The most beautiful place in Trabzon

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Aya Sofia

Hagia Sophia is located four kilometers to the west of the city center of Trabzon, in a region overlooking the sea, which is an ancient archaeological historical church that was built during the period between the years (1238-1263), then it was converted into a mosque after The city was opened by the Ottomans in 1461 AD, but the mosque later turned into a storehouse for ammunition storage, and a hospital for the Russian forces in 1960 AD, then Hagia Sophia underwent restorations and repairs, so that it can be reused as a mosque in the year 2013 AD, then Open to visitors, Elsie H.
The Hagia Sophia is distinguished by its impressive architecture, its picturesque murals, and the amazing mosaic floors, as well as the huge stone dome, the inscriptions of its founders, and the bell tower that was built in the year 1427 CE, and the garden.

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Manastırı Monastery is located in the Altundra National Park in the city of Trabzon, and it represents one of its most famous landmarks, and it is an ancient historical archaeological monastery built in the year three hundred and eighty-six AD, to be a place for the worship of the Virgin from the Lady With an altitude of 1,200 meters (3,937 feet), it overlooks the stunning landscape of the garden, and the surrounding mountains.

Trabzon Fortress

Trabzon Castle is considered one of the important historical monuments in Turkish Trabzon, as it dates back to the Byzantine era, and it consists of three fortresses, one of which was built in the year two thousand BC, while the other two horses were built during the reign of Emperor Alexius II.

Gulbahar Mosque

The mosque and the mausoleum of Gülbahar is an historical and archaeological mosque built during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, and by order of Sultan Bayezid II who ruled the country during the period between the two years (1481-1512 AD), and the name was given the name: To the wife of the Sultan.


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