The most beautiful places of tourism in the city of Florence Italy, important hotels and attractions, as well as restaurants that are recommended to visit, the italyn city of Florence is located in central Italy specifically on the northern part of it, and it is located in the province of Tuscany specifically at the banks of the Aruno River, and this city is considered one of the cities that are crowded with people, it is ranked The first in terms of area and population, as the population density in this city reached about 3,500 people per km2, and this city has the advantage of being one of the most important cities in Italy, as this city has a history, heritage, art, prosperous economy and good management.

Florence, Italy:

It is one of the countries that witnesses a tremendous development in both architecture and art, and this city was named after the medieval city of Athens, and it was taken as the capital of Italy for a short period of time, surrounded by a number of scenic and natural scenes, so it has become an important and attractive destination for millions of tourists every General, and it is famous all over the world as a center of art and a cradle of architecture as it includes a number of historical monuments, buildings and museums, besides it is considered one of the finest and most beautiful cities in the world, and with this article we will get to know together the city of Florence in Italy in more detail.

What distinguishes the climate of Florence:

One of the most distinguishing features of this city is its continental climate, as it is hot in the summer days, where temperatures rise dramatically, especially the areas located on the coastal strip in the city where the temperatures may reach 40 degrees Celsius, and it is cold and wet during the winter days, so it decreases The temperatures there are very large as they sometimes reach temperatures below zero, and witnesses heavy rains in the days of spring and autumn.

Staying in Florence for tourism:

Most of the tourist places are located in the historical city center, so choosing a suitable place to stay in any of the Florence hotels that are located in the city center is very appropriate, but in the event that the desire to experience life in Florence is closer to reality and away from tourism and tourism, it is possible to stay outside the center of this city , So you can save a lot on expenses.

City transportation:

Buses in Florence are very cheap and practical, in case you want to explore any of the city’s stone alleys and explore the long paved roads that extend on the banks of the Arno River, you should ride a bike, because the roads in Florence are flat, making them ready for cycling along the coast of the river in order to explore The outskirts of the city, you can also climb the hills on the outskirts of the city, as well as participate in a tour organized by bicycle.

Tips before traveling to Florence Italy:

If you are planning to visit Florence soon, here are some tips for getting the most out of this trip:

  • It is preferable to obtain a Florence card. This city card covers entry fees for most major museums and bus fare. This card is valid for three days and costs 72 euros.
  • Avoid booking any of the hotels located around Santa Maria Novella, because there are many hotels that are known for their high costs, but in that city the location of the hotel does not matter due to its small size.
  • Avoid driving in Florence, as it is preferable to walk around on foot. If you want to drive in order to see the sights of this city, it is advised to avoid driving in the historical center because most of the time it is closed to traffic.
  • Eat dinner in a Latin restaurant, in the event that you want to experience the original italyn Tuxan atmosphere, it is advised to eat in this classic restaurant, and it is advised to make reservations first because of its crowding.
  • Not all time is lost in visiting churches and museums, and because this city is one of the cities full of culture, history, and art, it is possible to spend several weeks exploring art galleries and museums there, but it is not necessary for the trip to go this way, so it is advised to set aside a specific time for eating ice cream from any From the shops spread in the city, then take a tour of the city streets and try to imagine the conditions that were hanging over this city during the Middle Ages, and you can have a drink of Cappuccino in the Della Square while enjoying the beauty of the scenery surrounding the square, and it is possible to spend a day in the gardens of the Baroque Popoli, or roam the roads the countryside It is located a quarter of an hour from the city center.
  • Avoid taking buses as much as possible. The city space is very small. For example, the airport station is in the city center and a five-minute walk is Santa Maria del Fiura Cathedral, so it only takes half an hour on foot to choose this city in a way Full.
  • It is possible to buy souvenirs from the kiosks in the market and not from the shops, as the goods offered in the shops are of undoubtedly higher quality, but in the San Lorenzo market it is possible to obtain better goods at lower prices, only if the buyer can bargain well.

The most important sights in the italyn city of Florence:

  • Betty Palace:

Bayti Palace is a large palace, so it dates back to the 15th century. This palace is located on the southern bank of the Arno River, which is considered the quietest in the city, and this palace was taken as the seat of the city’s rulers for a long period of time, which ended in 1919, and when the palace was delivered To the italyn state, the authorities turned it into a museum complex, and although this palace was transformed from a place of royal residence to be a public building owned by the state, this palace still retains its luxury and royal character.
It is possible to enter the palace from the inside to enjoy seeing the royal character that distinguishes this palace and to see the rare artistic paintings and artifacts in the palace, and you can also see the most beautiful views from behind the windows of the palace on the gardens of Florence, which is one of the most beautiful and wonderful views in the world.

