The most beautiful places of tourism in the Qatari North city

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When you come to the State of Qatar to visit the most important places, you will need to know the most important cities in it, the North Qatari city is among them, so where is it located mainly? This municipality is considered one of the most prominent municipalities in Qatar, which number about seven, which is located in the north of the state, and an area of ​​about 899 square kilometers, this city contains a number of distinctive historical places, which makes it one of the most important tourist cities in the state .
In Arab travelers, you will learn more about the most important historical places in the city of the North, which made them a distinctive tourist.

The most important places of tourism in the Qatari North city

1. Al-Zubarah Fortress

  • This castle was built by Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani in 1938.
  • This castle is located in the city of Al-Zubara, about 105 kilometers from the Qatari capital, Doha, and it represents the largest archaeological site in the Arabian Peninsula.
  • This castle is considered primarily military, as it was built by Abdullah with the aim of protecting the Qatari coast, which is located in the northwestern side.
  • In 2009 it was considered a protected area.
  • When you visit that castle now, you will find the Qatar Museums Authority, where many artworks are displayed.
  • The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO considered it one of the most prominent world heritage sites in 2013.
  • UNESCO found that the people of the Zubarah area were mainly working in the trade trade, besides working in the sea because it is mainly a coastal city.
  • As for the castle, its walls are made of coral stones, in addition to the clay roof, which was for the purpose of protection.
  • Inside the castle there is also a huge circular tower, which is characterized by containing all defense tools, in addition to the interest in building rooms dedicated to soldiers only, which numbered about eight rooms.
  • These rooms were used to display various artworks, which belong to the Qatar Museums Authority.
  • What distinguishes this castle is that it has external stairs, which were built in order to climb to the top of the castle.

2. Al-Ruwais Mosque

  • This mosque is one of the oldest archaeological sites in this country.
  • It was built in the 1940s, and the country took care of its restoration of the walls and ceilings in it.
  • According to Dr. Muhammad Ramadan, an expert on archeology and Islamic architecture, this mosque used to accommodate about one hundred worshipers, and its walls are mainly made of stone, and in its eastern wall there is a rectangular door.
  • This rectangular door leads to the main courtyard of the mosque, and it is also known as rectangular.
  • As for the minaret of the mosque, it is distinguished by having a square stone base, and there are holes for ventilation and lighting under that minaret.

Cities of Qatar

Qatar contains cities that you can visit its historical monuments as well, most notably the following:

Umm Salal city

  • This city contains the historical fortress of Umm Salal, which is about 20 km from Doha, and its walls are high and thick, and it was built in the late twentieth century.
  • Among the places you can visit in Umm Salal “Barzan Tower” It was built in the late nineteenth century for observation purposes, as it is a military tower mainly, and it contains 3 floors beside an external staircase, and it is worth noting that it has been completely restored.

The most beautiful places in Qatar

Are you still searching for more tourist places in Qatar? Here are the most prominent of them through the following:

  • Qatar Pearl Island: One of the most important tourist places in Qatar, and it includes a lot of wide water channels, and an area of ​​about 4 million square meters.
  • Doha Corniche: Awash with many skyscrapers, it is located on the waterfront that stretches for a number of kilometers from the Gulf of Doha.
  • Qatar Water Park: One of the most visited places in Qatar, it includes many different recreational activities, whether for adults or children.
  • Islamic art museum: It is located near the port of Qatar and houses many Islamic architecture.
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