The most beautiful places of tourism in Algeria are recommended to visit, the Republic of Algeria is one of the largest countries in the African continent where the large area besides it comes in the tenth rank on the world level in terms of area, and Algeria is located in North Africa, as its desert occupies the largest part of its area, besides the hills it contains Hills and its views on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, and Algeria enjoys its important tourist position, due to its location on the Mediterranean coast and sea tourism comes first, where it is active during the summer season, with many vacationers from Algerians and foreigners to enjoy its beaches with Golden Sands Here are more details on Arab travelers.

Tourism in Algeria:

  • Algeria is one of the cheapest tourist destinations, as the standard of living there is much cheaper compared to other destinations.
  • The green nature of the green north is characterized by the green nature of hills, orchards and plains, in addition to the presence of many mountain ranges covered with snow during the winter days, in addition to the presence of many natural reserves.
  • Algeria is distinguished by the diversity of its monuments, between Islamic and Romen antiquities, and carvings dating back millions of years.
  • Algerian arts and culture, as this country is famous for its cultural diversity, including rai music, Andalusian concerts, popular capitals, Al-Hawzi arts, logic concerts and Diwan music.
  • The Algerian coast has a distance of 1600 km, and Algeria is characterized by its charming picturesque beaches with rocky beaches and golden sands.
  • The Sahara Desert in Algeria, which is characterized by the diversity of the terrain and its components, especially in the Kahar Mountains and Tassili National Park?
  • The civilizational and cultural mixes that overwhelm the Algerian cities, where their special nature is a mixture of the colonial, Turkish and French civilization alongside the pure Algerian civilization, which is evident during the touring between the buildings of the major cities in Algeria such as the capital, Oran, Blida, Constantine and Tlemcen.
  • The Algerian cuisine, which is famous for the couscous cuisine, is the most famous Algerian dish, and although the Algerian cuisine has not gained its right to fame internationally compared to some neighboring countries, its dishes have its distinct flavors, which are a mixture of Maghrebi, French, desert and Turkish flavor.

The best tourist areas in Algeria:

  • Algeria :

It is considered one of the largest Algerian cities and it is the capital of the state of Algeria and it is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, where it is located in the middle of the coastal road linking Tunisia and Morocco, and is considered one of the most beautiful overlooking the mainland, and is famous for its neighborhoods and buildings built on a group of hills and overlooking the sea, as well as It is famous for its slopes, slopes, lemon trees, palm forests, olive and orange trees.

  • Tagate:

And it is considered a jewel, a jewel with its beauty, where the natural diversity, palm oases and sandy dunes that give the city a splendid beauty, and it is considered one of the tourist attractions of visitors from inside and outside Algeria.
  • Constantine:

It is characterized by many features, it is one of the centers of Andalusian music, and it is characterized by its traditional kitchen that specializes in the provision of traditional meals, as well as its fame with traditional handcrafted products such as embroidery with gold thread and known as the art of Qandura and copper artifacts, there the craftsmen can be seen while they are in their shops in the markets of the old city and they manufacture their products .

  • Annaba:

It is located in the northeast of Algeria, and this city overlooks the Mediterranean coast, and was formerly known as Pune, due to the name of Annaba due to the large number of jujube trees in it, and it is considered one of the most attractive cities in Algeria for tourists to enjoy its ancient vessels and sea.

  • Oran:

And this city is distinguished by the fact that it combines two styles of architecture, the Andalusian Spanish style and the modern French style. This city is characterized by good weather and surrounded by vineyards and teeming with its streets with activity and movement, and among the most important landmarks in Oran we find the Al-Darb neighborhood and the Pasha Mosque which was built in 1796 AD, and the modern city district as well From its beach, which is bordered by sidewalks filled with visitors, especially in times of afternoon and evening for walks, there is in Oran al-Turk region that includes the best hotels in the city and includes the complex of Andalusia, which overlooks the Mediterranean.

  • Tlemcen:

It is located in the northwest of the country, and is considered the second city in Algeria after Oran and Tlemcen contains many Andalusian landmarks rooted in the Great Islamic Maghreb, as they called it the city of religion and history abound in buildings and olive trees and are surrounded by vineyards, and are famous for the textile and leather and carpet industries.

  • Bejaia :

Where the distinctive location on the sea coast, its picturesque beach and its bay are more than wonderful in terms of beautiful view, and it is considered one of the most prominent tourist areas in Algeria, as it includes many picturesque landmarks such as the Carbon Head, Apes Summit and the Bejaia Kasbah.

  • Timimoun:

And it is called the red oasis, it is located 1400 km from the capital, and it is one of the most important tourist areas in the desert of Algeria, where it is abundant with desert plants, dense palm oases and many trees, in addition to the sprawling palaces located between sand dunes, in addition to its ancient gangs and caves To form, a wonderful art painting open to the desert nature.

  • Ghardaia:

It is located in the north of the desert of Algeria, where it is 600 km from the capital, and is famous for its charming beauty, where the desert terrain is very rare, besides it includes many historical and archaeological sites, there are in Ghardaia many of the ancient palaces that are characterized by their uniform shape and homogeneous colors.

  • Tipasa:

This town overlooking the Mediterranean coast, and includes many archaeological and historical monuments, there are many Phoenician and Romen monuments.

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