer season; a city that features all the features of civilization, and enjoys one of the most beautiful symbols of nature in Lebanon. It includes a picturesque beach with pure water, and clear beside the water turtles it carries, giving the water a magical view that affects you with its beauty, and therefore it was classified as one of the most beautiful natural places in Lebanon.Hawthorn Zaarour

Jounieh Jounieh

A scenic natural destination that has a charming beach where you can enjoy a number of activities, including water sports such as swimming, diving and sailing. You can also head over the mountain to enjoy the breathtaking sunset, and don’t forget to bring your own camera to immortalize that wonderful moment.Jounieh Jounieh

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