The most beautiful place in the world

المسافرون العرب

the most beautiful place in the world

There are many picturesque places in the world, which fascinate the eyes, some of which are natural places that have existed since time immemorial, or places made by man throughout history, and there are criteria for choosing the most beautiful places in the world; including: the beauty of the view, the number of tourists going to it, and the services provided to tourists, and there are thousands From these places, some of which we chose in this article.

The most beautiful places in the world

Colorful mountains

Colorful mountains are located in the Colorado area in America, and it is one of the most attractive areas for tourists, and the most beautiful natural places of the world were chosen from tourists, airlines, and tourism experts due to its beautiful beauty, especially at sunset.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is located in Australia, and it is an attractive marine landscape. It is characterized by its pure blue waters and its beautiful seabed coral

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are located between New Zealand and Hawaii, in the south of the Pacific Ocean. They are made of fifteen islands connected by a large group of stunning, pure blue lakes, and are characterized by its extreme calmness and beautiful natural scenery.

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South Island, New Zealand

The southern island of New Zealand contains many stunning landscapes, clean sea water, sunset and wonderful sunrise, which attracted photographers and amateurs to it, and the purity of these scenes is due to the lack of human intervention in their environment.

Cape Town

Cape Town is located in South Africa, and it contains the most beautiful landscapes on the continent of Africa, where it mixes desert places, and the diverse animals that are not found in other places, making it a popular place for many rare and endangered animals.

Bermuda Island

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda Island is a secluded place surrounded by crystal clear waters, and it has many types of pleasure, such as marine activities, places of relaxation, sunny weather, and picturesque nature.


Florida is located in America, and is characterized by its beautiful coastal scenery, cleanliness and good residents. It was chosen from among the most beautiful places in the world due to the large number of tourists visiting it.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a coastline full of attractive landscapes, from the beaches, through the rainforests, the tall trees that can be wandered around, or hiking, and climbing mountains, and there are many luxury hotels that allow you to stay in this place.

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Ko Samui Island

Ko Samui Island is located in the south of Thailand, surrounded by Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia, and this island contains a large group of beautiful beaches, stunning natural scenery, and many activities can be carried out in them; such as safari, mountain tours, snorkeling, sailing .

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