England is one of the most important countries that enjoy many ancient cultures, long history and different and spreading cultures and therefore it is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, and it is one of the largest countries in the United Kingdom and England is located next to Scotland and is surrounded by the Irish Sea and North Sea and the capital of England is the city of London Known and famous for its attraction to tourists every year to enjoy its visit and see its landmarks and ancient history, which attracts visitors throughout the year.

Best tourist destinations in England:

There are many famous and well-known areas in England that we will show together today in this topic so that we help you to go there and enjoy all that is special and beautiful in it and all the cities that contain it and you can go to England in the periods between the months of September and November and March and April and January and February so that you can enjoy Well for your trip, spend quality time in this special atmosphere, and enjoy visiting all the sights, places and tourist destinations in England.

The most important tourist places in the cities of England:

England includes many different and multiple cities, which have many tourist attractions and places, it is known that the cities included in England are among the best global tourist destinations that everyone wants to visit and enjoy all their places and learn about ancient civilizations, and among the most important of these cities :

First: The most important tourist places in England London:

London is the tourist capital of England and is known for it as a fog city and one of the high-end global cities that are interested in culture and fashion as well as finance, political and trade matters and is classified as the largest cities in the world and is a favorite of many tourists in the world as there are many important tourist attractions, namely:

  • Big Ben, the great hour.
  • London Tower.
  • Tower Bridge.
  • London Eye.
  • Buckingham Palace.
  • Westminster Palace.
  • The most famous museums in London.
  • The most beautiful gardens in London.
  • The famous streets of London.

Second: The most important tourist places in England Manchester:

Manchester is one of the most important cities in England, which is famous for its many important international resorts and sporting facilities, in addition to the magnificence and beauty of the tourist areas in it, which fascinates all tourists and the population of the city of Manchester about 3 million people. Among the best tourist places in Manchester are:

  • Manchester Museum.
  • Science and Industry Museum.
  • Trafford Center.
  • Manchester Town Hall.
  • Albert Square.
  • Chinatown.
  • John Rylands Library.
  • Many entertainment places in Manchester.
  • Important parks in Manchester.

Third: The most important tourist places in England Liverpool:

Liverpool is one of the cities in England that contains many distinguished and important museums, libraries, markets, high-end restaurants and wonderful parks, which makes it one of the best tourist destinations that many tourists go to every year from all over the world to enjoy it and the most important of these tourist places are:

  • Liverpool Museum.
  • Liverpool Cathedral.
  • The World Museum in Liverpool.
  • Liverpool wheel.
  • L’Oréal Liver Building.
  • Albert Wharf.
  • The famous Liver Ball Central Library.
  • Sefton Park.
  • Crookstith Park.
  • St. John’s Gardens.
  • Princess Park.
  • Calderston Park.
  • International Festival of Festivals.

Fourth: The most important tourist places in the United Kingdom Birmingham:

The city of Birmingham is one of the most beautiful cities known for its vitality, Iraq and its great history that extends to 1500 years. The city of Birmingham includes a lot of famous restaurants that won a lot of appreciation for the awards that made this city an important destination for tourism and the most important tourist places in it are:

  • The city of boats.
  • Canon Hill Park.
  • Adventure Island mini golf.
  • Chocolate factory in Birmingham.
  • Birmingham Wildlife Park.
  • Sutton Park.
  • Birmingham Library.

Fifth: The most important tourist places in England Leeds:

This wonderful city is characterized by the most developed cities in England and many luxury shops are available, so Leeds has become the shopping capital, which provides a lot of tourism ingredients that attract tourists, enjoy its beauty, tranquility and comfort, and enjoy seeing the famous tourist places, which are:

  • Royal Weapons Museum.
  • Harwood House.
  • Victoria Square.
  • Rond High Park.
  • Millennium Square.

Sixth: The most important tourist places in England Brighton:

Brighton is one of the most prominent cities in England, which enjoys a lot of attractive tourist places, including wonderful areas for shopping, splendor of culture and music and all kinds of different arts, as it is one of the important tourist destinations and among the most important places in it:

  • Royal Pavilion Palace.
  • Brighton Summit.
  • Brighton appointed.
  • Marina Brighton.
  • Brighton Victorian Pier.
  • Stanmore Park.

Seventh: The most important tourist destinations in England Oxford:

The city of Oxford, or as it is called the City of Dreamy Towers, due to the harmonious structure with each other in the famous buildings of Oxford University, which many wish to see and go to. Among the most important tourist places in it are:

  • Harcot Park.
  • Oxford Castle.
  • Oxford University Botanical Garden.
  • Oxford Museum of Natural History.

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