The most beautiful places of tourism in Vietnam is recommended to visit

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An integrated guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Vietnam is advisable to visit. Vietnam is one of the Asian countries that became famous recently, so what are the costs of traveling to it? What are the most important places that you can not visit Vietnam without missing out on? In addition to many tips that you should know before traveling to Vietnam, and embark on this exciting, unique adventure to have a special trip, prepared professionally and accurately and to avoid spending money in what is not useful.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Vietnam for young people:

Many young people want to visit Vietnam, which is one of the cities that travel to tourism for the recent period has spread overwhelmingly, but it is important to know some information before traveling to it, and we will review the most important points that you must know.


As for taking a ticket from Riyadh to Saigon, the capital of Vietnam in the south, it will cost 4 thousand Saudi riyals, and the price of the ticket varies according to the different seasons of the year.

Vietnam Visa Conditions:

It is very easy to take a visa to Vietnam from the embassy in your country and they will often ask to identify your work, passport and personal photos with payment of 250 Saudi riyals and you will get a visa within a quarter of an hour.
Vietnam is one of the big countries that contain a lot of tourist cities, so it is important to determine your destinations and the duration of travel from one city to another for a successful and comprehensive tourism program.

Best taxi companies in Vietnam:

Taking a taxi according to the taxi company is much better than cheating drivers, including VinaSun and Mai Linh.

Which is better, online booking or direct hotel reservation in Vietnam:

You can book the hotel where you will go online and never trust hotels that offer cheap services online and the best thing is to go to the hotel and check the room and then book the room online after seeing it.

Vietnam Tourism and Safety:

When mentioning the state of Vietnam, many wars occur in the mind of this country, and the American films that express the suffering of the population throughout history, which makes some people think that the state of Vietnam is not beautiful or not safe on the contrary, so Vietnam is one of the very safe cities, but unfortunately there is no There is a lot of information about the wonderful places in it because it is not a popular tourist destination for Arabs, and we will talk more about the tourist places that you can visit in Vietnam.


  • Hanoi is the tourist capital of Vietnam, and it is one of the cities that shows the extent of civilization progress and the beauty of the climate throughout the year. The city of Hanoi is located near the airport, and contains many tourist areas such as Hoan Kiem Lake that you can walk around in, the time of the west, and enjoy an unforgettable poetic atmosphere ..
  • In Hanoi there are many shops, hotels as well as places to serve Vietnamese food, and cafes directly overlooking the lake. You can also buy souvenirs at shops and kiosks. If you love motorcycles, you can rent a bike for only five dollars a day.
  • Do not miss the visit of the Vietnam Women Museum, which reflects the position of women in Vietnam, and how she participated in the defense of her country in addition to the Temple of Literature, and the ancient university, which dates back more than 700 years, making it one of the best places to take memorial photos.

Halong Bay, where the heritage is great:

Halong Bay is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in the country, which attracts tourists from all over the world, which makes it always crowded with tourists, and despite the mild weather throughout the world, it is possible that sudden rain falls or storms occur in Halong Bay. As for its location, it is 3 hours from Hanoi, and contains many islands and caves, and many organized trips are made to it with different offers from a few hours, and even full days on a tourist yacht that you can book directly or through travel offices.

Saba region is part of paradise:

If you are looking for heaven on earth, it is the city of Saba. It is located about six hours from the capital, Hanoi, and the best season to visit it is the summer because the area is very cold at night. You will feel that you are experiencing a completely separate experience from the earth once and for all, in Saba there are many slopes of a green nature whose end cannot be seen, and where hotels and tourist resorts abound.
In Saba there are waterfalls of love that will bring you the most romantic and idyllic moments with streams and purified water purl, and you will often need half an hour to take a tour of Saba, and an entrance fee is paid.

Ho Chi Minh City:

It is one of the oldest cities in Vietnam, and it is usually used by families for entertainment purposes, and taking souvenir photos from Saigon Tower. You can also sit in cafes in the one floor and fifty of the tower, and enjoy this amazing appearance.
Ho Chi Minh City is famous for its international brand shops, elegant hotels, restaurants and cafes, and it is very suitable for walking in the evening to moderate the temperature at night in addition to walking gardens, parks for families, allowing you to spend some family time away from the noise of the city, and crowding it. Ho Chi Minh City has many skincare centers, massages by skilled professionals, and professionally.

Hue City, where the ancient past:

The city of Hue is one of the most important cities that you can not miss during your stay in Vietnam, as the city contains many historical monuments dating back more than two thousand years. In Hoi An, there are many simple, simple-styled antique homes close together at night with beautiful jellyfish, and you will feel like one of the children’s fairy tales.
The city is a suitable place for lovers of shopping, taking souvenir photos, buying gifts for family and loved ones, as it contains many places for selling and customizing clothes, and one of its most famous markets is the fish market and vegetables. You will find that drinking intense Vietnamese milk coffee is an irreplaceable experience in Vietnam, and if you have time, you will learn how to prepare famous Vietnamese food by many restaurants that are cooking lessons on Tuan Tin Island.

