The most beautiful places of tourism in the Swiss city of Basel

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We offer you a comprehensive report about the Swiss city of Basel, which is considered one of the most beautiful areas around the world, what are the most important places that you must visit? And where you can buy the best gifts for family and friends, clothes, and elegant Swiss watches, which you can only find in Basel.

Basel, Switzerland:

Basel Report:

Basel is one of the oldest Swiss cities historically and economically. It is one of the active countries in the field of tourism that attracts a large number of tourists every year. It is the vibrant heart of Europe and a very lively city.
Basel is located in the borders of Switzerland with Germany and France, near the River Rhine, which makes it one of the most beautiful and dazzling cities in Switzerland
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Basel City:

It includes an endless array of museums and includes many beautiful buildings, which are masterpieces built by excellent architectural designers such as Renzo Piano and Mario Botta.
There are many bridges in the city of Basel over the River Rhine, which is a great turning point with the borders of Germany and France, and there is the University of Basel, which is a large scientific center established in the 16th century. The city remained a magnet for many scientists and teachers geniuses, which are among the cities Famous cultural.

The most important tourist areas in the Swiss city of Basel:

Old town:

It is one of the quiet areas that feature its stone streets and antique churches from the Middle Ages.
You can walk around Freiestrasse, where you will find many murals inside the guild house, and on the street you will find a simulated Gothic fountain in addition to the original fountain in the historical museum.

Market Plazet:

There are many snow sculptures in the city, which are displayed in the winter and you can walk on Espalenberg and walk to the small streets branching from it.

Basel Minster:

It is located at the top of Munsterhogel, which enables you to easily view the entire city through the large towers. The palace was built on the Gothic styles after being damaged in the earthquake of 1356. You will find many historical museums in the area.

Art Museum:

It is one of the most beautiful museums whose area was added to it in 2005 AD, and there are many works belonging to very famous artists, on the first floor of the museum, and many paintings designed by French and Dutch, and many paintings belonging to the 16th century.


The city dates back to the year 1370 AD, as it was a fortress of the country, and part of the city wall in the past after its destruction in 1866 AD, and the church of Saint Peter was rebuilt in 15 AD close to the middle of the city.

Paper Mill Museum:

For writing, printing, and paper making, you can see many of the huge artifacts that were made on hand, which illustrate how printing and its history originated through different eras and the disappearance of lead use in the last century, and then how writing evolved with the development of technology with the manufacture of modern printing.

Vitra Design Museum:

It is one of the most important museums around the world, which was designed by engineer Frank, and it includes many different exhibitions among them and is displayed inside the museum twice, or three times annually and is displayed through impressive interactive screens.

Shopping in Basel Switzerland:

Stadtmarkt Market:

It is one of the largest markets in Switzerland at all, and it contains a lot of goods, from vegetables and fruits to fruity roses, meat and honey, and expensive types of coffee, dried food, bread, tea and many other things that you are looking for and you will only find in the Stadtmarkt market, and for the opening times of the market it is present. Every day from eight and a half in the morning.

Neuwarenmarkt Market

  • It is in the middle of Basel and you will find many very elegant international brands around it.
  • This market is one of the great places to own all commodities, including gold, jewelry, decorations, cosmetics and fresh food.
  • The market is available on Thursday from 7 am to 8 pm.

The open marketplace in Barfusserplatz

The market is held every Wednesday and contains a lot of expensive and elegant products that are indispensable, such as jewelry and Swiss watches known for their high value and expensive chocolate.
The market is held every second and fourth on Wednesday monthly from ten in the morning until two o’clock in the afternoon.

The open market in Petersplatz

It is the place where all civilizations in Switzerland come together, and for all amateurs and lovers the purchase of used things, whatever their color, shape, size or what they are, you will often find them there.
The working hours of the market on Saturday are from seven and a half in the morning until four in the afternoon.

Basel FC Switzerland:

The Basel Football Club is one of the oldest clubs in Switzerland. It was founded in 1893 AD and is located in the northwest of Switzerland.
It is one of the most prominent and excellent outcomes in football and has won the honor of the Swiss Champions League nineteen times, making it the second most prominent club in Switzerland after the Grasshuber Zurich team, which won the Swiss league title twenty-seven times.


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