If you are looking to spend your vacation in the unspoiled nature where wildlife, smiling faces and the richness of culture, there is no doubt that Slank or Sri Lanka is your ideal destination that you are looking for, especially since it has become a global tourist destination in the recent period, due to the wonderful mixture that you provide between Its splendid architecture and the stunning scenery that distinguishes it. Today, on Arab travelers, we will talk about Sri Lanka as a pleasant tourist front, in case you want to visit it during the coming period.

Before traveling to Sri Lanka:

Most citizens in the Gulf states do not need a visa to enter Sri Lanka, but they can obtain a visa after arriving at the airport in Sri Lanka, while there are some other countries whose citizens have to apply for an electronic visa, which costs approximately $ 30.

Sri Lanka as the most wonderful tourist interface in the world:

A visit to Sri Lanka needs enough time to get to know it, you may need a period of 10 to 12 days, and one of the best cities of Sri Lanka is Nebo, Kandy, Bantuta, Norelia and Colombo, and you should know that its residents speak three languages, all of them are official languages ​​in the country which are English, Sinhala and Tamil, as for a currency The country is the rupee, and the weather in Sri Lanka is distinguished by the fact that it differs from one region to another, as the weather in the coastal areas is often hot during the summer months, while there are some other regions such as Noralya or Kandy that suffer from severe cold some times of the year, so they must take Adequate precautions, Wei Boil it best to travel in the following months, which are December, January and February.

Food in Sri Lanka:

Sri Lankan cuisine contains a number of delicious and distinctive foods, and the kitchen depends on rice, pasta, seafood and fresh fish. It is advised to avoid drinking water from pine while in Sri Lanka and in the case of buying mineral water it is advised to confirm its expiration date.

Transportation in Sri Lanka:

One of the disadvantages of moving in Sri Lanka is the length of the distance between one city to another, due to the severity of the traffic congestion in it, which caused the traffic to stop while crossing the cows and elephants, besides that the majority of the roads there are unpaved and narrow, so it is advised while being there to rent a private car with the driver, but it will be costs Very expensive, which is not suitable for those with limited budgets, so the train there is the best way in which it costs less, and it is advised not to ride the taxi there, and for lovers to roam the streets they should wear a mask because the cars there use diesel and the dust spreads there, which causes difficulty It comes to those who suffer from allergies from strange smells and complain of dust.

For your safety, Sri Lanka:

After the civil wars in Sri Lanka ended in the period from 1983 to 2009, and after many political turmoil in the country and caused tourists to refrain from visiting them, the matter then became completely different as the number of tourists there began to increase as visitors began to feel stability And safety is there, but it is advised to avoid walking at night, especially in remote places.

Expenses in Sri Lanka:

Expenses in Sri Lanka are very expensive, when compared to the tourist destinations that are located in the vicinity of Southeast Asia, because it imports most of the goods there, which caused a significant increase in prices, so it is advised while traveling there to bring all personal tools and needs that help to provide needs .

How to contact there:

The Sri Lankan people are distinguished by being friendly with strangers, who provide assistance and agree to make friends with tourists, but it is advised to avoid engaging in political discussions with the Sri Lankan people, and it is advised to wear local clothing so that sellers do not raise prices during purchase.

Entertainment in Sri Lanka:

A visit to the country of Sri Lanka is a wonderful opportunity to get to know many kinds of wonderful animals, because they are countries that enjoy the splendor of their natural landscapes and the splendor of wildlife in them, and the most famous places that are recommended to visit are those places located in the south of the country such as Yala National Park, this park contains the largest gathering For leopards at the level of the Asian continent, it is also advised to visit the Minaria National Park, which includes many different types of birds from elephants and colorful birds, which will add to the trip more pleasure, besides that this country is famous for its beautiful beaches and tea plantations, therefore it is a favorite destination for lovers of pain Adventure and walking up to long distances and lovers of wave riding. It is also possible to participate in bicycle tours organized by tourist companies.

The most important tourist attractions in Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka includes many tourist sites such as:

  • Kandy District:

This region, which is located in the center of Sri Lanka, is considered the capital and the sacred capital.

  • Bondala National Park:

Bondala Park is located in the eastern part of Hämmenpantota National Park, about 15 km away, and this park is one of the most distinctive destinations in the world, for bird watching, as well as it contains large numbers of elephants, turtles, crocodiles, tigers and many swamps and rivers.

  • Little Hikkaduwa:

This city is distinguished for its sandy beaches and the presence of many coral reefs with its waters. This city is located in the northwestern part of Galle district, and the city was discovered by tourists in 1960.

  • Anuradhapura City:

This city contains a large number of preserved ruins dating back to the fourth century BC, and in the early eleventh century Anuradhapura was the capital of Sri Lanka, as it contained a large number of Indian Buddhist monasteries.

  • Dambulla District:

It contains the greatest and largest cave temple, where many primitive burial graves are located near the temple.

  • The ancient city of Sigiriya:

This city is located in the north-central part of the State of Sri Lanka, and it is considered one of its tourist stations that many tourists interested in discovering archaeological ruins are accepted. The history of the ruins that the city contains dates back to the fifth century AD, where it was built during the rule of King Kashyap.

  • Beruwela Resort:

This resort is a small resort located in the coastal area in the southwest side of Sri Lanka.

  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve:

This is a tropical rainforest, as it is located close to the southwestern plains of the country, and in 1988 it was included on the World Heritage List.

  • Middle heights:

These heights consist of the Horton Plains National Park, the forest area and the summit wilderness area.

  • Old Galle district:

This region was built in the 16th century.

  • Oda and Alawai area:

It is a region designated for the transit of elephants, and was established in 1995, the aim of which was established to care for and qualify young elephants.

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