The most beautiful places of tourism in the Turkish city of Antalya

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The Turkish city of Antalya was known for its sweeping people among tourists, as it was able to overcome many international maddens such as New York City and Istanbul, in the year 2011 this city was ranked third on the global level in terms of the number of tourists after Paris and London, because it contains a huge number of scenes and scenes The stunning natural landscape that constitutes the most amazing artistic paintings facilitates its viewers, and this city is characterized by a great cultural and historical status, as it was in 1922 the center of the rule of the Ottoman Empire, until the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk came in 1924.

Tourism in the Turkish city of Antalya:

The city of Antalya is located in the southwest of Anatolia, and it is one of the cities that overlooks the Mediterranean coast from the southwestern side of Turkey, and a number of names have been launched on it, such as Atalia and Adalia. This city is located on low coastal areas and is surrounded by the sea on one side and surrounded by chains Mountain from the other three sides, and the area of ​​Antalya reaches approximately 1.417 km2, and the population density of Antalya is about 478 km2, this city is dominated by a dry hot summer in which temperatures approach forty degrees Celsius, which helped it receive large numbers of tourists during this period Especially since this period is Mu The summer holidays are counted in most countries, while in the winter season, the tourist turnout increases with it receiving more than one million tourists, and during this period, Antalya Airport becomes one of the region’s busiest.

Tourism in Antalya:

Antalya is considered the capital of tourism in the country of Turkey, due to its excellent location where it is surrounded by beaches and mountains, which helped attract many tourists, whether tourists from inside or outside the country, especially those who love landscape tourism. This city also includes a number of ancient historical monuments And a number of amazing waterfalls and various terrain, as well as the presence of many tourist facilities such as bars, hotels, malls, clubs, cafes and restaurants, as the city has many historical markets, and this city has won the Golden Apple Award for tourism, like we have a number of Lycian cultural sites and some Greek sites.

The most popular entertainment areas in Antalya:

  • The times of Pasha:

This region is the city center, with a population of half a million people, and it is considered one of the most important regions in Antalya due to the presence of many important places there, such as Kaleici and Mall Mark and the old commercial markets, also includes the Marat Pasa region, one of the finest and most famous areas of Antalya, which is the Lara region which It is famous for the existence of the Dudan waterfall and park, which is located at the mouth of the Dodan River, and there are many high-end commercial markets such as Terra Mall, Laura Mall, and Shei Mall, and this region is famous for its sandy Lara Beach, where many tourist events are held.

  • Kepez:

This region is one of the largest areas in the city, and it extends Kabez north above the main road D-400 known to the city, this region is a distinct residential area as it does not overlook the sea at all, but it is famous for the presence of the spring of Dodan waterfalls that are located within the forests and parks that many Tourists, as there is a famous zoo.

  • Konyaalti area:

This region is considered the most famous and one of the most visited areas for tourists in Antalya, this region is surrounded by the Torz Mountains series to the north and to the south by the Mediterranean Sea, which is located along an 8 km long beach known to the region where many events are held during the tourism season, and this region is famous for having a number Tourist attractions such as the city of dolphins, the city of games Acura and Aquarium Aquarium, which is one of the longest tunnels of the aquarium in the world, and there are the yacht club, Beach Park, Marina and Tele Frick.

The most important landmarks in Antalya:

When visiting this city, which enjoys its striking beauty, the tourist will find many prominent tourist attractions in front of him, which vary between historical and ancient monuments and modern landmarks there, such as:

  • Old Town (Kaleici):

It is the beating heart of the city of Antalya, while passing through the streets and alleys of the old city that come alive and teeming with pedestrians, the visitor will find himself in front of a huge number of traditional Turkish shops, in addition to the presence of a number of cafes that smell the fragrant past and the smell of history, mixed with the smell of the most delicious Turkish dishes Traditional stems from the restaurants in the region, and this city was built during the era of the Byzantine Empire, so the visitor witnesses many symbols to feel like on a wonderful time trip as if he was one of the kings and ancient sultans as he passed through the historical walls that are still holding up to and Current Tanna in the streets of the city’s cobbled, while the southern ancient city could freely enjoy a tour of the city’s old port.

  • Kaleici Antalya port:

After passing through the alleys of the old city, there are some alleyways that finally reach the old port of Antalya, where the scenic dramatic sea scene is mediated by boats and on its sides there are restaurants dedicated to selling fresh seafood, and in the second century BC this ancient port was considered the city’s artery and the city’s artery. Until the last twentieth century, until the new port was established at a distance of 12 km at the end of the beaches of Konyaalti region, and from this port many cruises are launched in order to enjoy seeing Antalya from the sea or to dive and explore the splendor and beauty of the Mediterranean seabed.

