Information about tourism in Azerbaijan and the most important tourist cities in it in addition to the average costs of the square in this ancient country, where Azerbaijan is one of the wonderful tourist cities that is expected to have an incomparable boom in the field of tourism globally. In the recent period, many developments were made that drew attention to this country Which is filled with many dazzling natural areas, and exciting monuments, and you have more details for Arab travelers.

Information about tourism in Azerbaijan:

  • Azerbaijan is one of the wonderful countries that you must definitely visit in order to listen to the tourist places in it, and the dishes that are professionally prepared, and at very low prices, which is the reason for tourists to visit from all sides.
  • As for the history of the state, it is from the Islamic countries. Most of the city’s population is Muslim, where the Shiites constitute the majority of citizens by 90 percent, while only 10 percent of its residents belong to the Sunni community.
  • The official language in the country is Azerbaijani, but many people can speak English, which will facilitate your transportation within the country. It contains modern transportation, as the country has a network of high-speed metro lines in addition to the public bus, taxi, and fuel in the country, which is cheap and is the secret of the low price of transportation.
  • As for the tourism season in Azerbaijan, the weather is hot in the summer months, and cool in the winter months, and the best time to visit it is in the months between January, April, October and September, when the weather in these months is very cold and not very hot, which will enable you to Visit the country’s sights and we will talk about its most beautiful cities

Tourist cities in Azerbaijan:

Baku, the capital city:

It is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and the most vibrant, as it contains many dazzling monuments and it combines the splendor of the past and the splendor of the present, in a dazzling way for visitors, as it is a modern first-class city that has not abandoned its pride in its heritage throughout the ages.

Among the most important features of Baku:

  • Heydar Aliyev Center: which is considered one of the largest cultural centers around the world and whose visit should not be missed to learn more about the country’s culture, its development over the ages and it contains many artifacts and valuable books.
  • The Old City: It is surrounded by the remains of a wall from all sides in a form that expresses the extent of the fragrant history, and also enjoys the floors paved with health individually and globally.
  • You should visit the Virgo, which is one of the largest towers in Azerbaijan, also called Eiffel Tower Baku.

Tourism in Quba:

There are in northern Azerbaijan, and it contains many ancient monuments that indicate the greatness of the history of the city, where there are many ancient buildings and temples in addition to mosques with impressive Islamic inscriptions and magnificent architecture in addition to the ancient baths that are still holding up to this day, and from People are known for the fertility of the land, the large number of green spaces, and the fact that its inhabitants have many simple handicrafts.

Among the most important features of Quba:

  • Quba contains more than 134 tourist attractions and cemeteries dating back to before the 16th century AD.
  • Visit the Memorial Complex Museum, which was established in 2013 AD, after finding the location of the first World War martyrs.
  • You will feel a lot of pride while exploring the historical museum in Quba, which is located in an ancient castle and contains a lot of information dating back to the Bronze Age in addition to the ancient local woven and you will notice how women participated in the past in professional life.
  • One of the most famous tourist attractions in Quba is the Uffordsee waterfalls, which are located in the mountains and surrounded by green forests in many forms from each side comfortably and calls to relax.
  • Quba City is famous for making handmade carpets in a professional and unique way, as you will find many shops that display and sell carpets, and some places allow you to see how the carpet is made, and its various steps. You will definitely feel a lot of fun
  • Enjoying a visit to the Nizami Garden is one of the best things to do in Quba, where the garden contains the most beautiful trees and sculptures as there is a castle tower and many statues that commemorate the most famous poets of the city.
  • One of the Islamic monuments that you must visit in Quba is the Juma Mosque, which is one of the oldest mosques in Azerbaijan, where it dates back to the year 1802 AD and the length of its minaret is more than 50 meters.
  • If you want to rest, do not miss the wonderful spa you will find in the city and the service they have is excellent.

Tourism in Gabala:

It is considered one of the most important tourist cities that have an undeniable historical position, and it is one of the most beautiful cities at all, as it is surrounded by many forests with beautiful trees, in addition to many ancient monuments and is intended by tourists in order to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere among the waterfalls and with the sound of the purl of water in the rivers And seeing the mountain yenabe running in a green ground comfortable for the eye and the soul.

Among the most important tourist attractions of Gabala:

  • Be sure to visit Chukhur Gabala, which is one of the oldest places where it dates back to the 4th century BC. You will find many antique buildings in addition to the monument, which makes it one of the most important tourist attractions in Gabala.
  • Visit the newly constructed Gabala City Mosque to show how proud the city is of heritage, and it has been designed by the most skilled architects and engineers with motifs of exquisitely gilded Quran.
  • Don’t miss to visit Gabaland so that your children have a lot of fun among their favorite cartoon characters, and you will find lots of fun games and many activities that will never make you bored.
  • One of the city’s most famous landmarks is World War II, which is located a short distance from the Damirapranchi River.
  • The seven Guzel waterfalls that pass through the mountains are among the most beautiful waterfalls around the world, and one of the most high is the Mechechadur waterfall, which is more than fifty-three meters in height, impressive to the eyes and comfortable for the soul.

The cost of tourism in Azerbaijan:

Flight to Azerbaijan:

Many private airlines such as Qatar Airways, and flydubai provide direct air travel to the capital of Azerbaijan at very reasonable prices and never high when compared to the rest of the tourist countries, as for the cost of travel from Dubai to Baku, the capital is usually only $ 316 per person, which is It varies with the airline and its affiliate, it may increase or decrease.
The best way to book a flight is through the airline’s website, so that you can compare the prices of different airlines, choose the best time to travel, and choose the seat that best suits you.

Tourist visa fee:

You get a visa when you arrive at the Capital Airport, and the cost of the visa is usually $ 50 per person.

Hotels in Azerbaijan:

  • It is one of the countries that offers hotels at various prices to suit the budget of all tourists, and the cost of a five-star hotel is usually $ 150 per night. They increase or decrease, depending on the season, the nature of the hotel and the services it provides.
  • One of the most popular hotels in Hilton Baku, Hilton Baku is one of the most expensive hotels in the country at the same time. One night costs you $ 200.
  • In Azerbaijan there are many tourist resorts and elegant hotels at the most favorable prices of up to sixty dollars per night, if you want a wonderful stay without paying a lot of money on the overnight stay, choose hotels away from the city center.
  • If you are a budget-minded person, do not worry, as the town has many convenient and clean places of three-star hotel category at rates of $ 30 and $ 40 per night. One of the most famous three-star hotels in the town is the Old Palace Hotel, which is located in the city of Baku, an elegant and luxurious hotel, but it is difficult to get a room in it, where the demand for it is severe in the tourist seasons.

Restaurants in Azerbaijan:

Azerbaijan is one of the cities that are suitable for eating differently. Food is cheap when compared to food in other tourist cities. The average price of a meal per person is only 11 dollars. There are other restaurants that are cheaper food and very fine restaurants that prepare food at 20 dollars per person.

Connectors in Azerbaijan:

You will be surprised to learn that transportation in the country is very cheap, the ticket price is less than $ 1, and the taxi tariff starts from just a quarter or a half dollars.

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