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Kaleici area

Kaleiçi (Turkish: Kaleiçi) is the ancient part of the Turkish city of Antalya. It includes many buildings and ancient historical houses that belong to Greek and Turkish architecture. It is noteworthy that with the passage of time, these buildings were damaged, and they were restored during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, and today they are the center of many shops, residential houses, and cafes.

Antalya Museum

The Antalya Museum includes (English: Antalya Museum) a wonderful collection of works and ancient historical pieces dating back to different eras, starting from the two ages: stone, bronze, and up to the Byzantine and Ottoman. The museum’s holdings are represented by statues, coffins, coins, and gold pieces. .

Romen harbor

The Romen Harbor is located at the base of the Kaleiçi area. It represented the main port of the city between the second century BC and the end of the twentieth century, but today it is used as a dock for yachts and pleasure boats.

Hadrian’s Gate

The Hadrian’s Gate is one of the important historical monuments in Antalya, and it is a marble gateway with three facets that was built to be a tribute and appreciation for the visit of the Romen Emperor Hadrian to Antalya at that time.

Muhammad Tekli Pasha Mosque

The Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Camii Mosque (in Turkish: Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Camii) is located in the Kaleiçi region in the old part of Antalya. It is an archaeological historical mosque that dates back to the eighteenth century AD, and has undergone during the two centuries: the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, many renovations and restorations. However, it retains its magnificent architecture in the old Islamic style.

Aspendos Stadium

The Aspendos Amphitheater (English: Aspendos) represents one of the most important monuments of the ancient Greek-Romen city in Antalya.

Ancient city of Olympus

Olympus (English: Olympos) is located in the Cirali region of Antalya, and it is the ruins of buildings of an ancient historical city dating back to the fourth century BC.

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