The most beautiful places of tourism in the Santorini Islands

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If you plan to travel to Greece soon, you should check out the tourism in the charming Santorini Islands, which is located in the south of the Aegean Sea and its official name “Thira”, with a population of only 13,670 people.
It is difficult for anyone to visit Greece without going to those islands, which are currently considered one of the most important and famous tourist places in the world, as it attracts about 1.5 million tourists annually, and it was formed by the eruption of one of the volcanoes, and the best times to visit extends from April to June to enjoy its mild weather. .
And when you talk about tourism there, you must know what are the most prominent places that you can visit in the Santorini Islands in order to spend a wonderful and enjoyable time that you will not forget, all of this you will know through Arab travelers.

The most prominent tourist places in the Santorini Islands

1. Oia Tourist Village

  • One of the most beautiful tourist villages in these islands, characterized by its streets filled with houses painted white.
  • One of the most distinguishing features of this village is the time of sunset, which leads you to go to its high slopes in order to enjoy this view.
  • There you can go to its restaurants to enjoy delicious seafood dishes.

2. Red Beach

  • One of the most worth visiting places in the Santorini Islands, it is a beach famous for its unique red sand in its color, since it is located in an area full of many volcanic rocks.
  • For a breathtaking view of the red rocks, you can climb the stairs there.
  • You will find many street vendors of grapes there so you can buy from them to enjoy their delicious taste.
  • What is wrong with the beach is its small size, along with the tourist crowd.

3. The city of Fira

  • Among the places you will enjoy spending quality time there, it is famous for its picturesque narrow streets full of homes painted in bright white, as well as the capital of the Santorini Islands.
  • Its streets are also distinguished by the bright white pebbles paved in the lands, and if you want to enjoy the beauty of the city, try to ascend to the most elevated place there.
  • There are many cafes, hotels and shops, and there are churches with blue domes. You can also ride bikes there.

4. Black Beach

  • Among the most famous beaches in the city of Fira, characterized by black volcanic sand.
  • The beach is also characterized by many picturesque trees surrounded by it.
  • It is considered the most suitable place for practicing various water sports.

5. Kamari Beach

  • It is about 10 km from Fira, and is one of the most famous beaches of the Santorini Islands.
  • Its sands are also black, and there you will find a huge famous rock called “Mesa Funa”.

6. Ancient Thera

  • It is essentially an ancient city, and ancient Spartans have built it for defensive purposes.
  • This city is located at an altitude of about 360 meters on a group of hills, and it contains many fossils, cemeteries and ancient antiquities.
  • In 1895 it was discovered, as it was strewn under the sand of the hills.

7. Caldera

  • In Spanish, it means the big bowl. It is basically a volcanic fox and can accommodate about 12 km and contains sea water inside it.
  • The caldera crater is one of the largest and most profound volcanoes in the world.
  • When going to the caldera, you will find that it is surrounded by many white villages and high walls, as well as it contains three high slopes, and includes many clear hot springs.
  • You can enjoy its view there by strolling by boat to see its volcanic rocks.

8. Akrotiri

  • It is among the distinctive tourist destinations in Greece.
  • When you visit there, you will find many ancient houses dating back to the Greek era, many of which are still preserved, despite their exposure to erosion.

9. Imerovigli Village

  • It is located 2 km from Fira, north of Santorini. It is also a suitable choice for those who want to spend their honeymoon in Greece mainly.
  • Featuring its charming setting, you can also enjoy a wonderful sunset view.
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