The most beautiful places of tourism in Rome, Italy

المسافرون العرب

A guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Rome, Italy is recommended to visit, and Rome extends along the banks of the Tiber, which is considered the second longest river in Italy, and Rome was previously the capital of the Romen Empire that imposed its control on large areas in Europe and the Mediterranean, and even after the Romen Empire collapsed, it continued to be a city Rome is the central city of the Catholic Christian religion and the seat of the Pope of the Vatican City

Rome Climate:

Rome is characterized by its mild climate in autumn and spring, while summer is hot and winter is cold, with snow falling from December to March.

Its cultural importance:

Rome is one of the richest and largest cities in the world in terms of religious and artistic as well as religious and historical, as it is considered a large commercial center and a center for production, printing and publishing, the city of Rome still maintains many monuments and many ancient memorials, so history in Rome seems to be merged with daily life It became an integral part, for this reason, it attracts many tourists, and in the year 1980 UNESCO declared the historical center of Rome as a world heritage site.

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The most beautiful places of tourism in Rome, Italy:

The city of Italy is rich in its contain of many historical Romen monuments such as the Coliseum Coliseum in addition to the presence of many popular and high-end markets and many distinctive italyn restaurants. Among the most prominent features of Rome are the following:

Borghese Museum:

The old headquarters of Villa Borghese is located in Ponchiana, this building was previously an integrated unit and is surrounded by a distinct garden, which at the present time is considered a completely independent park called by the tourists the name of the gardens of Villa Borghese, it is possible to see the building of the external museum and wandering among the distinguished gardens that surround it, Inside the museum there are many art paintings and a number of sculptures of the finest unique statues, as the museum contains many pieces of art in the collection called the basket of fruit and the sick Bacchus and St. Jerome, and there are many wonderful art paintings such as the profane and love memorial His holy.

Romen Forum:

  • It is considered one of the most important monuments in Rome, and it is a square with a rectangular shape, as it was located in the center of the ancient city of Rome, where it lies between the Capitolian and Palatine hills, where government elections and popular celebrations were held, an important center for conducting public trials and a center for public speeches.
  • The Romen Forum is the most famous meeting place in history, as it contains many immortal statues of the memory of ancient Romen men, and the forum includes many temples and shrines of the Romen Kingdom.
  • It also contains the old royal palace, which was built in the eighth century BC. The Forum also includes the Temple of Vista, which was built in the seventh century BC during the era of the Romen Empire. Then, the Temple of Vista was transformed into a headquarters where the official meetings of the Romen Republic “Cometium” were held, where It used to hold democratic government and Senate meetings.
  • In the main view of the Romen Forum there is the Arch of Arco de Teto (Titus) and there is the Church of San Luca Martina, the Temple of Saturn and the Temple of Vista all located on the Sacra Way, which is the main forum road.

Santa Maria Church:

  • She is the Romen Marian Catholic in the city of Rome, and is considered one of the four papal cathedrals in Rome, and it is one of the Vatican properties, where it is called the Great Churches. Near the Latrano Hill, the church was built in the fourth century and built in the Baroque style.
  • This church is distinguished by many unique characteristics that distinguish it from other churches, in terms of the square structure and the church is divided into three sections, and outside the building there are many beautiful statues and the length of the church corridor is about 92 meters distributed on its sides many artifacts, so you can see some artistic heritage pieces The unique ones, where the roofs made of pure gold can be seen very beautifully, and it is rumored that the gold from which the roof of the church was made is considered the first gold brought from the New World after it was discovered.

Spanish stairs:

The Spanish staircase is characterized by a wide stairway that connects the Trinidad dei Monti square with the roundabout of Spain. These stairs are located in a large square where the old boat roundabout is in the middle of it. This boat symbolizes the incident of the sinking of ancient Rome when the river flooded the waterboard of the boat. To the south of the roundabout is the King David statue, and to the south of the staircase is the fortune fountain or the Trevi Fountain bustling with statues.

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The Pantheon of Rome:

The Pantheon of Rome or the Temple of All Gods, is considered one of the oldest buildings that still remain to this day, as this building at the foot is a temple for all the gods of ancient Rome, and is considered the best preserved building dating back to the 19th century where it was used in the past as a Christian church, this is characterized by this The building, with its unique and remarkable building, has a perforated dome over which the sun can enter the sun, and the building’s porch consists of a large number of huge pillars built of granite.

Romen amphitheater :

The Romen amphitheater is known as the Colosseum. This giant amphitheater is located in the center of Rome. It is a large oval building with a length of about 189 meters. It dates back to the era of the Romen Empire in the first century in the period between 70 and 72 AD. The building of the Calcium is considered one of the greatest works It is considered one of the tourist attractions for tourists from all over the world, and a part of the Colosseum was destroyed by a strong earthquake in the Middle Ages. The building from the outside looks very magnificent and huge indicating the magnificence and greatness of the Romen Empire during ancient times.
Navona Square:

It is one of the most famous squares in Rome, and one of the most attractive places for tourists, as it contains a number of Rome’s tourist attractions, such as the Church of St. Agnes, the River Fountain and the More Fountain, this square is full of life where visitors and locals abound and tourists, and includes many cafes and restaurants .

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Trevi Fountain:

The Trevi Fountain was built under a stately antique palace, and was completed in 1763, designed by artist Nicolas Salvi. In the middle of the fountain, the well-known statue of Neptune stands on a cart pulled by two horses. It is 26 meters high while its width is 20 meters, and it is considered one of the most famous fountains of history of literature, antiquities, art and tourism. italyn tourists and visitors are welcome to visit it and throw a coin with a wish that they wish to achieve wishes.

Piazza del Popolo Square:

This magnificent historical square known as the People’s Square, and in the middle of the square there is the Egyptian obelisk, and a number of the city’s most famous streets that bring visitors back to the Romen era are branched from this square, where the buildings that are characterized by the famous Romen style and the gravelly paved streets.

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