The most beautiful places in Tangier

المسافرون العرب

old City

The old city represents one of the most important landmarks in Tangier, Morocco. It is a vibrant and active area that includes a large group of buildings, traditional residential homes, and shops that are covered by corridors and narrow alleys, in which various products and goods are sold, knowing that visitors and tourists can roam In the old city surrounded by an ancient wall of a Portuguese castle dating back to the fifteenth century AD.

The American Commission

The American Legation is located in the southwestern part of the ancient city of Tangier, Morocco, an ancient historical facility built by the United States of America in 1821 AD, and is used today as an art museum open to visitors, and tourists, where many artworks of famous artists are displayed Such as: Eugene Delacroix and Paul Bowles.

Soko Grand Square

The Grand Soco Square (English: Grand Socco) is located at the entrance to the ancient city of Tangier, and represents a lively, dynamic central area that is always crowded with the movement of cars, pedestrians and hikers.

Kasbah Museum

The Kasbah Museum (English: Kasbah Museum) is housed in the old Sultan Palace building, and inside it contains a wonderful collection of historical pieces dating back to prehistoric times until the nineteenth century AD, such as: mosaics, statues, maps, and sculptures.

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Saint Andrew Church

St Andrew’s Church (English: St Andrew’s Church) is an ancient historic Anglican church, dating back to 1890 CE, and characterized by its splendid Fassi architecture, and includes the graves of famous personalities.

Other places

Tangier includes – in addition to the previous landmarks – many beautiful and attractive places, including:

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  • Cave of Hercules: It is a historical cave where it is believed that Hercules stayed for a while.
  • Covered head: It is an amazing wonderful land facing the Strait of Gibraltar.
  • Royal palace: It is not open to visitors, but it attracts everyone because of its wonderful architecture.
  • Delegate Gardens: They are picturesque gardens located near the great Soko Square.

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