Guide to the most famous places of tourism in Izmir, Izmir is one of the cities in Turkey, and it is one of the most important and most famous cities in it, and it arrives from Izmir Bay to western Turkey, as it is considered the only port that is located in the Asian side.
The number of the population reaches 4 million people, and this is according to statistics monitored by the population numbers, as it reaches an area of ​​ten thousand square kilometers, as it is called the bride of the Aegean Sea, and this beside the title of the pearl of the sea, and those names that have been attributed to it are due to its natural beauty It dazzles everyone, its great and distinguished position, as many residents come to it for tourism.
This is due to the mild weather and the percentage of humidity in it throughout the year, where the weather there is nice despite the rains in the winter, but it is one of the best tourist places that exist in Turkey, where a very large number of tourists go to enjoy its dazzling beauty And picturesque.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Izmir:

Izmir is one of the most important cities that have a prominent commercial and reputation authority among many countries, and it also has the largest port in Istanbul, and its own tourist place, this is one of the important things that exist in the city of Izmir and one of the most famous monuments in it, ( Kemeralti, clock tower, elevator or so-called elevator, Kadlevikali Fortress, Izmir Sanjak Station), and many other sights we will learn about by following this article.
As Izmir is one of the most important tourism bodies in Turkey, where there are many different cultures, and civilizations as it brings together many tourist attractions that link old Izmir with the new, and this work is one of the memorial works that many enjoy, and there is a high percentage of The arts and scenes that many tourists enjoy, where they can dance and sing in folklore and heritage, as well as can practice their hobby of hunting.

Izmir attractions:

There are more tourist attractions that a lot of people can go to in order to increase many areas, and although these areas are not considered, we have worked to clarify the most important landmarks in them, which are:

  • Turkish baths.
  • shopping centers.
  • Guara.
  • Archaeological museums.
  • Bird paradise.
  • Dekeley Beach.

Among the most important of these tourist destinations to which the city of Izmir is exposed, which boils a large number of tourism and that holds all nationalities:

  • Weather in Izmir:

Where the city of Izmir is characterized by a great and pleasant atmosphere, so the spring season is the season that is overcome in all days of the year, and this different weather comes with scenic nature, so the beauty of the region appears and gives a special look to all natural plants, where you can follow the exercise in this morning.

  • The museum of one-sided remains of Izmir:

There are many historical monuments, huge and ancient, which date back to the Greeks and the Ottoman era, where there are some architectural monuments also, which form the King’s Palace and houses made of rock and temples, and we can follow all the ancient artifacts.

  • Ancient City of Ephesus:

This city is one of the Greek cities, which is one of the most famous tourist places in the city of Izmir, as it dates back to more than 6000 years BC, It is also the first cultural center of the ancient world, in which there are many remnants of historical and archaeological houses in the interior, which contain a large percentage of the floor and the Selous Historical Library.

  • Kadivikali Castle:

It is considered one of the most important tourist places on the level of Turkey, and its history dates back to the Romen era, where it is located on the highest mountain which is called the name of it, where it is one of the strategic places that belong to the parts of the city and on the Gulf of Izmir in Turkey, as it was used in the beginning as a military fortress and a place To fortify all parts of the city.

  • clock tower:

It is called Izmir Clock Tower, and this falls back to the name of its maker, and that tower was considered a symbol of the city of Turkey, and it has become one of the tourist attractions that a large number of residents come from different countries.

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