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Palace of Versailles

The Versailles Palace (in French: Château de Versailles) located in the French region of Versailles near the city of Paris is considered one of the most important monuments, and most attractive to tourists in France, and it is one of the sites that have been classified in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO, and it should be noted that the palace was at first a house Small used by kings for hunting, and then turned into a huge palace, as some landmarks were added to it by Louis XIV, and it turned into a museum that displays the history of France in the year 1830 AD, and it is distinguished by its wonderful golden color, its picturesque gardens, and its attractive fountain, And others.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum (in French: Musée du Louvre) located in the city of Paris is one of the most attractive museums for tourists in the world, as it is one of the most important monuments, and the most important in the country, and is characterized by its wonderful design, and its beautiful decorative façade, and the glass pyramid in its courtyard, to Alongside the ancient and valuable artifacts, the most important of which are antiques belonging to the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the countries between the two rivers, in addition to the artistic paintings dating back to the most famous artists, including: Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral, which dates back to the twelfth century, is considered one of the most prominent landmarks in Paris. It is a marvel of Gothic architecture, and it is also one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the whole of Europe. It includes Notre Dame Cathedral towers Drama, tower, stained glass, and various statues, and it is important to mention that it took 100 years of work to establish the cathedral.

Pink granite coast

The Pink Granite Coast, located in the northern side of the French Brittany region, is considered one of the most beautiful places in France, as it is one of the most important and most prominent places in it. In addition to the charming wild colorful flowers, the beach provides visitors with an opportunity to enjoy the scenic and wonderful views.

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