The most beautiful places of nature in Morocco

المسافرون العرب

A guide to the best places of nature in Morocco is recommended to visit, know the natural places in Morocco, which you must visit if you love nature, calm in addition to places suitable for families in Morocco and the best places that young people can get off in.
Nature places in Morocco, Morocco is one of the most beautiful Arab countries at all thanks to the beauty of nature in it, and its distinguished geographical location as it stretches over mountains and valleys, and there is a great geographical difference, as it also contains the highlands that cover ice, fresh lakes, and beaches that extend to the Mediterranean And even the Atlantic Ocean, nature in Morocco is a gift from God.

The most beautiful places of nature in Morocco:

The city of Ifrane:

It is considered by the inhabitants of Morocco, Switzerland, Morocco, as it is one of the distinct cities with its location on the Mediterranean high and nature places in Morocco and it has many waterfalls with its fresh water and green areas covering its lands, and for the weather it is moderate throughout the year, and is suitable for trips in the summer as the weather is cold With snow in the winter.

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Ourika is located sixty kilometers from Marrakech, and is known for its low temperature weather all year round thanks to its location in the Greater Atlas Mountains. Ourika is a summer resort for summer resorts, which is extremely hot in Morocco with the aim of enjoying the beautiful cold weather. There are also many waterfalls that span the city and its various valleys.

Ouzoud waterfalls:

Among the highest waterfalls in Morocco, and in the north of the continent of Africa, there are also many water springs extending from the Umm al-Rabi نهر River, and as for its location it is close to Marrakech within the highlands of the Atlas Mountains, and it has waterfalls in which there are many green trees, beautiful gardens, and fresh water springs which increases more Of the natural beauty of this region.

Oum Al Rabi’s eyes:

It is located in the highlands of the Atlas Mountains, and it extends for more than thirty kilometers from Khenifra, and there are many eyes that are more than seven and forty eyes, and most of these eyes are from fresh water, some of them are salty water, and are intended by tourists for the purpose of medical tourism, hospitalization in addition to enjoying a view Waterfalls in the area.

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City Fatima Village:

Usually, the traveler needs an hour to reach it from the city of Marrakech, which is found in the late Akkuria Valley, and it is also a comfortable place for the soul, which is characterized by the beauty of the waterfalls and its extension in them, and it is famous for the many slopes of amateurs climbing high places in the state of Morocco.

Lake Dam between the two valleys:

The lake extends for more than sixty kilometers from the Beni Mellal region, known for the beauty of nature, the sweetness of water as birds abound in it, and there are many green forests, dazzling areas in addition to the steep slopes surrounding the confusion from all sides.

The best places in Morocco for young people:

There are many places suitable for young people regarding the choice of housing in Morocco, and they differ according to the budget allocated for the trip, and among these options are:

  • The palm lightsIt is ten minutes away from the city center, guests are allowed to enter, and very reasonable prices are among the most popular places for young people to stay in Morocco.
  • Rose GardenIt is a quarter of an hour away from the city center, and guests are allowed.
  • Deragawi Palms: These are apartments of a hotel, which is the same distance from the lighthouse of the palm trees.
  • Soukra ResortIt is a quarter of an hour from the city center.
  • Private apartments in the middle of Glaise: Its problem is that safety is a relative issue in it as it is a noisy place, and it is not preferable to get off there.
  • Resorts: It is one of the best places to get off in Morocco, but its problem is that it does not suit some despite the high price, and it is preferable to balance between your budget and the options available to you.

From the places of nature in Morocco, you can visit the lighthouse, and enjoy the beauty of the beaches in the city. The food in Morocco is different, especially fish, and grilled food. You can buy gifts for friends and loved ones from the path of the Sultan.
Among the most popular places for young people are the Hope Square, the Marina, and the Sunday Market, which sells almost everything in addition to the attractions of Agadir.

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The most beautiful tourist places in Morocco for families:

Places of nature in Morocco, Morocco is one of the best tourist destinations for families, and it is suitable for the family, whether your children are young or teenage. You can enjoy the various activities that take place in Morocco, and among the tourist places that make your vacation unforgettable are the following:

Jemaa El-Fna Square:

  • The Jemaa El Fna square is the beating heart of Marrakech, making it one of the best tourist destinations in Morocco for families.
  • The best, time to visit the field is, sunset time where you will find many picturesque places attracting tourists from all parts of the world, and performers of fire eaters, some magic tricks, and people who tell fairy tales, which makes it very entertaining.
  • You will find many restaurants that prepare Moroccan food with beauty, professionalism, and your family will definitely have an unforgettable experience.

Old cities:

The ancient cities will carry you to another world, and a history other than the one we live in thanks to the beauty of winding alleys, the splendor of architecture, and the various designs. You will find the multi-colored mosque, different designs, magic fountains, and ovens specializing in a variety of foods.
In the old city, there are places to buy various items, as well as gardens for families, and workshops where the crafts are displayed very beautifully.

the desert:

If you want to enjoy some adventure, mystery you and your family, the desert is the perfect choice for you.
There are many sand dunes in Morocco, in addition to the possibility of moving sand skiing or enjoying a tour of push cars spread in the desert, which is made in the form of group trips such as a wonderful family safari.
The best, time to visit the Sahara of Morocco is at night in order to enjoy the magnificent desert view that stretches the horizon for many miles.
You can enjoy the desert in the dunes of Muhammed Al-Ghazal, the dunes of Erg Chebbi or the dyed sweat dunes.

Atlas Mountains:

It is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the city, and it is far from the bustling life and congestion in the city. The climate in the Atlas Mountains is mild all year round and the weather is very nice thanks to the wonderful nature, and many very delicious dishes are prepared.

Majorelle Garden:

It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Marrakech, and it is very beautiful, and the temperature is moderate compared to the rest of the places in Morocco. Majorelle Garden contains a lot of beautiful plants, which makes them suitable for family picnics, and the garden contains a lot of ancient jewelry only found in it.

Bahia Palace:

One of the city’s monuments, suitable for families, it includes more than 140 rooms, a large playground, and a park with a large area of ​​eight acres.
The palace is distinguished by the skill of the architecture, the splendor of the design, and the great color used in the design. The floor is made of pure marble, and there are many mosaic paintings with beautiful attractive colors, which will make you feel the greatness of Morocco and the greatness of its history.

Palosa Land:

If you want your children to enjoy an unforgettable experience in Morocco, you should visit Palosa Land, which is divided into two parts, one of which includes a water park with a large swimming pool, and many games suitable for young children. As for the second part, there are swivel wheels that have many different types, in addition to interesting games and various entertainment means.
While touring the Palosa Land you will find little amusement parks, and many dinosaurs that your children will want to spend the fun time in it as it is an attraction for both tourists and locals.

Sinbad Park:

One of the most famous gardens in Morocco since its inception in 2006, which is an attraction for tourists and locals, and includes many wonderful games that young people enjoy such as the spinning wheel that has many shapes, sizes and also includes many different animals. The price of entering the garden is $ 2 per person, while for families it is $ 8. There are a lot of various hotels, shops, clubs and clubs in addition to the beaches around Sinbad Park, which makes it very impressive, and it has a high status.

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