A guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Portugal, Portugal is considered one of the most beautiful European destinations, there are all dreams come true on the ground, because of Portugal’s entertainment and cultural options in addition to its picturesque nature, and its historical richness represented in palaces and antique monuments, tourism in Portugal is a wonderful experience It is worth traveling to in order to have fun, and today we will get to know together the most important destinations and landmarks of this majestic town, and you have more information on Arab travelers.

Things to know before traveling to Portugal:

  • One of the best times to visit Portugal is the period from October to April, when this period is less crowded by tourists, besides the nature of the weather during these days is sunny as beautiful as the rest of the year.
  • While in Portugal it is best to carry some cash, although most restaurants accept credit cards.
  • It is always recommended to use buses or metros while on the go in Portugal.
  • The accommodation in Portugal varies to suit all budgets.
  • If you are in Portugal in the summer months, it is advisable to wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibers, and be sure to wear comfortable shoes because most of the sidewalks there are paved.
  • If traveling in the winter season, it is advisable to bring sunscreen and sun glasses, because Portugal is one of the most hot countries in Europe.
  • It is preferable to learn some Portuguese words even if they are simple phrases. Although it is possible to speak English there, speaking Portuguese even a few words will be appreciated by the Portuguese people.
  • Seafood and fresh fish are among the most prominent dishes in Portuguese cuisine.
  • Every village and every city in Portugal is characterized during summer days by having its own events and events such as sports championships and music festivals, as well as film festivals.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Portugal:

  • Lisbon City:

It is the capital of Portugal, and it is considered one of the oldest European cities, that charming city that includes many parks, museums, palaces and monuments along with many tourist attractions, as well as it is characterized by a moderate climate throughout the year, and the Tagus River passes through this city and Lisbon is one of the most cities of Portugal In terms of population density, the most prominent of which are the Bairro Alto District, Chiado District, Belem District, Alfama District, the National Zilig Museum, as well as the Fort St. George and the Oceanarium Lisbon (Museum of Marine Biology) and other tourist attractions.

  • Albufeira:

Albufeira is located in the western region in southern Portugal, one of the most famous and most important European tourist beaches with natural landscapes and golden sands. It is considered one of the most important attractions for scuba diving, swimming and water games, and it is characterized by the presence of many shopping centers, restaurants and the multiplicity of recreational activities in it. Valicia and Sao Rafael.

  • Funchal:

It is the capital of Madeira Islands, and it is one of the most important Portuguese tourist cities, and it contains many picturesque parks such as Santa Matarina, and there are a number of natural reserves, churches and many monuments, as well as attractions for camping and adventure lovers because of its warm atmosphere most of the year Funchal has many luxury hotels.

  • Porto:

Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and it includes many palaces and monuments, a number of art galleries, museums, cinemas, many theaters and museums, as well as churches, as well as its reputation for many architectural buildings that are distinguished for its distinctive arts such as the Bonnie Dom Luis Bridge, and the city of Porto is located in northern Portugal, despite its climate. It is warm throughout the year but the rain is most months of the year, and many recreational activities such as boat tours are held in Porto.

  • Kashkay City:

It is one of the most preferred destinations for celebrities and the rich, and it is a half hour from Lisbon and overlooks the Portuguese Riviera. Kashkayesh is characterized by its high-end hotels, besides it includes many tourist resorts, the largest restaurants and a number of gardens, as well as its picturesque beaches such as Guizhou Beach and the diversity of monuments and museums in it.

  • Portimao:

It is located close to the city of Lagos, half an hour in the south of the State of Portugal, and Portimao includes many wonderful Portuguese beaches, most notably Praia Rocha, which is characterized by its clean sand and the multiplicity of restaurants, hotels and cafes in it, and Portimore is considered one of the most suitable tourist destinations for fans of fishing, marine sports and sailing.

  • Viana do Castelo:

It is located in the far north of Portugal, where it is located one hour north of the city of Porto. This city enjoys a warm climate throughout the year. The city includes many churches and museums, as well as it includes a number of clean sandy beaches.

  • The city of Lagos:

This city is famous for its diverse beaches and wonderful terrain, Lagos beaches are characterized by its clean sand and its own charm, it is one of the tourist destinations that suit families, diving lovers and swimming sport is considered a suitable destination for families.

  • The city of Villa Noa Dagaya:

This city is located just minutes away from the south of Porto. Villa Noa Dagaya is characterized by its relative calmness as it is far from crowding, as well as its cleanliness and beauty of its beaches, and it includes many tourist attractions overlooking the Douro River, there you can enjoy watching the most wonderful scenes there, As well as there are many cafes and restaurants to spend the best times there.

Portugal travel costs:

Despite the high cost of living in Portugal in the recent period, Portugal remains one of the least European countries in the cost of living and travel, in addition to the beauty of its beaches and the presence of many attractions that attract millions of tourists every year, there can be a full meal with a glass of wine in exchange for only five euros, The average monthly costs of food for two individuals are about 200 euros, and for transportation prices, they reach 0.80 euros for a distance of 10 km.

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