The city of Hue where the emperors lived:

It is considered a very suitable destination for lovers of antiquities as the city embraced the Vietnamese imperial rule in addition to the French colonization of the country, making it an ideal embodiment of the mixing of Vietnamese art and French design, and among its most famous landmarks are the castle, the Emperor’s Palace, and the Vietnamese, and it includes many exhibitions that include the needs of the royal family, furniture Palace, preferably visiting the city in the afternoon to avoid crowding, as the city is intended for many visitors in the afternoon period. You can also enjoy taking a tour of the comparison, seeing the Tin Mu Temple directly overlooking the rivers.

Functions where the most beautiful waterfalls and rivers:

Dalat is one of the areas where there are many waterfalls, running rivers in addition to green areas and beautiful gardens, and you can take a taxi to accompany you to waterfalls known as elephant falls, which you need sneakers to climb due to the difficulty of the floor.
You can visit the Valley of Love, which contains a lot of statues, and scent flowers in addition to a garden for children, and a poetic lake that can be taken through boats designed in the form of pelicans, and you can not miss a visit to the Dalat Flowers Park in the middle of the city, which is one of the best places to take pictures Memorial in Vietnam.

The southern city of Nhatrang:

The city can be considered a tourist product directly on the beach, for everyone who wishes to enjoy an interesting and enjoyable experience. It is possible to visit Nahatrang throughout the year, as its weather is always moderate, and it has many beaches that crowd during the peak season of tourism.
You can do various sports such as diving, water skiing and water biking.
Massages are performed in addition to foot massages and mud therapy in the hot spring, which makes it the best place to get rid of worries, and hospitalization.
You will find the Finebel amusement park, which contains a lot of water games, and movie theaters. You can take a cable car that will show you the beauty of the city, and take you to the wonderful aquarium.

Phan Thiet, where the dunes are:

It is located in southern Vietnam, which is the most suitable place for youth excursions, for adventure and thrill lovers, and one of its most famous features is the hot springs of Myo Ni Resort where water vapors, saunas, mud pools, massage sessions, and other comfortable treatments for body problems are made.
You will find Mount Taco on top of the sleeping statue of Buddha, which measures 50 meters in length. You can climb up to this towering mountain by cable car, which will only take ten minutes, then complete the way up through bikes. The place is very suitable for fans of suspense and mystery, and you can book a wild ride, and it will cost you only six dollars per person to ride quad bikes, and enjoy a tour of the dazzling sand dunes.
In the city, there is the Valley of Wonders known as Sui Tin, which contains many statues, sculptures that were made of sand in a dazzling, striking way, and it is close to Myo Ni, and you will feel proud while walking, amid these various rocks in their colors, types, Ultimately, you get to fresh, very transparent little streams of water.

Chow doc:

One of the quietest places in Vietnam, which you can reach via delta trips that take place by boat or overland by taking the bus, and it contains many Muslims, and among its most prominent features is the Mubarak Mosque, which is rings for memorizing the Holy Quran, and you will also find that the city is very different from the rest of Vietnam, where writing is in the Arabic language, and teaching the Islamic religion in many places. A tour can be taken to the Traso So reserve, which is located in the city, and which contains many rare species, which are found only in Vietnam, and will not cost you more than two dollars.

The cost of tourism in Vietnam:

Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries around the world, and the cheapest price for airline tickets. The ticket often costs no more than 650 dollars, which is equivalent to 11 thousand Egyptian pounds.
Often you will need $ 420 to spend 3 weeks in Vietnam, and try not to exceed your daily expenses of $ 21 in order to fully enjoy your time. This does not include the price of the airline ticket, of course.

Mobility in Vietnam:

  • Traveling in Vietnam is never expensive as you can ride tricycles, which is one of the popular means of transportation there. As for navigating through the sea, kayak is one of the cheapest marine means in town, and at the same time it is very beautiful, and you will have an unforgettable experience.
  • Often you will not spend more than five dollars on transportation per day.
  • Often you will move from one city to another and you will spend 5 dollars

The cost of accommodation in a twin room:

Usually you will need at least four dollars per night.

Food in Vietnam:

  • If you intend to eat outside, you can eat French bread with foo, which is a Vietnamese soup for only $ 2. As for Vietnamese coffee, you can buy it from the streets at a price not exceeding one dollar, one while roaming in the city.
  • The price of a water bottle in Vietnam does not exceed 0.3 dollars

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