  • Popoli Gardens:

These beautiful gardens located behind the Palazzo Pitti, Florence, these gardens include many unique marble statues, which date back to the 16th and 18th centuries, as well as they contain many monuments dating back to the times of the Romens, and the Boboli Gardens are one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Florence, this garden has witnessed a number of stages of expansion and restructuring, as it was expanded in the 19th century to its current area which is 45 thousand meters, so you can enjoy the inside of the garden and hiking among its trees and plants, you can see the temples and caves of the garden, and see statues and sculptures Ge dating to the Renaissance eras, watching many of the ancient monuments and artefacts dating a century history of the 15th, this park is located in the outdoor art museum.

  • Uffizi Gallery Museum:

This museum is one of the most famous international museums, and is one of the important tourist places in Florence, this museum is located inside a historical palace dating back to the 14th century, and this museum includes a huge and wonderful composition of the finest paintings, artworks and statues, and this palace takes the form of the letter U has taken completion All construction work for this palace is 20 years, and according to the original design of this palace, which dates back to 1580, this palace would be a building for government offices, but it was transferred to the Museum during the rule of the last person belonging to the Medchi family who died in 1743.
The paintings and pieces of art of this family were remarkable, and fortunately these pieces were left for the city of Florence on a strict condition that they do not leave the city, and this museum is one of the oldest museums and one of the museums that are well known in Europe, the museum has a number of 45 rooms, In each room there are many artworks dating back four centuries ago, and these rooms are classified as follows:
In the beginning, you can visit the first room until room 28, as these rooms are dedicated to artistic paintings dating back to the French Renaissance, these paintings are the most famous, it is possible to walk around from room 29 until room 45 which contains artistic paintings dating back to the High Renaissance, but in the inner corridor of the palace It is a long and narrow corridor, the roof of which is filled with some very beautiful artistic decoration. Along this corridor there are statues dating back to the most famous 19th century artists. On the roof of the museum there is a café for sitting and enjoying the fresh air and scenic views.

  • Ponte Vecchio Bridge:

It is considered one of the oldest bridges in the italyn city of Florence, and one of the most famous European bridges, and one of the important tourist places in Florence, as it attracts many tourists to enjoy seeing it and taking some memorial photos on it, and for the purpose of shopping also because on its outskirts includes a number of jewelry stores, and dates back to the history of Building this bridge for the 14th century, the bridge is located in the capital of the italyn province of Tuscany, as it is located above the Arno River to pass through the city center, and dates back to hundreds of years and was renewed in 1345, so this bridge can be visited to enjoy walking along the shops and the finest jewelry stores, Enjoy watching stunning views when the lighting is reflected from the bridge on the river water to give a view of great beauty and magnificence, and there are a number of cafes overlooking the bridge and the river so as to get visitors to the bridge on some snacks or drinks.

  • Paradise Gate:

The title of Gates of Heaven has been launched on the gates of the city, which is located in the eastern side of the pavester, and this gate is considered one of the most important and most famous creations in the city, dating back to the Renaissance.

  • Casccine Park

This garden is considered one of the picturesque gardens in the city, as it is characterized by wide green areas and its floral beauty, it is possible to enter the garden for free, so it is suitable for those with limited budgets for a beautiful day, and stroll among the flower gardens.

The ancient churches of Florence are among the most important tourist attractions:

  • Church of San Miniato al Monte:

This Catholic Church, which is characterized by the elegance and simplicity of its engineering design, dating back to the 11th century, this church is famous for the beauty of the colorful wall paintings contained therein, and there is also a beautiful crypt suitable for my adventure adventure in the depths, where it is possible to go to walk inside the basement a little.

  • San Lorenzo Church:

This church is one of the oldest churches in the city of Florence, as this church contains the tombs of the Medici family, and the church of San Lorenzo was built in the 15th century, and was designed by engineer Filippo Brunelleschi, and this church is considered one of the living examples of the ancient architecture that characterizes this city.

  • Florence Cathedral:

This cathedral is one of the famous sights in the italyn city of Florence, known as the Askia Cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, and it is one of the largest cathedrals around the world, dating back to the year 1296, when it was established in the classic classic Gothic style, and its height is 114, as for The dome of the cathedral was designed by the architect Filippo Brunelleschi, and this is considered the central church in the city, and it has been declared as one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO, it is possible to visit the cathedral to see it from the outside and enjoy the art of its construction and the accuracy of its architectural details With the possibility of taking a number of memorial photos, then entering and wandering inside to see the wonderful architecture and paintings that exist.

