Colombia is one of the very important regions that enjoy many important tourist areas, as Colombia is characterized by its golden beaches, and there are the Andes Mountains and many rain forests that attract a lot of tourists to see and it is worth noting, it is one of the completely safe tourist cities that many destinations Travelers from around the world.

The most beautiful places in Colombia:

While in Colombia, you can visit many important tourist areas, among which are the following:

1- Cartagena:

This region is characterized by being a tourist attraction for a large base of tourists from around the world. This region is characterized by the presence of many important tourist attractions and churches, and architecture is among the most distinguished things as well.

2- Tayrona Colombia National Park:

Where explorers can go to that park in order to search for the ruins in which they are located. It is worth noting, that park is located on the north coast of Colombia’s garden, in addition to that park has a lot of migratory birds that stand on the borders of the Andes and you can only see In that garden, you can also see more endangered birds, as well as many wild animals in that garden, including monkeys and lizards, within their original environment.

3- Bogota:

Bogota is one of the largest cities that exist in the United States of America specifically and inside Colombia and it is worth noting that this city is among the best cities that you can visit inside Colombia, that city has many attractions, including the celestial domes and botanical gardens And many important museums, as well as many churches and important cafes, which are also a source of attraction for many tourists.

4- Villa de Leyva:

This small village is located just four hours from Bogota, which is one of the largest squares located in the city, which enables those in it to establish more festivals and festivals and is characterized by unique architecture as it was previously compared with Andalusia due to the private architecture In terms of white buildings interspersed with wood.

5- San Gil:

It is the colonial town located in eastern Colombia and the Spanish worked to establish that city during 1689 and it is worth noting that during the year 2004 the name of the tourist capital has been launched on it and you can do many activities inside that region of rowing and various mountain sports.

6- San Agustin:

It is one of the small cities that you can relax in due to the beautiful landscapes that exist in that city and also the green area that distinguishes it, as there are many important monuments that belong to Colombia and there are many important statues in that city that also contain a lot of Animals and reptiles.

7- Popayan:

It is also one of the colonial cities inside Colombia and its buildings are characterized by being a white chalk. Work was established on this city during the year 1537, and the climate of this city is very moderate and suitable for many families, as there are many churches and monasteries as important as there are One of the very old churches that exist within that city, which was built after the city was built immediately during the year 1546 and it is worth noting that calm is the most important characteristic of that city.
The climate of Colombia is moderate and distinct and it enjoys a lot of rain in certain areas that make it the best areas in South America and due to these abundant rains there are huge forests that contain the best plants and rare trees, especially in the mangrove forests that overlook the coasts.
There are many distinct areas for shopping and handicrafts that clarify the history of the town since many eras and periods of occuAl Bahahn. In addition to the distinguished hotels and hiking places that are suitable for families, Colombia has become one of the cities that are concerned with everything that attracts the largest amount of tourists throughout the year, regardless of the seasons. Because the climate contributes greatly to providing distinct areas for recreation and rest.

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