  • Belek area of ​​Antalya:

The town of Belek which has all the means of entertainment, recreation and recreation, where water skiing, wave rides, diving and sailing amid the charming nature, Blake has a picturesque nature surrounded by pistachio trees and pine forests, this city is located 30 km from Antalya, where it is located on the coast of the White Sea Mediterranean, this town that has been classified as the best unique tourist model by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, this town is characterized by its ideal coastal atmosphere, as it contains many beaches and water sports activities such as water skiing, diving, surfing and sailing.

  • Antalya Aquarium:

It is considered one of the prominent tourist places in the city, as it is one of the largest aquariums in the world, as it contains thousands of living creatures and fish, and contains seven million liters of water cubic to appear a wonderful model that simulates the world of the seas. The Antalya Aquarium offers an unforgettable cultural and entertainment experience, where it is displayed More than 40 displays of marine creatures within the tunnel that extends below the ground and reaches a length of 130 m, as well as the aquarium contain shark ponds, which gives visitors an opportunity to see sharks closely and also provides an opportunity to swim with them, and the main basin of the aquarium includes a submarine model and Circle normal size, as there is in the world of snow aquarium, which is the largest hall in the world covered by natural snow and includes many snow sculptures and ice houses.

  • the aquatic city :

In light of the high temperatures during the summer in Antalya, a visit to the water city is a must visit, in order to enjoy the presence of the largest city of water games located at the level of Europe, whether in the land of water (the water city) or the water city of Didman.

  • Cuprolu Valley:

This valley is considered one of the most beautiful regions of Antalya, as it is famous for its beautiful nature and its many wonderful Roman ruins, the most prominent of which is the ancient Roman bridge that is still in use today, and there are also some wild animals such as rabbits, deer, mountain goats and bears This valley is popular with many camping and water sports enthusiasts, and this valley is located in the village of Munafia, Antalya.

  • Antalya Museum:

It was established in 1922, while its current location on which the museum is located was established in 1972, and some updates were made to it in 1985 on its design and form to be in its current form, and the museum contains a number of artifacts, and a section for a number of exhibition halls, each hall tells about A specific era in Turkey.

  • Ataturk Park:

This garden is dominated by an atmosphere of luxury and freedom among the vast green lands and groups of the most beautiful flowers, where calm and distance from the hustle and bustle of this city, this garden provides visitors with a great opportunity to enjoy the hobby of flying by parasols, as it provides them with a huge number of events and services throughout the day .

  • Hardian Gate:

This gate was built in 130 AD, and it was named the Gate of Hardian in relation to the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and in order to commemorate his visit to the city, this gate consists of three arches and has archaeological and historical significance, as it is up to the present time it is used as a gate leading to the Kaleici area (old Antalya) And to the right of this gate is the northern tower inscribed with it in the old Turkish language, and it is also possible to see the structure that reaches a height of more than eight meters from the old pier reaching the top of the perpendicular surface. Hadrian’s Gate is decorated with floral motifs and some of the heads of lions.

  • Antalya Lady Museum:

This museum is located in the side town of Manavgat district, 8 km from Antalya, this museum was built during the Seljuk era, and some of its parts are still in good condition so far, this museum is an ancient Agwar bath which was built in the time of the Romans, and was restored in the period that Between 1960-1961 then a museum was turned around, and the museums of the Lady Museum contain a number of beautiful artifacts collected from the region, after all the statues that were found during the excavations that took place from 1947 to 1967 were separated, and the museum contains collections of sculptures and statues Inscriptions, some altars, cornices, graves, jars, and stalls For graves, crowns, and baptisms dating from the time of the Romans, Hellenistic and Byzantine.

  • Hidirilik Tower:

This tower dates back to the second century AD, and is considered one of the prominent landmarks of Antalya, and it is one of the oldest buildings of the historical city, the tower contains a small garden overlooking the slopes of Antalya, the height of the tower reaches more than 14 meters, this tower is a base with a rectangular shape and then the construction takes Cylindrical shape, and the purpose of building a Hirlik Tower is still a mystery until now, but there is a common belief that there is a tomb inside the tower for one of the prominent figures of that time in which it was built, and there is another belief that the reason for building this tower to be a beacon especially that it is located on the Gulf of Antalya, and on the side East there is a tower entrance that leads to rooms Small implements some narrow stairs to reach the top of the tower.

