The most beautiful places in Istanbul

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Istanbul has a number of museums, the most important of which are mentioned below:

  • Topkapi Palace Museum: It is a building with an Ottoman Islamic architectural style, and this is evident in the arches spread in it, and the walls decorated with mosaics, in addition to the huge columns. The glass pieces and porcelain, in addition to the Rywan cabin and the Baghdad cabin.
  • Archeology Museums: It includes the Museum of Ancient Eastern Antiquities, the Museum of Antiquities, and the Porcelain Palace of China, where these museums contain many artifacts, and Ottoman antiquities.
  • Turkish Islamic Museum of Antiquities: It is located in the Amin Ono area, and it represents one of the facilities of the Ibrahim Pasha Palace, and it includes many antiques, such as: carpets, metal objects, wooden and porcelain.
  • The Grand Palace Mosaic Museum: It is located at the borders of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque College Market, where this museum is distinguished by its harmonious mosaic design.


Istanbul has a number of archaeological palaces, the most important of which are mentioned below:

  • Delightful Dolma Palace: Where was built about four hundred years ago in the district of Besiktas, and includes in its two hundred and eighty-five rooms, and sixty-eight bathrooms, and forty-six salons, and one of its fronts extends on the sea shore along six hundred meters.
  • Pilarby Palace: It is an antique palace built in the character of European architecture, as it is composed of two floors, and includes a number of private rooms, reception rooms, salons, and marine villas.
  • Kujuxu Palace: It is an antique palace built in a distinctive architectural and picturesque nature, as it is composed of two floors, and includes a number of crystal vases, oil paintings, and carpets.
  • Rumeli Fort: Opposite Anatolia Castle is located in the Bosphorus Strait, where it was used in the past to protect the city from pirates of the Mediterranean and Black Sea, and was later used as a prison, and it currently represents one of the important tourist sites in Istanbul.

Complexes and commercial areas

Istanbul has a number of complexes and commercial areas, the most important of which are mentioned below:

  • Istinye Park Complex: It is located in Istinye, and it includes a number of shops, shops selling vegetables, fish, clothing, restaurants, and a cinema hall.
  • Nishan Tashi Street: It is one of the most active streets in Istanbul; and it contains on the two ends of the shops of international brands, restaurants, accessories stores, and decorations.
  • Istanbul Mall: It is located in Ikitli district, and it is one of the modern shopping malls, where it was built in 2014 AD, and it also includes many shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Grand Bazaar (Grand Bazaar): It is a popular traditional heritage market, with a large number of shops devoted to selling traditional local products, such as: leather, carpets, utensils, silver and gold products.
  • Forum Marmara and Istanbul: They are located next to Ataturk Airport, and they are modern and modern malls.
  • Canyon Compound: It is a commercial complex with a stunning architectural design, allowing natural air and sunlight to enter the complex.

Mosques and churches

Istanbul includes about five hundred mosques and twenty-five churches, the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • Aya Sofia: Where it was built to be a cathedral church, then it turned into a mosque in the year 1453AD.
  • The Sulaymani Mosque: Where it was built in the year 1557 AD, designed by the architect, Professor Sinan.
  • Sultan Ahmed mosque: It was known as the Blue Mosque, and it is the only mosque that contains six minarets.


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