The most beautiful places of tourism in Romenia

المسافرون العرب

The most famous guide to the possibility of tourism in Romenia. Traveling and tourism in Romenia requires some research and exploration. The Arab Travelers website has done all this and more, as you will know the best times of tourism in Romenia and its most important tourist attractions and even the best places to stay in Romenia.

The best times of tourism in Romenia

  • When one of us decides to go on a tourist trip, he cares about how to spend his time and enjoy it, but there is no real enjoyment in bad weather, so you should be concerned with knowing the best times for tourism in Romenia before you book your ticket.
  • The climate in Romenia is a continental climate, as this ancient country moves away from the sea, which led to a noticeable rise in summer temperatures, and lower temperatures in autumn and winter.
  • Romenia has a change in weather conditions throughout the four seasons: summer, spring, autumn, and winter, which makes enjoying it a different taste every season than its predecessor.

Winter and tourism in Romenia

December and January are the coldest times for tourism in Romenia, where there is a lot of rain and heavy snowfall, sometimes storms may occur, and temperatures do not exceed more than 3 degrees during these seasons. during this period.

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Summer and tourism in Romenia

In the months from June to August, the weather becomes completely warm and temperatures in some areas in Romenia may reach 29 or 30 degrees, which is the time that some choose for tourism in Romenia so that they can enjoy seeing the country and its nature from animals, plants, mountains and various heights.

Spring and autumn in Romenia

The spring and autumn seasons are one of the best times in terms of weather, tourism in Romenia, where the temperatures are reasonable and well suited to the practice of tourism activities and sightseeing of this country.
Spring is in the months March, April and May, the best times in terms of temperature, and autumn as well in the months of September and October and the beginning of November before the beginning of winter temperatures are also suitable for tourism.
But these seasons are considered to be the most busy in the whole year as the number of tourists increases, and consequently the prices and cost of tourist trips increase.

The best places of tourism in Romenia

Romenia is an ideal place for lovers of nature, history and imagination, as it is the country that inspired many writers to create their fairy tales, and this visit is a kingdom of imagination that must include:

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First: The Danube

This is a wonderful place where the water and nature is charming, and when you visit the Danube Delta, you can see the surrounding forests where the greenery and the fresh air are like the Laitia Forest.
Also a group of purebred horses and rare birds that numbered more than three hundred species, in addition to fish that swim in the fresh water around you.
You will also take unforgettable pictures of the river and the nature around it.

Second: Tourism in Transylvania

This is the ideal place for fans of traditional life and those looking for simplicity in ways of living, as many tourists are attracted to this place in Romenia because of its simplicity and its containment of many old traditional villages.
You can see the traditions of the people of these villages and their ordinary lives, far from the methods of costing such as: the village of Fiskri, which dates back to the eighteenth century AD.
If you are looking for tranquility, comfort and to avoid the noise and hustle and bustle of the city, you should visit Transylvania.

Third: Tourism in Bucharest

It is the capital of Romenia, and it is considered one of the most beautiful and best of all European capitals, it is a charming land and carries many signs of urbanization and modernity that you may not find in some places of the Romenian countryside.
And enjoying it at night is the same, with cafes, lights and restaurants of all kinds. This wonderful city must be in your calculation when you visit Romenia.
There are also various art and cultural exhibitions, as it is the focus of culture and art in Romenia, where you will find many exhibitions of modern art, theater and opera.
It is also the ideal place for shopping where you can buy gifts and souvenirs that your family and friends want.

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Fourth: Tourism in Sibiu

  • Food and food, tourism in Romenia will not be complete without a visit from you to Sibiu, the “cooking capital” in all of Europe. This small and intimate city combines beauty and splendor of cooking.
  • It provides a lot of traditional foods that are difficult to taste anywhere, providing history in every dish this city offers to its visitors.
  • You can enjoy culinary festivals, food fairs and cuisine that take place throughout the year.
  • If you are lucky enough, you will be able to catch up with one of these culinary fairs and festivals, which offer the most delicious homemade cheese and jams, and you may learn about one of the secrets of ancient Romen cuisine.

Fifth: Tourism in the Carpathian Mountains

The picturesque nature of the country of Romenia is considered one of the most important reasons for the prosperity of tourism in it, and these mountains, with their greenery and vegetation, are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Romenia.
Where the clear water channels that surround the place, and the small caves that keep the secrets of this charming world are all reasons why you decide to choose the Carpathian Mountains as one of your destinations during your stay in Romenia.
There are also some Romenians living in small rural houses in these mountains. Just seeing these houses inspires inner peace. Do not forget to take an adventure of a lifetime and visit these mountains.

Sixth: Tourism in the Turda Salt Mine

Its name does not seem to be a great tourist place, but it certainly is. This ancient salt mine has been transformed into a full-fledged theme park by the state in Romenia.
As this city of games includes many games, there is also an open theater, in addition to a group of antiques, which are found in museums inside the city of games.
There are also sailing boats in this city that you can ride and watch the salt piles fall from the sparkling cave.

Best places to stay during tourism in Romenia

Grand Cable Car Hotel

  • The hotel with excellent ratings from its guests, located in Poiana Brasov Resort.
  • It offers charming views of the mountains and the enchanting nature of Romenia.

Hotel Bella Muzica

  • It is a historic building dating back to the sixteenth century, featuring historic irresistible charm everywhere in this charming classic hotel.
  • It has excellent guest reviews.
  • It is considered one of the best accommodations in Romenia.

Natural Hotel

  • It is a hotel for nature lovers as the hotel is located on the foothills of the Tampa Mountains.
  • It is distinguished for its charming and privileged location in the historic city of Brasov.
  • He holds a very good evaluation from his guests.

In the end, the pleasure of traveling comes from well-planned, so make sure before you travel that you have chosen the right place and time to go to this city, and do not forget to take a lot of pictures during your stay in Romenia for tourism until it becomes wonderful memories one day.

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