Know the most famous places in Al-Khobar, as Al-Khobar is one of the most beautiful and important cities in Saudi Arabia, as it is located in the eastern region of the Kingdom, the news was in the past a small port located in the Arab Gulf region, but after oil fields were discovered in it became one of the most important commercial centers and ports Industrial located in the eastern region.
The city of Al Khobar is characterized by its serious infrastructure, which has qualified it to be a center for trade and industry in the Kingdom, where it has many advanced roads, seaports and residential areas, in addition to the ability to move across the sea by a number of boats passenger ships, and Al Khobar sea port is the main source of import and export to you More details on the Arab Travelers website.

The most famous places in the news

The news is the most suitable place to attract tourists, as it has many parks and beaches that can be visited in order to spend a fun time. Among the most prominent of these beaches are Al Aziziyah Beach, Sunset Beach and Half Moon Beach, and visitors can also enjoy the coastal tours between the faults of the King Fahd city that contains The vast gardens of plants and animals.

  • Khobar Corniche

It is one of the most important areas of attractiveness in the city of Khobar and the most visited places at the level of the cities of the eastern region.

  • king Fahd’s bridge

This bridge is one of the most exciting bridges, with a length of about 16 miles (26 km), this bridge connects the city of Khobar with the island of Bahrain, visitors to the bridge can enjoy the distinctive length of the tower where the beautiful view, along with their ability to have tea or coffee and some fast food.

  • Water tower

The tower is considered the eastern region for tourism, this tower is located in the city of Khobar on an island that is surrounded by water and connected to the north of the Corniche, this tower consists of three floors, there is a large restaurant on the top floor overlooking the Corniche and sees the city from above, there is also a balcony that visitors to the tower can stand to watch life In the city, and finally this tower contains a huge reservoir to provide water to all parts of Khobar.

  • sunset Beach

The city of Al Khobar contains a number of the most beautiful beaches and the most elegant to suit the visits of families, including the sunset beach, which is one of the best accommodations, as this beach has food facilities, a number of paths and a large water park.

  • Scitech Center

It is the Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Center for Technology and Science, and it is considered one of the largest projects that have been implemented by the founders of Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, this center is located on the Khobar Corniche Road, it is a huge building of concrete that extends for a distance of 14100 m 2, and the state uses it with the latest designs Architecture and the latest technology on an area that extends to 2,700 m 2.
The main goal of this center is to spread culture among the community members, where the scientific exhibitions are explained in a simple way, through some modern interactive means, so many visitors accept Satek in order to enjoy the enjoyable educational experience, while spending long times filled with relaxation and enjoying the most beautiful views of the Gulf.

  • King Abdullah Road

This road is characterized by the existence of a series of global restaurants, and it is considered one of the most distinguished streets in Al-Khobar, where it provides permanent activities, in addition to the presence of a large variety of restaurants specialized in providing international cuisine.

  • the National Museum

And it is considered one of the most happy places to discover the kingdom, in this museum visitors can get to know the ancient Saudi culture, its history and some of its ancient arts.

  • Venice Mall

It is one of the modern commercial complexes located in Al-Khobar, as it has many boutiques that specialize in displaying clothes and jewelry, and many shops. Venice Mall is located at the entrance to the city, opposite Al-Rashid Mall.

  • Dhahran Mall

It is one of the shopping centers that are very popular. Dhahran Mall is located in the corner between King Saud and Prince Faisal bin Fahd Roads. This mall contains many entertainment stores and commercial complexes such as a hypermarket, in addition to the presence of cafes and restaurants. There are also large dedicated parking Visitors parking.
If you are one of the people wishing to the huge marketing centers, then you must choose Dhahran Mall to visit it, as a large group of brands, whether global or local, are offered, along with a corner dedicated to providing fast food.

  • Al-rashed mall

It is one of the well-known landmarks for all families in the eastern region, this mall is located at the beginning of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Street, in which a bunch of the best western and eastern products is displayed, it is considered a rich shopping experience in different cultures, where the huge diversity of goods that are offered for sale, there is it A mixture of exhibits between familiar exhibits and unfamiliar exhibits, in addition to having a safe games hall for children and many restaurants, there is a hypermarket has been well equipped, and can be considered one of the largest commercial complexes in the Kingdom and the Arab Gulf countries as a whole.


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