The most famous squares in Florence:

  • Della square i judge:

This square is considered one of the most famous squares in the city of Florence, where many tourists come to visit it because it contains a number of the most famous landmarks of the italyn city of Florence, as well as it is close to many major attractions, and this square includes the Uffizi Gallery Museum, Vecchio Palace and other The monuments, besides it includes the famous Michelangelo statue, and on the square there is the Neptune Fountain and a number of other statues.

  • Della Centuria Square:

It is noted that the city of Florence has a large number of ancient historical statues, and among the most famous of these statues is known as the della Sanoria located in the central square of sovereignty, do not let the location of this place and terrified forget you take some pictures there.

  • Piazza della Waipoplika Square:

This square is currently the most famous square in Florence, with a huge fountain in the middle of which tourists gather to take some photos, and near it is the Via Nationali, which is crowded with cafes, shops and shops, where it is possible to buy some souvenirs and local arts.

  • Michelangelo Square:

This square is considered one of the best places there, where it is possible to enjoy seeing the sunset in this square, but most of the sites dedicated to this matter in the square are heavily crowded, so it is preferable to visit it one hour or more before sunset, and choose the most appropriate site in order to enjoy watching the sunset The wonderful sun is over there.

  • Santa Croce Square:

This square is located in the Santa Croce neighborhood, and it is considered one of the vibrant italyn squares, where many visitors visit it periodically, this square features a wonderful church that can be visited, and it is possible to walk around this beautiful square accompanied by friends or family with the exchange of parties to talk, and available Also cycling there, so visiting Santa Croce Square is an interesting and enjoyable experience.

  • Piazza del Duomo:

It is a very beautiful public square located in Florence and is considered one of the most prominent landmarks of the city, where it is possible to walk around to see the wonderful statues that are scattered in the square, and it is considered one of the most beautiful squares that can be seen at all in the city. A number of marble works are complex and surprising and there are marble columns as well, so it is possible to take advantage of the opportunity to be there in order to take some memorial photos with any of the statues that exist in the square.

The most famous italyn market of Florence:

  • San Lorenzo Market:

This market is considered one of the wonderful tourist attractions in the city, as there are a number of the best local goods and products on the market, and it is also possible to go to the market for picnics and shopping among a huge range of local products that are distinguished by their diversity and magnificence, there can be seen sellers of the city practicing their daily lives .

  • The Fierucolina Market:

This market is one of the most famous vital local markets, in which local organic products are sold, and this market is located in the square of Santo Spirito, and there is a huge assortment of local organic products that are inevitably admired by all market visitors.

  • Mercato Delle Pulci Market:

This large market, which contains a variety of antiques, furniture, ceramics and artwork, can spend some time in order to enjoy walks around this market, and see the beautiful exhibits that are there, where sellers can be seen there while they are bargaining with buyers , Which will make you feel more interesting and enjoyable experience, in addition to the pleasure of watching the original environment.

  • Mercat del Porquet:

It is considered one of the most beautiful markets in the city, there can get a wonderful collection of souvenirs that are sold to tourists, and this market is considered one of the most important places that come to life, because many tourists come to the market continuously and periodically in order to buy wonderful gifts.

The most important malls and shopping centers in Florence:

  • A1 Mall:

This mall is located half an hour from the south of the Tuscany hills in Florence, it is one of the wonderful modern malls where it is surrounded by a wonderful park for picnics, and there are parking spaces for free, and touring the mall’s halls is one of the unique experiences there, it has many cafes and ATMs, The mall contains a number of shops for the most prestigious international brands, the advantage of this mall is that the destinations of all stores are doors of glass very similar.

  • Outlet Mall:

This mall is located half an hour from Florence, where this mall is located in a beautiful environment, which contains more than a hundred stores, which specializes in the sale of shoes and sports shoes and the sale of clothes, accessories, sportswear and other goods, as it is appropriate for those who wish to obtain On top brands and brands, all at low prices.

The most famous hotels in Florence:

  • Golden Tour Hotel & Spa:

This hotel is one of the best hotels in Florence, as it is close to the city center, and also close to the Struzzi Palace, it is possible to reach the Uffizi Museum and reach the Cathedral of Florence in just five minutes on foot, this hotel has Overall good ratings.

  • The St. Regis Florence:

This unique hotel has a unique location, located along the Arno River, and it has a wonderful view of Ponte Vecchio Bridge, it is located just half a kilo away from Santa Maria Novella Train Station, and it is just a kilometer away from the cathedral, and the hotel has very good ratings from Where the services are provided and in terms of location.

