A guide to the most beautiful and famous places of tourism in Antalya in winter and summer, the bride of the Mediterranean, which is located on the Turkish coast, is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that you can see in your life, as it attracts millions of tourists annually from all countries, and there are a large number of hotels And tourist resorts, so you must not miss the opportunity to go on a tourist trip to the city of Antalya, and you can follow this article with us in order to get to know this charming city.

Best tourist resorts in Antalya:

The city of Antalya includes a large number of luxurious and very enjoyable tourist resorts at the same time. Among these tourist resorts are the following:

1- Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort:

This resort is one of the most luxurious and best tourist resorts that you can see in your life, and it has many private sandy beaches, and it also has a large group of spacious rooms overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

2- Producer of Inek Hotel Antalya:

This resort is located on Lara Beach in Antalya, Turkey, and this resort is a very short distance from the sandy coast of Antalya, where you can take a tourist trip in this hotel by walking, and this hotel offers a large group of high-end rooms that directly overlooking the sea .

3- Belis Deluxe Resort:

This resort is one of the most beautiful places that you can see in your life, as this resort includes a very large farmhouse surrounded by pine trees that are distinguished by the country of Turkey, and you can also see a very distinctive view of the Mediterranean Sea by looking from one of the rooms of this resort .

The most beautiful places of tourism in Antalya – Antalya Falls:

1- Dodan Falls:

Dudan waterfalls are the most beautiful waterfalls you can see in the country of Turkey, specifically in the city of Antalya, where it rises from the surface of the sea about 22 meters, and this waterfall pours into the Mediterranean Sea from a height of 40 meters.
As for the activities that you can do in Dodan Falls, they are:
You can ride on one of the ships that start from the port of Kaleici and pass by these waterfalls, and you can walk on the path designated for it, and it is one of the very exciting experiences that you can enjoy in your life, especially if you are in the summer where you can To moisturize your body with some of the water droplets thrown by waterfalls.

2- Couronlo Falls:

The Couronloe Falls are located in the middle of the pine forest of great beauty, which is only about 20 kilometers from the city of Antalya. It was converted into a tourist shrine in the year 1986 AD. You can see a wide range of animals such as “water turtles, squirrels, rabbits, hoopoe and bats” and other things that make it one of the distinctive destinations in Antalya.

The most beautiful beaches of Antalya:

Kunilty Beach:

This beach is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the city of Antalya, as it has won the International Blue Flag award, and this beach is distinguished by its wonderful atmosphere, as it is the first destination for all visitors from all countries of the world, because of its charm, as it is one of the places You see great crowds during the summer of the city’s residents or others.

Olympus Beach:

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches that you can see at all in your life, and it is characterized by transparent water, as you can see the pebbles on the sea floor at a depth of only 8 meters, and this is evidence of the purity of the water and its transparency, as this beach is surrounded by a number A large number of archaeological historical areas that enable you to enjoy and visit them. One of the advantages of this region is that there are a large number of apartments available for rent at reasonable prices.

Damlatas Beach:

It is one of the sandy beaches, which is located in the west of the old peninsula in Antalya, and specifically this beach is located in front of Damlatas Cave.
It is also one of the very distinctive beaches, and a section of it is called the Cleopatra Beach. As for the waters of this beach, it is charming, very distinctive, and pure, to the extent that you can watch fish and marine creatures floating in the water in front of your eyes.

Lara Beach:

This beach extends over a very large area in the city of Antalya, as it contains a large number of restaurants, cafes and other entertainment means inside it, and this region includes a number of recreational areas for children, and tourists come to this beach annually in order to enjoy With golden sand spread on the beach.
This was a quick tour of the most important places in Antalya, which you must not miss the opportunity to obtain a tourist ticket there in order to enjoy it.

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