The Philippines is one of the most beautiful cities around the world. God has endowed it with a lot of lush landscapes and many tourist attractions. Therefore, it is intended by tourists from different regions to enjoy nature and the various activities that take place in it, and it is one of the countries that you can travel with with your family for a vacation Unforgettable summer, and we will talk about the most important tourist areas that suit families to Arab travelers.

The most beautiful places of tourism in the Philippines for families:

If you want to have some rest and relaxation, and a different holiday of its kind, the Philippine seas and waterfalls and greenery, you will enter a lot of joy and love into your hearts.

Manila Ocean Park:

  • Your children will feel a lot of fun in Manila Ocean Park, and it was opened in 2008 to Caton among the largest marine life in the Philippines
  • As for its location, it is located behind the Quirino Amphitheater, inside Rizal Park. Manila Ocean Park was established on an area of ​​8000 square meters, and it is one of the most charming areas under the water in the city where there is a tunnel that crosses the surface of the water and extends for more than 20 meters.
  • You can reach the property by car or by walking from Rizal Park.

Mall of Asia:

It is one of the largest malls in Manila, you will feel a lot of joy during your shopping in the mall, as well as a lot of concerts and different activities, and a lot of wonderful shows are made with fireworks and that every first week, and in the official ceremonies of the country. Your children will feel a lot of joy while wandering around the mall, and you can eat in Philippine restaurants located there.

Manila Bay Walk:

It is located in the south of the Luneta region and is directly parallel to the bay, and many developments have been made, to be today one of the most important tourist attractions in the Philippines.
You can have the best lunch on the boardwalk, enjoy the magical sunset view while taking pictures with the huge ships or take a tour through the very beautiful yachts.

Baku Park:

It was established to be the most important places for families to gather, and it contains a memorial that tourists love to visit, it can be considered as one of the integrated working gardens, where there are places for running, walking, and places for biking, in addition to squares dedicated to making open concerts. There is also a part in Baku Park where a wedding is being held, and if you are lucky you can participate in Filipino weddings, which have their own personality, full of poetry, love and music.
Baku Park can be reached by car rental, or by train or bus.

Manila Zoo:

Not many people visit it, it is a bit old and the state does not care about it, so it is not advisable to waste time on visiting it unless your children want to see different animals closely. Other than that, the zoo does not provide much services.

Davao City:

One of the most important factors of tourist attraction in the Philippines, which is considered the most tolerant and love of tourists, and where security and safety are widespread and are found in the southern Philippines.
It will ensure that you enjoy your time among the birds that are from rare species, as there is a reserve for animals of all kinds, a farm for crocodiles, and many tourist attractions that will surprise you.

Baguio City:

Baguio is one of the most suitable tourist destinations in the town for families, and it is frequented by visitors in the summer months in order to enjoy the cold weather.
There are many recreational activities and games that are suitable for families and different ages, as well as activities for young children, where your children will feel a lot of joy and excitement during their visit to them, and they will never want to leave it.

Cebu Island:

It is known for its beauty of nature and the splendor of greenery, as it contains many natural waterfalls and enjoys a pure and dazzling beach, and many nice activities are done on the beach.

Star City:

Your kids will love to visit Star City, which is one of the largest clubs in the Philippines. The theme park is filled with many interesting games, which children love, such as slides and cars, and there are many impressive green spaces inside. You will spend a night full of laughter, adventure and mystery.

Boracay Island:

It has charming white beaches and clean water and can do many things there, such as diving in the water, surfing, sunbathing, or playing in the sand.

Rizal Park:

There is outside the walled city and it is famous as “Lunita” which is an area that includes many national museums and many luxurious restaurants. There is also an open theater where many concerts are held free of charge, and many international films are shown in the Planetarium.
Rizal Park has a gymnasium, where you can run or walk in the morning, to start your day energetic and energetic. You will also find many tai chi lovers, the place is full of beautiful gardens and parks, dazzling aquariums, museums and activities for young children, which makes the area a comprehensive integrated places, and it will not suffice you one day to cover different activities, and different places in it.

Palawan Island:

It is a masterpiece, made by God, Glory to God in His creation, the island has a charming nature for everyone who sees it and is considered one of the best beaches around the world, and it is advised to take a cruise to the island, which will definitely inspire you.

The veil in the Philippines:

  • There has been a lot of talk in the recent period about the lack of security in the Philippines, and that it is persecuting Muslim women or those who wear the veil, quite the opposite.
  • Respected citizens are respected, and there are many nuns in the country, who wear the hijab, and there are entire regions in the Philippines in which many Muslims live, and pamphlets are published calling for the Islamic religion, without anyone being annoyed, and many Islamic programs are shown on TV without critical.
  • The Philippines is one of the countries in which no one harasses anyone else, because the law guarantees everyone the right to express his opinion and to live freely, as every person is busy with his own affairs, and does not mean what others around him do.
  • The only dangerous areas in the Philippines are the illegal areas, in which dangerous business is practiced, and it is not advised to go to it by any tourists at all, such as the areas selling arms and drugs.

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