The most beautiful places of tourism in Jakarta is recommended to visit

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A guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Jakarta, Indonesia, one of the most beautiful cities of the continent of Asia, known for the beauty of nature, the abundance of stunning natural flats, the betrothal of its land, and what many do not know that Indonesia contains many archaeological monuments and tourist attractions, which is the reason why young people and families What are the most beautiful areas to visit in the capital, Jakarta ?, and what are the most beautiful tourist areas near it?

Why Jakarta is among the different cities for young people?

Jakarta is one of the largest cities in Asia, and the largest in terms of population, where more than 10 million people own it, and you do not need a travel visa to be able to visit Indonesia, so all you have to do is book a return ticket, and book the hotel you will stay in during your stay in Jakarta, and who Then you get a visa to enter the country soon, after you arrive at the airport.

Where can you get off in Jakarta?

The Tanah Abang region is one of the most popular areas where young people reside during their visit to Indonesia, and it is one of the popular areas that sell cloth and textiles, in which there are some of the luxury hotels in addition to the hotels suitable for middle income, places of entertainment, and to enjoy various activities.

Tourist places in Jakarta for young people:

Antiques and antique statues market:

Many young people love to collect antique antiques, and unique statues are good news for them, they will find their hero in this market as it includes a number of dazzling antiques and rare statues, and the open market is erected daily where tourists mean to buy gifts for their family and friends, and it contains Many stalls selling antiques of various sizes at reasonable prices.

Monas Tower:

  • It is a national monument located in the center of Jakarta city, it is made entirely of marble with a gilded summit, and it has an elevator so that visitors can see the bronze top closely, and see the entire city from above.
  • The sign points to freedom, freedom from Dutch colonialism, salvation from Japanese colonialism, the greatness of the Indonesian people, and the greed of other peoples in their land.
  • It shows from the tower the extent of the beauty of the city, especially at sunset, as there is an open gallery at all times, which embodies the history of Indonesia, and informs you about the cultures of this ancient people through paintings and statues.

the National Museum:

  • It is the first museum to be opened in the capital, and it embodies the history of the country and the times of its era from the dawn of history until today.
  • The National Museum contains many ancient monuments, was opened in 1868 AD, and visitors come to him from everywhere.
  • The museum is famous in Indonesia as the Elephant Museum after the huge elephant made of bronze, and is located when you enter the museum directly.
  • The design of the museum reflects the extent of their ingenuity in design, the extent of the fragrant history, and also contains a runway that ends with a garden for displaying statues in an open courtyard.

Kemang District:

Many types of international dishes are prepared where you can try Mexican food, Italian food, oriental food, and not only Asian food as it allows you to choose the food appropriate to your taste, and you can order, a large meal with your friends at an appropriate price, and many youthful night parties are held in clubs Located in Kemang, there are also many houses with unique design, exhibitions and art exhibitions that are held periodically in the area.

Bank Museum:

It contains many monuments, luxurious contents that express the economy of Indonesia, and the extent of its development throughout the ages, and it was built in 1828, and you can go to it to get a quick overview of the country’s economy.

Skating at Taman Angelic Mall:

The fifth floor of the mall has been converted to a skating rink to enable you to enjoy this unique experience. The mall also offers ice hockey courses.

Seto Papakan Lake:

  • It is an artificial lake lined with trees and nature from all sides, and today it is considered part of the city’s cultural heritage, and it enables you to see how life is in Jakarta, the styles used in home design, the popular food served, and many of the traditions of the city.
  • You can sit with your friends on this wonderful lake, enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunlight. You can also rent boats, canoeing in the lake or fishing.
  • You can visit the traditional rural houses that are considered one of the tourist attractions in the city, and that gives you more information about how the Indonesian house was old, and there are many beautiful shows around the lake, including Indonesian dance shows that are held in festivals and events, which will give you a greater idea of ​​local cultures. , And the customs followed.

sea ​​World:

  • One of the most beautiful entertainment areas in Jakarta, where it contains many, entertainment means, including a large basin with rare types of marine biology, and names, in addition to the presence of movie theaters in an interesting and individual way.
  • There is a world of seas within the complex of Jaya Ancol Dream, and it contains more than 5 thousand species of marine life in different colors and types. A lot of entertainment shows, whether dolphin or animal shows, are attractive and amazing to everyone.
  • You can take an underwater tour of the tubes near the aquariums and aquariums to increase your knowledge of the aquariums, their size, and the nature of their life.
  • You can eat Asian food or fast food in the place’s restaurants, and you can buy souvenirs for your relatives from there.

Best places to visit in Jakarta for families:

Jakarta is one of the crowded cities, but at the same time it contains a lot of tourist areas that are worth visiting, and it is one of the cities suitable for families, and to spend a beautiful family time that is unforgettable, and that moving with the family from one place to another is very easy thanks to the availability of transportation, and we will talk about the most beautiful The areas you must visit.

Doll Museum:

If your kids are a fan of the dolls, they will be surprised to see the dolls that are meticulously crafted and professional in the dolls museum. The museum contains an enormous number of moving dolls that were designed with different materials including wood, cotton, and cloth in addition to dance masks, and a lot of music that reflects the history of Indonesia.

Water Village:

It is one of the best tourist villages suitable for families, lovers of swimming, and diving, and it contains a lot of exciting entertainment, and there is a part in the garden for children, and a part for adults to protect children from swimming in great depth, and it also contains water games suitable for young children And if your kids love swimming then it will definitely be the best option for you.

Ragunan Zoo:

Your children will be able to see rare animals in Indonesia, and take pictures with many wonderful animals, and every year a lot of renovations are made in the park, which makes its visitors always increasing and includes many rare types of animals.

Anschol Park:

It is one of the wonderful parks that a large number of tourists visit every day to take a picnic with family or friends, and it contains games for adults, and others for children, and it includes many exciting and amazing activities, and games that suit everyone as you can try cable cars, air wheels, and enjoy the celebrations. Entertainment, and shows that are offered every day, and you will certainly not want to leave the garden, and you will return to it on your able visit to Indonesia.

Best places to visit in Puncak:

Puncak Mountain is one of the most beautiful natural tourism areas in the country of Indonesia, which makes it the target of tourists from all over the world, as it is characterized by the beauty of nature, air purity, and the following are the most important tourist areas in it.

Puncak Safari Park:

It is found on the highways linking Jakarta and Bandung City, and it is built on a large area, and contains many animals that are more than two thousand species, including giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers, and bears.

Taman Matahari Park:

The park is very large with more than thirty acres, and contains a lot of cultural services, and various entertainment facilities suitable for children and adults and is one of the best places of tourism in Puncak.

Lake Lido:

Surrounded by mountains with a green nature on all sides, which increases its beauty, and the beauty of the scenery on your marine tour.

Colorful lake:

You will feel that the lake takes you to heaven because of the beauty of nature, its purity in it, and the atmosphere is very calm in the lake, which makes it the goal of tourists, nature lovers, and relaxation.

The Seven Falls:

One of the most important tourist areas in Puncak is the seven waterfalls that are near Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and the water of the water falls over the hills in a beautiful poetic form where you can hear the sound of fresh water trickling, and there are many Indonesian myths that tell about the beauty of water, and that it is a blessed water treated for various diseases Also, many tourists come to it for the purpose of hospitalization, whether from inside or outside the country of Indonesia.


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