The most beautiful tourist guide in Innsbruck is recommended to visit, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Austria, as it is distinguished by its charming beauty and its picturesque nature that distinguished it from other cities, this city is located on an area of ​​104 km, where it is classified as the fifth largest city in Austria in terms of Its population, and the city of Innsbruck is distinguished by the presence of four universities, and this city has an ancient history that dates back more than eight centuries, and the city includes many museums, monuments and many interesting attractions.

The city of Innsbruck:

Innsbruck is located in the western part of Austria specifically within the region of Tirol, and one of the most distinguishing features of this city is its picturesque nature, especially that it is located within the Alps that cling to the white robe throughout the winter, which continues to its highest peaks until summer, and this city is characterized by that it has several tourist attractions Wonderful and varied, which made it one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Austria, as it attracts many tourists of different tastes, and the city contains many attractive attractions, and the city is characterized by the beauty of its streets and the splendor of its colorful houses that spread on the banks of the Inn, this is beside the presence many of Historic and monuments of the city.

The most beautiful tourist places in Innsbruck:

  • Victory Gate:

It is considered one of the most famous tourist places in Innsbruck, and the Arc de Triomphe is considered a magical historical source for this city, as its history dates back to three centuries ago when it was built in 1765, the Arc de Triomphe is an example of how great the Greek Empire was in the past, where it was built after an order from Empress Maria Theresa She was the one who gave him his current name.

  • Alpine Zoo:

This park is considered one of the most important tourist destinations of Innsbruck, as its establishment dates back to December 22, 1962 at the hands of the well-known animal scientist Hans Bienner of Austria, and since this date the Alpine Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in Innsbruck, and it has gained great fame because it includes many types Endangered animals that are still inside the park, there can be seen huge numbers of animals favorite among young and old such as giraffes, elephants and bears and learn about their lifestyle and environments.

  • Hofgarten Innsbruck:

It is considered one of the most popular recreational parks of Innsbruck, as it has an area of ​​10 hectares, and the park is one of the ideal places to spend the best times with family and friends, where the park was created with the aim of including many activities that suit all ages, the park has paths designated for walking to enjoy the air Refreshing, decorated with colorful flowers, and there are many statues and sculptures elaborately made and dating back to the Romen era.

  • Hofkirch Church:

It is a museum and church and is considered one of the oldest places in the city of Innsbruck, and its history dates back to 1553 AD, this church is distinguished by its architectural design that reflects the extent of the contemporary renaissance of architecture. The Hofkirch Church consists of three floors and has windows in a round shape, and contains a number of huge halls dedicated For music shows as well as other multi-purpose galleries.

  • Ambras Castle:

It is considered one of the best tourist places in Innsbruck, as it has its own tourist position in the city, the climb to the castle is through the extended staircase, it is a castle that rises 587 meters above sea level, where it was built on the highest hills of the city, and represents a real embodiment of the ancient history of that city, Embrace Castle contains a number of halls, such as the World Wonders Hall, the Duke’s Gallery of Art, the Archeology Hall, and the ammunition and weapons depot.

  • Golden Roof Building:

This building is located in the old town, and it is considered one of the most famous and most popular symbols of Innsbruck, as the roof of the building was decorated with tiles made of precious bright copper, and this building is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Austria.

  • Swarovski World (Crystal Garden):

It is located on the city borders, and it is very popular among the city’s residents and tourists, as its number of visitors per year is 600 thousand visitors, and the number of visitors since its establishment until now is more than 13 million visitors, and it is considered one of the most prominent landmarks in the city, this park is characterized by splendor And the beauty of its crystalline features that blend with the beauty and splendor of green trees and the beauty of plants and fountains, these are like a masterpiece of free standing art.

  • Maria Theresa Square:

This square, which has been renovated and redeveloped so that it combines the fragrant past and the modernity of the future, and there are many activities in this square, so it is one of the most wonderful places to hike and sit in the middle of historical events.

  • Eagles Village:

The village of Eagles is located 5 km from Innsbruck. This village extends on a green plain surrounded by mountains and forests, and can be reached by electric lifts, either for the purpose of enjoying the magnificent view from above or for skiing purposes.

  • Cable Car:

This cable car was designed by an Arab Iraqi engineer named Zaha Hadid. During wandering around the Innsbruck cable car, the visitor watches as if he is surrounded by nature and surrounded by mountains and green, so the view looks like a wonderful panoramic view that brings a lot of recreation and comfort.

  • Hofburg Palace:

This palace was built in the fifteenth century, to be the seat of the Governor of the Territory of Tirol, then after that the palace was expanded to be the official seat of the first Caesar of Maximilian Austria, then after that the palace was expanded again and modified during the reign of Maria Theresa, to appear this palace with Wonderful beautiful style, and inside the palace there is a private museum where visitors can learn more about the historical era of the palace and learn about its stories.

  • Circular painting building:

This building is a wonderful panoramic painting drawn on the inner walls of a wonderful building with a circular shape, this painting tells a lot of events and events that took place in the Battle of Mount Ezel, where the visitor feels while standing in the middle of the building as if it is already in the atmosphere of the battle and the war revolves around it on each side in Dimensions look real.



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