  • Olympus Cable Car:

The Olympus cable car in Antalya is one of its prominent landmarks in the city, which opened in 2007 on the clear Olympus chain, which is one of the most famous Roman ruins in the area of ​​Lacey overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and the cable car starts from its base, which is located in the Tacrova Kemer region, 60 km away from Antalya and away from Kemer A distance of 15 km, located far from the main street, about 7 km towards the foot of the mountain, and this cable car allows wonderful hanging tours in the air, where passengers are transported from the sea to the mountain and enjoy the sigh of the blue sea and the top of the green fields, so the Olympus cable car starts its tour starting from the Olympus mountain Located close to the sea shore until it reaches Qmnh Thtla that rises from the sea surface distance of 2365 m, and the journey takes in the cable car about ten minutes fascinating and interesting and enjoy the stunning views from the top amid breathtaking scenery Banuramena outstanding.

The most beautiful waterfalls of Antalya:

One of the most important reasons for tourism in Antalya is the presence of many beautiful waterfalls that flow from the top of the mountain in a beautiful and wonderful scenery mixed with the sound of its wonderful roar. In Antalya, it has a waterfall that is characterized by a kind of magic of its own, and among the most prominent waterfalls of Antalya:

  • Dodan waterfall:

Which is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Antalya, this waterfall has two areas, the first is located close to Antalya and has a height of more than 22 meters, and the second area pours the waterfall from a height of 40 meters where the waterfall pours into the Mediterranean Sea, so we can enjoy seeing the waterfalls by riding any of the cruising ships From the port of Kaleici, which passes by these waterfalls, it can be enjoyed by walking on the path designated for visitors, which is close to the waterfall, and there are a number of wonderful restaurants in the Dudan waterfall areas first and second, so that you can have a traditional Turkish breakfast, lunch or throw Barbecue.

  • Manavgat Falls:

These waterfalls are one of the most famous waterfalls in Antalya, about 3 km from the village of Manavgat, which is 80 km from Antalya. These waterfalls are located close to the Sidi area and the Ambinar Dam and have a height of two nitrons, while we are 40 meters wide, where they are located on a wide area of ​​rock , It is located close to the tea gardens and has some amenities, which gives a great opportunity to relax while seeing and looking at the waterfalls.

  • Couronlo Falls:

These waterfalls are located among the pine forest, which is characterized by its picturesque beauty, about 20 km east of Antalya, and the Kurşunlu Waterfalls is one of the tributaries of the Oxo River, and in 1986 it was converted into a public park for visitors where the picnic area and waterfalls cover an area of ​​22 hectares, this garden contains a number of Trees, plants, and many animals, as well as Kursunlu Waterfalls, which is one of the most prominent hiking destinations in Antalya, where the view of the picturesque waterfalls, calm atmosphere and charming nature.

The most beautiful beaches in Antalya:

  • Olympus Beach:

It is considered one of the most beautiful and purest beaches in Antalya, where its transparent turquoise water, so you can see the pebbles in the bottom of the water, which is located at a depth of eight meters, this beach is surrounded by many historical areas.

  • Lara Beach:

It is considered one of the biggest investments in Antalya, as it is located on a large area, and contains a large number of beach clubs, cafes and restaurants, besides it contains football fields, a theme park, a number of recreational areas dedicated to children, many tourists accept this beach to enjoy and relax on its golden sands and swimming With its blue water.

  • Damlatas Beach:

It is located in the west of the ancient peninsula of Antalya, in front of the Damlatas Cave. There is a section of this beach called Cleopatra Beach. The waters of this beach are clear and clear, which makes it easy to see marine life and see fish swimming with water.

  • Konyaalti Beach:

It is considered the most famous beach in Antalya, where it won the international blue flag award, and this beach is located in the Konyaalti neighborhood, which is located on a stretch of 10 km, and is characterized by its moist atmosphere, charm and irresistible beauty, it is considered a natural outlet for the residents of the region during the summer months.

The most prominent resorts of Antalya:

  • Royal Holiday Plus Resort Antalya:

This resort is located on Lara Beach and is rated five stars, it is an integrated resort for everyone who wants to spend unique vacation times, it is one of the most luxurious resorts in Antalya, with beautiful views and elegant rooms and suites, as well as many live entertainment and activities, it contains water slides And amusement park, Turkish bath, health club, and restaurant to provide the finest international cuisine.

  • Davras Ski Resort:

It is located near the city of Esparta, about 140 km from the international airport in Antalya, and is located at a distance of 2500 meters. It contains many cafes and restaurants.

  • Saklikent Resort:

This resort is the first and nearest ski resort, Saklikent resort is located in the west of the city, and it is about 2550 meters above sea level. This resort is one of the best resorts that many visit during the winter during the snow season. This resort provides a restaurant with wonderful panoramic views and facilities For skiing as a rental of ski equipment, it has a small hotel and an elevator with chairs, providing great recreational opportunities during harsh winter days.


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