The most beautiful places of tourism in Ukraine for young people

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Guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Ukraine for young people, this country is considered one of the most attractive countries for tourists, as it comes to visit about half a million tourists annually.
Ukraine is the second largest country in Eastern Europe, and its population reaches about 42 million people. They also speak the official language, which is Ukrainian next to Russian, so if you plan to travel there it is better for you to learn their language in order to communicate with the people of the country, and the capital is considered Kiev is the largest city in Ukraine and it consists of many attractive tourist destinations, whether they are natural places, and the best times that you can visit there starts from April to October, through Arab travelers you can get to know first-hand about the best tourist destinations for young people that are worth visiting there .

The most beautiful places of tourism in Ukraine for young people

1. Ukraine National History Museum

  • This museum is located in the capital Kiev, was founded in 1944, and is one of the most famous tourist places in Ukraine.
  • The museum contains about 800 thousand pieces of art, as well as various types of weapons, glass and coins, all of which are monuments that make you know more about the history of Ukraine.

2. Shevchenko Park

  • This park is located in Odessa, and it is a place that combines culture and entertainment, and it is considered one of the most favorite places for many residents and tourists, and its entrance is free.
  • The park is characterized by the presence of a statue at its entrance, which is a memorial to one of the most famous Ukrainian poets there and its name is “Taras Shevchenko”.
  • Inside the restaurant you can rest in the Obanas restaurant to enjoy a good Ukrainian meal.
  • One of the most popular activities you can do there is to play chess, which is spread out in designated squares within the park.

3. Palanok Castle

  • One of the most prominent and famous tourist attractions in Ukraine, located in the city of Mukachev in the western oblast Oblast.
  • The castle consists of three main parts, there is the main, medium and high castle.
  • This castle is considered one of the oldest castles in Ukraine, and it has unique walls that will attract your attention in its architectural design, as well as it contains many distinctive inscriptions.
  • The castle is about 68 meters high, and if you want to know more about the most important places to visit, this is through your acquisition of the tourist guide for the place.

4. Central Botanical Garden

  • If you are looking to go to picturesque natural places to enjoy its beauty, then this garden is the perfect choice, which is located in the capital, Kiev.
  • Founded in 1963, this park contains a lot of beautiful landscapes, it contains about 13 thousand types of roses, trees and flowers that give an exquisite and charming touch to the place.

5. City Garden

  • City Garden is one of the oldest parks in Ukraine, and it is located in the heart of Odessa.
  • The best place to visit there is the summer season, at that time it becomes a tourist destination for many tourists and residents as well because of the splendor of the place, as well as it contains memorials.
  • The park includes many vast green spaces that you can wander around to enjoy the beauty of the scenery, as well as it contains a musical fountain that gives a kind of joy and joy to its visitors.

The cost of tourism in Ukraine for young people

Traveling to a European country in particular requires knowing the prices when you get there. You can learn about the costs by the following:

  • For residence

The costs of accommodation vary in prices in that country. For young people, there are many homes that can be resided at a price of only about 60 UAH (5 – 7 euros), but the rent of the apartments reaches more than 500 UAH.

  • For restaurants

Local restaurants are cheaper than international ones. Food prices in these places are inexpensive. For example, full meals range from 25 to 40 UAH.

  • For transportation

Transportation is very cheap, and one of the most important means of transportation that you can use is the tram. You can also ride Uber cars that are cheaper than fare.


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