  • Best Western Hotel Laurus al Duomo:

It is considered one of the best hotels in the city, as it is close to the city center, only a few steps away from the cathedral, and a ten minute walk from the train station, it has an excellent location where the hotel is surrounded by a number of famous restaurants and shops in Florence, it has The hotel has good ratings in terms of service and location.

  • Rco Fort Savoy Hotel:

It is considered one of the best hotels in Florence, as it is located in the heart of the city, it is close to the cathedral and the Uffizi Museum, and there are also close to the most important attractions in the city, and the hotel has very good ratings in terms of its location, views and the diversity of its services.

  • Portrait Hotel Florence:

This hotel overlooks the Arno River, located 30 meters from Ponte Vecchio Bridge, the most famous landmark of the city, just five minutes from Piazza della Signoria and 600 meters from Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral.

  • Turnabay Hotel Biyashi:

This hotel is located in the heart of the city, half a que from the Uffizi Museum, close to the cathedral, five minutes walk by foot from the train station, this hotel has very good ratings for its location.

  • NH Collection Firenze Porta Rocha:

It is considered one of the best hotels in Florence, as it is located in the pedestrian zone in the city center, just 350 meters from the Ponte Ponte Vecchio and half a kilometer away from the cathedral, the hotel is characterized by its new furniture, excellent cleanliness, and a good location.

  • Della Signoria Hotel:

This hotel is located in the city center, just a few steps from Ponte Vecchio Bridge and Piazza della Signoria Square, and it is just a 2-minute walk from the bus station, and it is easy to reach any other areas in the city, the hotel is well rated in terms of helpful staff and location Good and clean.

Things not to miss in Florence:

  • Eating like local locals, there is nothing better than following the way of life that the locals follow in the countries of travel, so while you are in the city of Florence, be sure to eat any of the traditional italyn dishes in one of the local restaurants, and we recommend you to visit Busula Restaurant this restaurant The well-known italyn, famous for its high-quality seafood and pizza.
  • Going to any of the city’s shopping streets, there are hundreds of narrow and small streets in the city that intersect the city, and these streets are considered distinct destinations for tourists and visitors, where there are cafes, fashion houses and a number of beautiful markets, as there are many italyn brands.
  • الاستمتاع بالفنون، فهذه المدينة تحظى بنصيب واسع من المعارض الفنية الجميلة، فيوجد معرض أوفيزي ويوجد أكاديمية الفنون وكلاهما يشتهر بوجود العديد من أفضل مجموعات التحف الفنية على مستوى العالم، هذا فضلاً عن وجود عدد من المتاحف والمعارض الكبري، ويوجد كذلك عدد من المعارض المحدودة التي تقوم بتقديم الأعمال الأقل شهرة للفنانين الإيطاليين.
  • التجول وسط أحياء المدينة القديمة، تمتاز المنطقة القديمة بفلورنسا بمساحتها الكبيرة وروعتها، حيث من الممكن قضاء يوم في السير وسط شوارعها الضيقة المتعرجة، والجلوس على أي من المقاهي لتناول القهوة المحلية، وكذلك زيارة أي من المحلات التجارية الموجودة هناك.

أجمل المطاعم الموجودة في فلورنسا:

  • المطعم الفرعوني :

ويعتبر هذا المطعم واحداً من أعرق المطاعم المصرية الموجودة بفلورنسا، حيث يتم فيه تقديم ألذ وأشهى الأكلات المصرية، حيث أنه يتيح إمكانية تناول الطعام وسط الهواء الطلق النقي، مع الاستمتاع برؤية المشاهد الخلابة والمناظر الجميلة.

  • مخبز دي سان لورينزو :

يقع هذا المخبز على مقربة من كنيسة سان لورينزة، ويشتهر بأنه يقدن أشهى وألذ الفطائر والمعجنات بمختلف أنواعها.

  • مطعم براك :

هذا المطعم المشهور بإعداد الوجبات النباتية، هذا بالإضافة إلى أنه يقوم بتقديم الأطباق الإيطالية التقليدية، فمن الممكن للأشخاص أن يذهبون إليه من أجل الاستمتاع بتناول ألذ الأطباق النباتية الإيطالية وتناول أشهى الأكلات في جو مريح وهادئ.

  • مطعم أنتيكا جيلاتيريا فيورنتينا :

هذا المطعم يقع قريباً من مركز فلورنسا، ويعتبر واحداً من المطاعم المميزة في المدينة، حيث يقوم بتقديم ألذا وأشهى أنواع الحلويات والأيس كريم، يقبل عليه كثير من السياح من أجل تناول الآيس كريم والحلويات.

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